Explore the cockpit of each Thunderbird vehicle in Thunderbirds are Go in the 2015 remake of the classic 1960s series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. The new series features old and new faces.

The show introduces new and younger audiences to International Rescue, an organisation run by the Tracy family. Built up by retired billionaire Jeff Tracy, IR helps people around the world.

After Jeff vanishes mid-mission after a confrontation with the Hood, Grandma takes over as head of the family. Eldest son Scott takes over as leader and pilots Thunderbird 1. Second son, Virgil flies Thunderbird 2. Youngest son Alan is the astronaut and pilots Thunderbird 3. Second youngest son Gordon controls underwater vessel Thunderbird 4. Middle son John operates Thunderbird 5 from space with the help of EOS.

Friends And Allies

In London, Jeff’s longtime friends Lady Penelope and Parker serve as field agents along with their vehicle, FAB1. Also, Parker has a love-hate relationship with Lady P’s dog, Sherbet.

Along for the ride is Tanusha “Kayo” Kyrano, Jeff’s ward and the daughter of his friend, Kyrano, the brother of the Hood. After Jeff’s disappearance, Brains builds a sixth Thunderbird for Kayo named Thunderbird Shadow.

Jeff raised Kayo from a young age and always knew (along with Grandma) about her uncle being The Hood. He requests her family ties be hidden from the boys to reduce the chance of the news of being a distraction.

Grandma loves her grandchildren and Brains and is always eager help. Even if it means force feeding them or the bad guys her burnt food. With the Hood the reason the Tracys lost Jeff, their friends and colleagues remind him fondly as the man who was always willing to help.

Tracy Island is the place where Jeff’s memory lives on through not just IR or Grandma, but through his kids.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. A Thunderbird Is Go!

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