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The Bold And The Beautiful: Thomas Warns Finn About Liam’s History With Steffy And Hope And Ends Up Blurting Out He Wants Hope

blurting; infidelity

Watch your mouth Thomas because blurting out that you want Hope, is going to get you in some serious trouble…

Blurting out that he is still obsessing over Hope will only get Thomas so far. In today’s episode, he warns Finn about Liam and tells him to be ‘wary’ of Steffy’s baby daddy. The hot doc says he’s not worried about his new girlfriend’s ex. However, he questions his potential brother-in-law when he starts unconsciously rambling about… his former obession.

Finn, being a doctor questioned if he was okay and that’s where the episode ended. However, let’s take a step back from Thomas blurting things out to the whole thing with the talking about Liam.

Thomas Will Never Be A Fan Of Liam’s

To say Thomas is incredibly protective of his little sister is the biggest understatement if there ever was one. There is no love between the older Forrester sibling and Liam and there never will be. We certainly can’t blame Tommy Boy for his feelings towards his on-off again brother-in-law.

As Thomas tells Finn, Liam is a waffler. Too right. He jumped between both Steffy and Hope for a decade and it’s getting old. We don’t have an issue with this at all because it’s true. When something went wrong with one woman, Spencer would just jump back to his rebound.

Thomas has only ever wanted to look out for his sister, but he also forgets she is more than capable of handling herself. After all, she’s the co-CEO of their family company. Pretty sure Steffy doesn’t need her big brother watching out for her.

Finn Isn’t Exactly A Knight In Shining Armour

Yes, Finn is good looking and we’d marry him in a heartbeat, but he’s not Steffy’s knight in shining armour. Her main motivation for getting help for her drug addiction was being there for her daughter.

Yes, Liam is Kelly’s dad and he did the right thing in removing his little girl from a potentially dangerous environment. Finn knows he is her father and he would never try to take over. If his relationship with Steffy were to jump into marriage, he could play a similar role Hope does in his stepdaughter’s life.

Hope treats Kelly the exact same way she does Douglas and Beth. Despite being Steffy’s daughter, she will be a second mother to her stepdaughter and be there as a friend and as support. Finn could do the same thing seeing as it has been noted he has a way with her.

Going Back To Thomas…

The mannequin of Hope that is currently sitting on Vinny’s living room couch is still playing tricks with Thomas’ mind. He still hears its voice in his head and it is beginning to stress him out. We’d say poor guy, but he had a it coming. He is being treated by his mother who is unhinged herself.

At first, he was only hearing the mannequin ‘speaking’ to him in the apartment. Now, it’s in his head at the office. Finn is definitely going to think there’s something wrong with him.

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