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Thor: Love And Thunder Casts Russell Crowe


This is one casting we didn’t see coming at all! Russell Crowe has been cast in Thor: Love and Thunder…

He’s played a gladiator and he’s played Robin Hood and now he’s in a superhero movie. Wow! We never thought we’d be saying that about Russell Crowe! The Academy Award winner actor has been cast in Thor: Love and Thunder alongside Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman who will both reprise their roles as the God of Thunder and his former lady love, Jane Foster, respectively, according to Deadline.

What’s amazing is that if Cate Blanchett were reprising her role as Hela (which she’s not), then it would be another movie she and Russell did together. They did Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood together. Moreover, Blanchett was Maid Marian to Crowe’s Robin of Loxley.

It is unclear as to who Russell will be playing as of right now. Though, if we had to guess, it might be a fictional version of another character. Therefore, Sam Neil, Matt Damon, and Luke Hemsworth will be reprising their roles as Asgardian actors playing Odin, Loki, and Thor respectively. They’ll be joined by Melissa McCarthy who will be playing a fictional version of Odin’s daughter, Hela, Blanchett’s character from Thor: Ragnarok.

The film will featuring a number of the Guardians of the Galaxy but will not include the 2014 version of Gamora. Nor will it feature Thor’s brother, Loki in any form played by Tom Hiddleston.

A quick recap with Loki is needed we think. The present day Loki had his neck snapped by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War at the beginning of the film. Actually, the trickster god that escaped capture will feature in his own series, Loki premiering on Disney+ in June.

Finally, ScreenRant has predicted Russell is going to be fictional Thanos. While this is a good guess, we think Ben Falcone, Melissa McCarthy’s husband will be fake Thanos.

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