We Didn’t See THAT Coming! A Thought-To-Be Dead Character Is Still Alive!


When we thought Brainiac baby-napping Jor-El came as a twist, the hits keep on coming when a dead character is found to be not dead in the episode, Mercy…

Seg’s love life was doing fine until Brainiac and his future evil son ruined it. He got sucked into the Phantom Zone, almost got butchered by a deranged bounty hunter and his son gets kidnapped. Ouch! However, this week’s episode pushes that to the limit when his thought-to-be dead lover and future baby mama, Lyta-Zod is alive!

In the early minutes of ‘Mercy’ we discover what we saw in ‘A Better Yesterday’ wasn’t what it seemed. Turns out, Jax-Ur executed a clone of Lyta. The actual Primus was under the influence of a Black Mercy and hidden away.

Inside the Perfect Horror

Lyta’s perfect life is being bound to Seg. The moment spirals upon the conception of her son. The Oracle rattles off what he’ll achieve, including eradicating billions of people. Lyta runs into Dev who starts off as nice before things take a sinister turn when he questions her love for him before Nyssa appears.

The former commander rejects the vision before she escapes. She reunites with Jayna and Dev are overjoyed she’s alive.

Reunion With Seg

The parents find themselves in a prison cell and are pulled out by Dev, who uses his mechanical arm to smash his way through the ceiling. He advises the new father rejoins his former rival just as Jayna reappears with Lyta who is clearly not dead.

After an emotional reunion, Seg promises her they’ll stop Zod. This leaves Nyssa upset as he promised they would get their son back. So, will Lyta get the life she wants or will she play second fiddle?

The Future Of The Zod Lineage Now Lyta’s Not Dead


Since the timeline is malleable, the star-crossed pair could conceive their boy, but they prevent the child from becoming wicked. Another scenario is they have the child but separate. In the original timeline, Zod said he was raised by his mother. What if in the altered timeline Dru created, Seg raises him alongside Jor?

When the mama and father get captured, Dru mentioned his brother by his original name, Cor-Vex and not his moniker. He doesn’t know the baby’s changed name. Will he think his brother is dead?

General Zod is digging his own grave by trying to conquer his homeworld. No way his parents or grandmother would help him. If the stats from the Oracle in Lyta’s alternate reality are any sign, he’s worse than Brainiac, Doomsday and Lobo combine.

Where Does Lyta’s Survival Put Seg And Nyssa Now?


With Lyta alive, Seg has every excuse to go back to her. He loves his son and his grandfather would kill him if he abandoned his baby mama and their child.

If the future plays out the way it was originally meant to, something has to happen for Zod to be born while not knowing his father. Also, does he find out Cor-Vex and Jor-El are the same person?

Where does this leave the scion’s relationships with his baby mamas? Does he choose not to bind with either of them? Will he choose Nyssa over Lyta because their son shares his last name? Does he choose Lyta but still has contact with Jor? It’s too soon to tell how the El family saga will play out.

If Seg binds with his intended it would bring his family full circle. However, it would likely start the vendetta between the El and Zod houses. The feud mightn’t have anything to do with Seg, Lyta or Jayna. It might have something to do with the boys.

The question still remains, though. If the future turns out as it did before, why didn’t Seg tell Jor about his brother?

Moving Forward

KRYPTON — “The Rankless Initiative” Episode 103 — Pictured: (l-r) Una Carroll as Vendor, Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/Syfy)

We don’t know what the future holds for Lyta and her relationship with Seg. All we can get through their latest interaction is, Seg will go back to Lyta. If this happens, they’ll still have their son and that’s going to cause more issues. However, there could the chance that they put on the brakes to their relationship because they’ve both seen what their future child is capable of.

To add to that, they will need to face the idea that while they love each other, Seg is better off with Nyssa. Why? Any union between an El and a Zod will doom their world. They may choose to ignore this and have their spawn anyway.

As for what will happens next with Nyssa, she may raise Jor solo. Everyone knows Jor’s father because the boy carries the El name. Seg isn’t the type of guy to leave one of his kids behind.

Since Cor-Vex became Jor-El, this serves as a step closer to Kal-El’s birth. He needs to grow up, marry Lara Lor-Van and have Kal. No big deal right? It might be a bigger issue if Zod becomes a larger factor.

Where Does That Put The Boys?


The baby El’s parents began a mission to rescue their offspring from Brainiac, but Lyta’s return ruined their mission objective. It’s unlikely Seg will forget his Jor as he will continue the El name.

However, Dru is another story. In the original timeline, Dru and Jor didn’t know they were brothers with Zod not knowing who his father was because his mother never spoke about him as the memory was too painful for he.

In the new timeline, Dru knows about his older brother but doesn’t know about his changed name With this being said, it’s possible that this was the reason Zod never knew he had an older sibling.


Ouch! We have a huge headache just talking about the timeline. We wish time travel wasn’t so complicated! There’s so much more of the story that could play out with her and House Zod. Let’s hope Seg can stop the general’s plan to unleash Doomsday upon Krypton before he blows the planet prematurely into space.

Krypton has one episode left for season 2 so get on board the #RenewKrypton bandwagon and be sure to help to raise awareness that we want the show renewed for a Season 3.

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