Another Tiara-Gate Story: Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Tiara Reportedly The One Meghan Wanted


There’s been stirrings for a while about what went down with Duchess Meghan’s wedding tiara. Well, a recent report has allegedly revealed which of the royal jewels the former actress wanted…

Looks like the Lifetime movie, Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal got something right. The film displayed a tantrum the now-Duchess of Sussex threw over the tiara she wanted for her wedding. Now, an article by has allegedly revealed which one it was.

The tiara was reportedly the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara which was given to the Queen Mother by a friend. If you know anything about royal jewellery (which we do not), then you might recall this being the headpiece Princess Eugenie wore on her wedding day. Oh, that just made the situation so much more messier.

“I’m Very Sorry, That’s Not The Way It Works.”

The article alleges that Meghan flew her hairdresser across the pond to London for a pre-wedding trial and contacted Angela Kelly, the Queen’s dresser about borrowing the tiara. However, it didn’t go the way she wanted.

Kelly reportedly told the now Duchess of Sussex, “I’m very sorry, that’s not how it works.” This apparently infuriated Meghan and her husband-to-be Prince Harry who apparently said, “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.” Ouch!

No Royal Jewels For Megs

Meghan was given an alternative tiara, the Queen Mary Bandeau Tiara which if we’re honest, suited the dress better than the one she wanted. Also, it should be noted that William even agreed with Ms Kelly that his new sister-in-law was not to have access to the royal jewels outside of the wedding.

We should also note that the crown jewels are loaned to only married royal women for weddings or white tie events. Just because Meghan is a duchess now, does not entitle her to take a tiara whenever she wants. In other words, everything has to be booked well in advance.

Our Take On The Situation

Did Meghan deserve the treatment she got? Yes, she did. You can’t just demand something and expect to get it. That’s entitled behaviour that should not be tolerated by anyone. Also, just because your soon-to-be husband is a prince doesn’t automatically give you the right to the family’s jewels.

Does the tiara-gate saga give us an insight into who Meghan truly is? No, it doesn’t. At the time, we thought she was under a load of stress because she was planning a wedding, but does give an insight to how things work in the monarchy. Things need to be planned out months before they happen. We can just imagine what Markle told her hairdresser. “I’ve got my eye on this stunning emerald encrusted tiara. It’s going to make me stand out on my wedding day.”

We suck at trying to pinpoint Meghan’s thoughts, but it’s probably very close. Anyway, we can also imagine her jealousy at seeing her sister-in-law, Catherine wearing the Cambridge Lovers Knot tiara on so many occasions. Then, there’s her seeing Eugenie wearing the piece she wanted. Maybe that’s what influenced her to announce she was pregnant at the York princess’ wedding.

Okay, we’ll never actually know what went on as it is not our place or that of the public’s to know every little detail of tiara-gate.

Eugenie’s Reaction

We can only imagine what Eugenie’s reaction would’ve been to hearing that Meghan wanted to wear the tiara she had been promised. If we were her, we would be doing a happy dance seeing as the princess got in early with her tiara choice. Now, Megs and Harry are blaming Angela Kelly for ‘dragging her feet’? God! They really have it out for anyone associated with the firm, don’t they?

For Eugenie, the idea that her new cousin-in-law spoiling her wedding day, was probably enough to distance herself. If someone tried to do that to us, we’d tell them to get lost. However, this is the royal family we’re talking about. She will know protocol and will have to have kept her mouth shut in fear of upsetting not just her grandmother, but Harry and Meghan too.

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