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The Bold And The Beautiful: Ahh… What Is With Thomas And The Hope Mannequin?


Okay, what is going on with the creepy Hope mannequin that got delivered?

Is Thomas’ obsession with Hope returning? It might appear that way as a mannequin was delivered to the design office and the designer pulls it out of the box. However, we don’t actually know what this whole thing means yet.

We hope (no pun intended) that it doesn’t become like a shrine to ‘how in love he is with her’. *insert the vomiting emoji here*. Can the writers come up with something original? All they seem capable of nowadays are love triangles, botched weddings, and obsessions.

Poor Charlie!

We feel really sorry for Charlie who had to deliver the package because of how heavy it was. Thankfully, he didn’t know that there was a ‘life-like’ mannequin of Hope inside.

Could he question Hope about the package? This might trigger her to realise Thomas is still obsessing over her.

When Thomas Get Time To Order A Hope Mannequin?

Is there something we’re missing? When did Thomas actually get the time to order a Hope mannequin? Did he have it created when he was still obsessed with his adoptive baby mama? Or was it commissioned much later?

We just hope he’s not going to have sex with it to fulfil some even sicker fantasy.

Where This Storyline Could Go

There is every chance the mannequin is nothing but an object of a former obsession. However, there is several routes the storyline could do down. Some are odd, but the others not-so-much.

Mannequin is just that… a mannequin

For all we know, the mannequin in just for showing off clothing. Perhaps Thomas ordered it so they could use to model Hope for the Future designs. To further this argument, he could have gotten it to honour the woman whose name is part of the line.

It would also save Hope having to model the clothing herself.

Thomas is still obsessed but does a better job at hiding it

There is no denying that Thomas has tried and failed to get over Hope to the point his obsession just spiralled. He used his own son as a pawn to hook the woman ‘of his dreams’ and even seduced Zoe into the plot too.

Maybe the mannequin of Hope is to hide his obsession better than what he did before. Remember a couple of weeks back when he started to have flashbacks of his perverted time with her where he forcibly kissed her?

Something tells us that if he was hurrying Charlie along so he could get the mannequin back to Vinny’s apartment then it seems he doesn’t want anyone to see it. If this is the case, his obsession has returned.

It’s part of his treatment

Okay, this is where our theories get a little weird. What if for some strange reason, it was recommended that the mannequin is actually part of Thomas’s treatment to get rid of his obsession with Hope.

He can vent all his frustrations at the doll and not scare off the actual Hope.

Aftermath… If There Is One

For all we know, Vinny might walk in, see the mannequin and question why his best friend has a fake version of Hope in their living room.

Vinny is very loyal to Thomas but he knows when he’s crossed the line. He even called him out at his botched wedding to Zoe for using Douglas to snag Hope. Despite the guy being a drug dealer, he has a big heart and doesn’t like what his buddy did, but he was willing to support him with his treatment.

The aftermath might not be as dramatic as we think it’s going to be.

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