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Entering The Pyscho Zone: Thomas Forrester Is The Creepiest Villain In The Baby Swap Saga

Psycho; pushing parents together

If you thought Soapland storylines were becoming original, guess again. Since Thomas’s return to LA with his son Douglas, he’s developed an unnatural obsession with Hope. After seeing the bond the pair shared, Eric’s grandson created a plan to get his ex-girlfriend back. He’s now the leader of the baby swap patrol and nothing will stand in his way of snagging Brooke’s daughter.

He got his almost former fiancée to annul her marriage and used his own child to weasel into her life. While the woman’s love for the little boy is genuine, her bond with the father of one isn’t romantic. However, the single dad doesn’t view it that way.

Hiding Beth

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After forcing Flo to tell him about Beth, the older Forrester intended to expose the theft to Steffy but backed out. He heads back to Zoe, Xander, and the newest Logan ordering them to stay hush-hush as Steffy, Liam, and Hope can’t know.

This does not sit well with Xander or Storm’s long-lost child who wants her relative and Liam to know their baby lives and is living under their noses. When they question his motives, he says he’s doing it to ‘protect’ his obsession. He wants his sister to be happy while he gets the woman of his dreams. To him, it’s not a bad trade. Douglas receives a mother while the upset mama raises a child. Issue solved… right? 

From the moment he announced his intentions for Hope, plenty of people yelled and threw things at their television screens. He’s an idiot as he can’t give his grieving child a ‘new mother’ and expect his kid to heal straight away.  Caroline is still Douglas’ mum. She raised him for the first five years of his life. You cannot push another woman to take on the ‘mummy’ title. 

We understand Ridge and Taylor’s son wishes Douglas to have a maternal figure, but he and Hope don’t need to call each other husband and wife to give the kid a female influence.

Threats That Kill

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In the weeks since he found out his new niece, Phoebe was Hope’s ‘stillborn’ infant, Thomas has lead the charge in keeping the secret squad quiet about the situation. He ran Emma’s car off the road, which ultimately killed her. To top it off, he stopped his own vehicle to ensure she was dead by standing on the hill above the wreckage and smirking downward. Who does that?

He’s threatened Xander, Zoe, and Flo multiple times when the Avant model and Hope’s new cousin have threatened to spill. Reese’s daughter has wanted to keep the swap hidden the whole time because she doesn’t want to lose her reputation or her father to prison. Yes, she intended to confess, but her old man told her to keep it under wraps so he wouldn’t lose his medical licence.

Since Emma’s death, the male model [Xander] has been trying to gather enough evidence to prove the designer killed his friend. He goes to Charlie and asks to see the security footage. He finds what he’s looking for and even breaks into the designer’s car to check the GPS coordinates the night of the crash.

Zoe is a huge bully who doesn’t want her perfect life ruined. She gets Flo to remain quiet despite the secret weighing her down. She also gets Xander to remain silent in the matter due to his love for her. However, this backfires when he can’t handle it anymore. He threatens to leave LA and if she doesn’t tell Hope the truth. She refuses to let her father go to jail, so he ends the relationship and goes back to London.

Coaching Douglas to Propose

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What makes Thomas so creepy is the way he coached his five-year-old son into proposing to Hope. He told Douglas how to do it and gave him the engagement ring that he’d kept for so many years to him so he could ask Ms. Logan to be his mother on the Fourth of July. Little does the little man know at that point, his dad had stumbled across the swap.

Sideline Rivals

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From the word go, Liam has served as an obstacle. He knows how the Forrester heir operates and he’s tried to convince Steffy of her brother’s wicked ways. The heiress doesn’t have a bad word to say against her big brother and nor would she. The sun shines out his butt as far as she’s concerned.

Liam isn’t the one who sees the issues surrounding Thomas and his manipulations. Hope’s mother, Brooke is hellbent in not wanting her grieving daughter to marry her stepson. She’s voiced her concerns to Ridge but all her attempts to get through to him have fallen on deaf ears. If she knew her granddaughter was the victim of a baby swap, she’d hit the roof… literally. How dare he not listen to her opinions of his son!

