Stargirl THEORY: Could There Be A Time Jump?

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With Stargirl Season 2 in the early days of filming, we’ve been following the cast through their prep but something has caught our attention. There’s been little hints of a possible time jump…

Season 2 of DC’s Stargirl has gone into production with its very generous cast sharing the happens behind the scenes. As more photos come in, we’re beginning to get a sense of certain changes that may be happening within the story. It’s also starting to look like our favourite characters are going through changes of their own which brings us to our theory of a time jump.

Editor’s Note: Before we begin, I wanna give a massive shoutout to the Stargirl Wiki for keeping the collection of Season 2 behind-the-scenes photos up-to-date!

What Is A Time Jump?

For those who aren’t sure what a time jump is, here’s a brief rundown.

Within a story, when a series of events move forward seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years, this is considered a time jump. Here’s a couple of examples:

#1: In Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, it is stated that Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi have not seen Padmé Amidala in ten years.

#2: The beginning of the original Charmed’s fourth season takes place a week after the finale of the third which saw the death of Prue Halliwell which is referenced heavily in the premiere episode where it’s the character funeral which allows half-sister Paige Matthews to come into the mix.

#3: At the end of Stargirl Season 1 Episode 13: Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part Two, the story jumps ahead six weeks to Christmas.

Going Into Our Time Jump Theory…

When the first BTS photos came out prior to filming starting, people started to point out changes to Yvette Monreal (Yolanda/Wildcat)’s super suit:

The first image is a still from the Season 1 episode, ‘Wildcat’ while the second is a selfie from what looks like the hair and makeup department on set.

Notice how much brighter the second suit looks compared to the first one. Also, look at the neckline. It looks more closed in the second photo, though it’s hard to see past Yvette’s hair. It’s unclear if the new suit has gloves.

Another piece of evidence that we have towards a time jump is Anjelika Washington (Beth)’s tease of a possible new suit for Doctor Mid-Nite.

There was a photo where it appeared to show the legs of a potential new suit. However, we cannot find the photo again. It’s possible that it was removed to avoid leaks.

The Cameron Changes

A third point we wanted to bring up is Hunter Sansone (Cameron)’s slightly altered appearance.

The first image is from the Season 1 episode ‘Shiv Part One’. The second is a selfie of Hunter with a new hair style along with his signature khaki jacket. We noticed there’s something else in the BTS shot.

If you look closely, you can see what looks like a necklace poking up from under the top of the t-shirt Hunter is wearing. Could this be the key necklace that Jordan wore as Icicle but on a different chain? Could Cameron be given the necklace as a way of keeping his father’s memory alive?

Also, check out the caption: “He’s back. The Mahkent name lives on…” Could this mean that Icicle is 100% dead? A while ago, Geoff Johns refused to reveal whether all the villains that died (except for Brainwave) were gone for good. Could Hunter’s caption on his selfie be confirmation that Jordan isn’t coming back?

Given that he is wearing black, could this mean he is mourning the loss of his father? Also, his hair is basically screaming Jordan.

Oh! We have so many questions! What we wouldn’t do to be a fly on the wall.


Another part of our theory that there could be a time jump is Trae Romano (Mike). There’s a few BTS shots of him and it looks like he’s sporting slightly different hair and it looks like he could’ve had a growth spurt. In Season 1, he was shorter than Brec (Courtney). Here’s a few photos of him from the first season to now:

The first two images are from Season One while the other three are BTS snaps. While we have yet to see a photo of Brec and Trae together, it’s hard to confirm whether Trae has had a growth spurt.

If this ends up being the case then it could easily be explained in a time jump of a few months.


Next up on our time jump theory, is a recent photo from set of Amy Smart (Barbara). Did Mama Whitmore get a new job, a new outfit or both? Here’s a comparsion:

The first four are stills from Season 1. The fifth image is a photo taken presumably by Brec and saved to the Stargirl Fandom Season 2 page.

The reason we think there’s a time jump is because of how vibrant Amy’s outfit is in Brec’s photo. Did she get a promotion at the American Dream since Jordan is, you know, dead? Has she become the boss since her obsessive boss liked her ideas? Did James Chapel take over?

Guess we’ll find out!


Could it be possible the second Doctor Mid-Nite is getting a new look too? We’ve already addressed the potential new super suit.

Well, there’s not been too many Beth-related behind-the-scenes content that makes us jump up and scream ‘ time jump’, but there is this photo:

[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Notice that Anj is wearing different shaped glasses. Could this point to a time jump? It may, it may not. After chatting with Jillian, one of the admins on the Stargirl Fandom, we discovered that Anjelika wears reading glasses.

It would be really cool if Beth’s look drastically changed when we catch up with her in Season 2.

Our Thoughts

What’s important to consider if how much we’re reading into it. There might be a time jump or there might not be. However, given all the signs, it looks like there is but it doesn’t reveal how big it might be. We’re just going to have to wait and see what happens.

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