Talentless And By No Means Fake: Prince Harry And Meghan’s Times Cover Causes Backlash

High strung and drunk on the fame, Prince Harry and Meghan have found another way to piss people off. They have been placed in Time Magazine’s latest issue as part of their 100 most influential people list. The image that features on the publication’s cover has raised eyebrows and for a good reason.

Time has been publishing their annual list since 2004, according to its Wikipedia page after a debate erupted in 1999 between journalists, academics and politicians. The Sussexes will stop at nothing to show that they’re “influential” movers and shakers. What’s more is the article that focuses on them is written by a “friend” of theirs: José Andrés who, as per Brittany of The Royal News Network, writes a rather glowing review of the pair.

According to Brittany, Andrés says, “They don’t just opine. They run towards the struggle” when he talks about Harry and Meghan’s desire to help people. How stupid does this dude think the readership is? Also, how much was he paid to write this fluff piece? Do the Sussexes know this guy? All they have done since they left the royal family is bitch and moan about their privileged lives.

The world isn’t some dystopian landscape that needs saving. If the Time article’s gushing narrative is anything to go off, the Sussexes are written to be gods descending from the heavens to save humanity.

What have these two social climbers achieved since Megxit? Zilch, Nada, Zippo. They’ve damaged their relationships and flung the royal family in the path of a stampeding herd of rhinoceroses, including Harry’s widowed grandmother.

All the royals did was make Meghan feel welcome. In her mind, she is a victim of racism. If she’d looked deeper, she would’ve known about the work her in-laws have done with people of colour.

Time Isn’t Hiding Their Photoshopped Cover

Since the cover drop, people have come to the conclusion that the cover is photoshopped. Nicole Douglas of the Daily Mail Australia covered the reaction from Channel 7’s Sunrise program this morning where the hosts Natalie Barr, David Koch, Edwina Bartholomew and Mark Beretta were perplexed by the cover. For those wondering what it looks like:

[Credit: Wseet Online]

The one part of the cover that stands out is Harry’s hair. He doesn’t have that much. Unless he’s been to Ashley and Martin and regrown it in a very short period of time, we can say that his hair has been photoshopped. Heavily. We’re only amateur in the program, but it’s obvious and not in a good way. Also, Meghan’s hair is likely a wig or she has hair extensions in as this was the same with her Vax Live appearance as her hair isn’t that thick.

Take a look at the image of Harry above on the left. He’s balding on top and no amount of combing can fix that. Compare it to the Time cover and it’s evident it’s photoshopped. Also, Harry’s hair isn’t that red. Some people believe that he was added in as an afterthought due to him being wedged behind his wife.

Also, the balding gene is one that runs through Harry’s family. His late paternal grandfather, Prince Philip, had it, and so does his father, Prince Charles and older brother Prince William. Even Harry’s uncle Prince Edward has it. Though, Prince Andrew doesn’t.

Having been acquainted with photoshop for over ten years but still not being good at it, we can safely say that he was NOT photoshopped into the photo at the last minute. It’s possible, but it would be way too much effort, even for the Time editorial team.

Did Harry And Meghan Buy Their Position On Time 100?

Since the release of the Time 100 list, there has been speculation as to whether the Sussexes bought their place on the list. While it wouldn’t be surprising if they had, though it has been reported via Markle News on Instagram that Harry and Meghan reportedly paid $1.5Million for the photoshoot. Here’s that post:

[Credit: Markle News – @marklenews1 – Instagram]

However they managed to worm their way in the Time 100, it’s going to be discovered and come out given all the internet sleuths out there. What they’re hoping on, is that their place on such a prestigious list is going to help their PR and restore their reputations in a way that is like the health bar of a character in a video game. Fat chance at that happening. Look at the damage they’ve caused this year alone. How anyone can condone their behaviour and then place them on one of the most famous lists in the world is beyond us.

What Have Harry And Meghan Done To Deserve Their Placing?

To end this post, we wanted to ask one simple question; What have Harry and Meghan done to deserve their place on the Time 100? Have they bought an end to racism? Stamped out hunger? Bought life back to the Australian outback after the bushfires? No. They have not done anything but whine about everything. They’ve sat upon their ivory tower and dictated down to us lowly peasants to be better people and to give our well-earned money to charities that they have no interest in.

Harry and Meghan are not pioneers in anything but race-baiting and bullying and they have an incredibly high opinion of themselves where they believe that they’re god-like. If anything, they need to take looks at themselves. All their talk about compassion and kindness is nothing but a ploy to make people look weak and to idolise them.

Conclusively, they’re not icons. They’re not influential. They are pariahs looking for their next gimmick to make money.

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