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The Bold And The Beautiful Rumour: Could Zoe Be Pregnant With Thomas’ Child?


Despite everything’s she has done since her arrival in Los Angeles, Zoe Buckingham does not deserve to be punished with having carry Thomas’ child?

She’s lied and schemed to get what she’s wants but she’s also been duped. Jumping away from Zoe’s disastrous wedding, even she doesn’t deserve the fate that might be coming her way. She came close to becoming Douglas’ stepmother and she slept with his father a couple of times. So, is it possible that she’s pregnant with Thomas’ child?

Thomas’ Child Becomes A Wake Up Call?

It’s no secret that Zoe had a huge crush on Ridge’s eldest son. However, she was meant to spy on him for Steffy and Liam but got seduced instead. Despite being told she was being used as a pawn, she refused to listen and thought his feelings for her were real. This lead to their sham romance.

If Zoe is pregnant with Thomas’ child, will it be a massive wake up call to the Hope-obsessed designer? Maybe. We say this given how he used Douglas in an attempt to snag Brooke’s youngest daughter. While he was living in New York with his son and baby mama Caroline, there were no whispers of him emotionally abusing the kid.

The abused started when Thomas and Douglas returned to LA after Caroline’s death and when Hope became a surrogate mother to the boy. He even revealed he’d kept the engagement ring he proposed to her with years earlier.

Let’s say for sake of argument that the model is pregnant, how could this whole thing play out? Well, she could leave town in a desperate attempt to protect the baby from it’s self-righteous family. Then, it could lead to someone tracking her down and learning that Thomas fathered another child.

The news would reach Ridge who would be desperate to meet his newest grandchild. To add more drama to the mix, Zoe could put up a fight saying Thomas manipulated her.

If Thomas were to find out about the child then he might promise to be a better parent. Zoe, knowing what he did to Douglas, would likely put her foot down and tell him to back off and that he has no legal say over her or their child.

Will Zoe Forgive Thomas If She Is Carrying His Child?

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Could Zoe potentially forgive Thomas if she is carrying his baby? Again, this is a massive maybe. The reason for this is that she was conned into a relationship where she was used to snag another woman. She said during the wedding’s aftermath that she hoped that the fashion designer had actually love her.

While we don’t actually know where Thomas is right now, we need to consider the possibility that he is pondering over everything he has done. Keeping the secret about Beth to himself would be a start in his possible recovery. Then there’s the whole ‘Dad was obsessed with Brooke and abandoned me’ play.

Zoe said that Thomas will never have her or Hope but could she make another play to ruin her former fiancé? If she is preggers, she could go to the police and say she was raped. While we doubt this would happen, this would be the ultimate revenge.

But happens if she does forgive him? Could she allow him to play a minor role in their baby’s life? Does this mean she wants another go at their relationship so there isn’t a repeat of what happened with Ridge and Taylor? At this point, no one knows for sure.

Other Options

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If Zoe is pregnant with Thomas’ child, there might be a few ways they could tackle the story. The first is they could have her abort the pregnancy. There might even be a chance that she miscarries or puts the child up for adoption. Why not? They’ve done storylines like this in the past where we learned that Marcus was adopted out as a baby and that he was the son of Donna and Justin.

No matter what happens and if this storyline does happen, it would be a massive hit to the face that Thomas Forrester has an illegitimate child running around. It would be a disgrace to the family name if this comes to pass.

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