Thomas doesn’t know that Brooke has informed her siblings, at least not yet. Donna and Katie agree with their sister that her stepson’s obsession and Hope’s ignorance is an issue. Donna admits that she wasn’t around much when her niece and brother-in-law’s son were together the first time.

Xander, and Flo are against the match too and they’ve been vocal about it so much that the villain has threatened many times to silence them. They’ve said that if Hope knew Beth was alive, she wouldn’t be married to someone she has no love toward.

Allies On Side

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Ridge is a hypocrite. He never loved Hope, despite having raised her. He always favored Steffy over her as the two were growing up. Brooke’s on-off husband never thought highly of her children, but boosted the egos of his own. Let’s not forget that Ridge tried to pass his grandson off as his own kid, and Thomas kidnapped the boy when he found out. Let’s just be thankful he doesn’t know about the swap.

Thomas also has Zoe on his side. She’s ignorant of everything he has done. She’s agreeing with him that Beth is better off living as Phoebe and she’s passed off Emma’s death as a tragic accident. All she wants is to protect her father and not get thrown in the back of a police car. In conclusion, she’s as bad as Thomas and only cares about her reputation.

Getting Hope into Bed

One of Thomas’s next exploits is bedding his bride while trying to keep the Beth swap secret from her. She fears getting pregnant again as she was left traumatised. Also, there’s no way she’d want a child with Thomas.  She’s a stepmother to Douglas and that’s all! He’s tried getting it on with her a couple of times and she’s rejected his advances. 

There is one option Thomas might choose if Hope keeps refusing him. He may drug her as he did Liam. With his rival, he slipped a pill into his drink so he would sleep with Steffy. Hope might be a similar case since she’s not caving to his advances as he wants. He was given three pills by his pal, Vincent. He’s got two left so one might be for his wife if she refuses sex again.

Entitlement Gets You Nowhere

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Thomas thinks he’ll run Forrester Creations one day. His family name is on the building. He acts like a total jerk to Xander, Flo, and Zoe when he started prancing around stating this. Yes, his surname is part of the business, but biologically, he’s a Marone. Not a Forrester. 

Ridge’s paternity has been bought up several times over the years. Rick and Thorne constantly bought it up as they’ve always been jealous of Ridge’s relationship with Eric. Legally, Rick and Ridge are half-brothers while Thorne and Ridge are full brothers. Not that it matters now that Thomas knows about the swap.

Going back to Thomas, he thinks he can throw his weight around because he has some kind of entitlement. If his grandfather were to find out what he’s done, there is no way he’d have a design or leadership position. Erik would be livid once he finds out his grandson was in on the swap.

Technically, Thomas can’t fire the secret squad himself, but he can spread lies about them to get them sacked. There are a million ways Thomas could dispose of the group if he chooses to.

Flo vs. Thomas

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If Xander hadn’t tripped up and mentioned Flo, Thomas wouldn’t be aware Beth is alive. Everyone sees how close the newest Logan is to Hope. She’s in the same vote as Xander; Hope and Liam would still be together if they knew about their little girl.

Thomas doesn’t care about Flo’s feelings towards her cousin. He just wants Hope. His feelings for her are so strong he believes threatening Flo is the perfect way to control her new relative. As much as Flo doesn’t want to give up her new life, Hope’s happiness must come first and the secret is tearing her apart.

Flo is just a pawn and someone Thomas can step on to get his goal. She didn’t know how deep she was getting until Reese told her that the baby she’d pretended to be the mother was stolen so he could profit for his gambling addiction.


With every day that passes, the story and creepy Thomas’s villainy is coming. Will the Forrester heir have his son taken away from him? How will Hope punish him for keeping Beth from her? We’ll find out soon. It’s going to be one hell of a ride when it reaches its conclusion.

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