Titans Is Renewed For Season 4


We knew Titans Season 4 was coming, but all we needed was the official greenlight. DC FanDome provided that for us with a very short panel as per the DC FanDome channel on YouTube. Here’s the video for the full context with a little bit of the Batgirl panel at the start.

[Credit: DC FanDome – YouTube]

With Titans Season 3 finishing this week, what better way to go into finale week than to announce Season 4? What’s more, is the announcement jumps off sister Doom Patrol being renewed for its fourth season. Actor Curran Walters (Jason Todd/Red Hood) teased the news on Twitter a day or two before it became official.

If you follow us on Twitter, you may be aware that we have a love-hate relationship with Titans. From a writer’s perspective, the storytelling is over the place. It has been from the beginning of Season 1. However, we’re happy that characters we haven’t seen in live-action are getting their turn to shine in a live-action setting. Two of the toughest characters to adapt to a live-action platform would be Starfire and Raven and Anna and Teagan do an incredible job.

What we loved about the Titans renewal is the announcement wasn’t done by Brenton. It was said by one of his children. As all little kids are, they had to be corrected when they yelled, “Season 3!” Being the awesome dad that he is, Brenton had to correct them. He confirmed it was Season 4.

What occurs in the finale will likely surprise us. Moreover, we’re hoping it sets up where the Titans will go next. Furthermore, will Gar and Rachel have significant roles? Could Donna give up being Wonder Girl and become Troia? Will Tim follow his dream to become Robin? Finally, will the team forgive Jason?

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