Stargirl: Why Do Tigress And Sportsmaster Go To Pat And Barbara?


Look out, Pat and Barbara! Tigress and Sportsmaster are back!

They are the couple we loved to hate. Tigress and Sportsmaster might’ve been villains, but they were good parents to their daughter, Artemis. They adore her despite their flaws. In the Season 1 finale, they get thrown from the fight between the JSA and the ISA. Later, they’re arrested and sent to prison.

In the Season 2 premiere, Artemis gloats to a couple of friends that her parents are in prison for crimes they committed before her birth. Furthermore, this indicates she doesn’t know about their identities as Tigress and Sportsmaster, at least not yet.

Ultimately, this brings us to the return of the Crusher and Paula. The synopsis for episode four was released a couple of days ago as per Comic Book, and it reads:

THE DEVIL IN THE SHADOWS — As Pat (Luke Wilson) considers whether he should come clean to Courtney (Brec Bassinger) about Eclipso’s past, a surprise visit from Crock (Neil Hopkins) and Paula (Joy Osmanski) catches him and Barbara off guard. A tense run-in with The Shade (Jonathan Cake) provides Courtney with some valuable information. Finally, Cindy (Meg DeLacy) makes her move.

Amy Smart, Yvette Monreal, Cameron Gellman, Anjelika Washington, and Trae Romano also star. Lea Thompson directed the episode written by Taylor Steitz.

Synosis for Episode 4; Summer School: Chapter Four from Comic Book

So, this makes us wonder; why do they go to Pat and Barbara?

What Happened The Last Time The Whitmore-Dugans Crossed Paths With The Crocks?

The Whitmore-Dugans and the Crocks aren’t exactly friendly. Paula and Larry tried to kill the family on Jordan’s orders. So, this raises the question of why they go to Pat and Barbara.

Scenario #1: They Ask For Sanctuary

So, say the Crocks break out of prison, or they’re on the run, they could go to Pat and Barbara for help. Though, we doubt the Whitmore-Dugans would think the same way.

After all, Tigress almost killed Barbara and Courtney, and Crock nearly murdered Pat and Mike.

They would’ve succeeded if Courtney and Mike hadn’t fought back. Though, we hadn’t expected Mike to be the wildcard in the situation. Having him get the upper hand is pretty cool, as it’s the most unexpected aspect of the story.

Scenario #2: Offering Information

There might be a chance Tigress and Sportsmaster might have information that Pat and Barbara will need. Also, there is no doubt there will likely be an uneasy alliance between the four of them.

However, they might fill in the blanks when it comes to Cindy or even The Shade. According to the synopsis, Pat knows more about Eclipso than he’s letting on. So, we doubt that he will need to know about this. Though, we need to question whether he gets wind of Cindy’s involvement and wants Mike involved with Injustice Unlimited.

Perhaps, Crock and Paula know about this or have heard down the grapevine that Cindy wants Artemis in the group. They turn to Pat and Barbara for help in saving their daughter from a life of crime. Then, they assist in keeping Mike away from Shiv.

Scenario #3: Injured?

This third scenario is cliche but possible. What if Tigress and Sportsmaster escape their cells and one of them ends up injured? Knowing they’re close to Blue Valley, they seek out Barbara and Pat for help.

Scenario #4: Warning?

Our final scenario is Tigress and Sportsmaster realise there is more at play. They decide to tell Pat and Barbara that there is danger coming. However, they don’t know what it is.

Meanwhile, we know they may be aware that the Shade is around. They were both in the portrait in the ISA HQ with the Shade. Will they know about Cindy and Eclipso’s recruiting efforts?

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