The Trouble With The Sussexes


We’re not one for gossip, but wherever Prince Harry and his wife Meghan go, trouble is just around the corner…

Here we go. Again. Prince Harry and Meghan are causing more trouble than they’re actually worth. They wanted to ‘hit the ground running’ when they got married only they hit several obstacles. When we say that we actually mean the royal family who would not allow the couple do what they wanted. They also wanted power when they are so far down on the food chain now that their opinion carries no weight.

From being jealous of the Cambridges to alleged temper tantrums over a tiara, Harry and Meghan have seen it all. What makes these two the biggest pain in the ass is how they think it is their god given right to to break the Queen’s rules which includes not having a voice when it comes to politics, regardless if they’re working royals or not.

Heavily Opinionated

It is no secret that most of the Sussex trouble starts when Harry and Meghan open their mouths. In their eyes, they’re influencing people to follow their lead. In reality, however, they’re giving the middle finger to the monarch.

Before Meghan even entered Harry’s life, she wasn’t really all that well-known. Her fans mostly came from her tenure on Suits as Rachel Zane and her now defunct blog, The Tig. However, she has gained stans because of several other factors including her race, and her sense of fashion. She was also a briefcase girl on Deal or No Deal and she did a few modelling gigs, but she was never a huge name. like she is now.

Meghan doesn’t understand what it means to follow the rules of any form of institution. When she and Harry got engaged, she expected the courtiers to do what she wanted as ‘she couldn’t wait to hit the ground running’. However, when they did not do what she wanted, she likely complained to Harry to do something. Then there’s the whole tiara gate scandal, that has hashed out a million times in the media. Did it happen or didn’t it? It’s gotten to the point now that we don’t really care if Megsy wanted to go all out for her wedding.

If she did throw a tantrum over everything she didn’t get, than boohoo! An emerald tiara would NOT have gone well with that wedding dress. If the rumour is true that she wanted the headpiece to be ahem, the ‘crown jewel’ of her attire on the day.

We also need to stress that everything the duchess says reeks of ‘I am a wealthy duchess feeding off my gullible prince husband’s wealthy family that I hate.’ We’re not trying to be mean, but this is what it looks like. They’ve also disrespected the Queen with their lavish demands.

The Expensive Clothing

If Meghan thought she put a lot of effort into the design of her wedding dress; she is wrong on so many levels. Eugenie’s had more class than Megsy’s did. Why the Duchess thought that her boat neck was awesome, is anyone’s guess. The wedding dress that we still can’t stop talking about (and it’s been nine years) is Catherine’s.

Catherine’s wedding dress was amazing it was perfect for a future Queen Consort. Eugenie’s was unique as she wanted to show off the scars on her back as proof of her strength. Meghan’s was just bland. All it was a white boat neck and three-quarter sleeves. So what?

Let’s move onto Meghan’s maternity wardrobe. If publications are correct, she spent a million pounds of items of clothing she would only wear once. What did she do with the outfits after she wore them? Did she donate them to charity or did she throw them on her ‘worn once’ pile or did they end up in the furnace? Who knows! Those frocks could’ve gone to a charity for women who actually need them.

Denying Involvement With Finding Freedom

It has well been documented that Finding Freedom was written as a love letter in form of a ‘tell-all’ biography about what a saint Meghan is. We know she is not anything of the sort. This is not about that at all. It’s about how Megsy and Harry denied having any involvement in the book.

Princess Diana did a similar thing when she denied having any involvement in Andrew Morton’s biography on her. Later, it came out that she was very much involved with the writing on the memoir.

Even from the excerpts you could tell that Meghan’s fingerprints were all over it. Also, there were details in the book that no one would’ve known like that FaceTime call in the bath. Who would know that outside of the duchess? Very few. Also there is direct evidence in the book’s author’s note that the writers spoke to the couple. There has also been numerous articles by Vanity Fair prior to the Sussexes saying they weren’t involved.

We also need to stress that it was Vanity Fair that Meghan ran to in order to boast about her relationship with Harry. Now, here’s the trouble we have with all this. Megsy is a woman who thinks she controls her life. Finding Freedom was meant to ‘set the record straight’.


It’s no secret that the trouble with Meghan and Harry is that they cannot keep their mouths shut. If Finding Freedom is of any indication, Megsy bad-mouths Catherine any chance she gets. She didn’t like that Kate is respected and will one day become Queen.

Meghan wanted to be queen. She wanted to wear the pretty crowns and tiaras. However, she didn’t want to do the actual work which is representing the Queen. It is not about bad mouthing the future Queen Consort.

Harry has also bad mouthed his brother by calling him a snob for not accepting Meghan. He is impulsive and brash and lashes out when he should have listened. Not to mention, he gave Tom Inskip and his wife the cold shoulder.

The Inskips were invited to the nuptial but not the after wedding celebrations.

Meghan Has Ruined Harry’s Relationships With His Family And Many Of His Friends

Meghan is trouble with a capital T. She has ruined most of her husband’s friendships because she wants him to herself. Harry use to be so close to William and Catherine and their kids. Now, he’s bad mouthing Catherine for ‘not getting to know’ his precious Meg.

Harry is also partially to blame for the situation he is currently in. He believes everything that comes out of his wife’s mouth and screams racism and sexism from the rooftops just to please her. H doesn’t even know what those words mean! Remember when he dressed as a Nazi for a fancy dress party?

Meghan has extremely high standards and when no one is willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, it spells trouble for everyone. She thinks she is changing the world, but instead, she is making everything out to be about her struggles.

William and Catherine were always close to Harry and know him better than anyone else. Even Meghan. They had every right to share to their concerns, but instead they’ve been frozen out and called snobs because of their worries about Meghan.

Meghan doesn’t have the same close bond to her family as Harry does. She was once close to her dad but that was it. There was never a close bond between her and her half-siblings as they were much older than her. Also their father doted on his youngest child which cause Samantha and Thomas Junior to be envious of their baby sister.

In a nutshell, Meggy wants her husband to have the same relationship with his own family that she had with hers. But, she doesn’t want him to have any sort of relationship with the royals because they’re ‘racist’ and ‘toxic’. She wants him to rely solely on her.

Same Old Sob Story

Meghan and Harry cry the same sob story every time they’re in the public eye. Here’s a few examples of said tale:

  • “We want privacy” – in the news almost everyday for a different reason
  • “We’re suing the media for privacy” – Meghan is seen smiling for the paparazzi vultures she is suing
  • “Britain is racist so we’re moving to Canada… no screw that! We’re moving to California” – every place in the world has a level of racism in it
  • “We don’t do social media and Meg hasn’t been on social media in years” – Meghan basically ran the SussexRoyal Instagram account. There was American spelling in a number posts
  • “Catherine didn’t respect Meghan” – Catherine was at Wimbledon with Meghan a couple of a times
  • “Catherine cooked vegan meals for Meghan” – Meghan’s not vegan

Need we go on?


The main trouble with Harry and Meghan is that they are compulsive liars. Well, one more than the other.

Meghan is the one pulling the strings and she claims she didn’t know who Harry was when they got together. This is a lie. She was a massive fan of Princess Diana and Harry was constantly in the press as he was growing up. Megsy also claimed to have balled her eyes out when watching Lady Di’s funeral. There is no way she would’ve missed the red-headed little boy walking behind his mother’s coffin.

There is nothing this woman won’t lie about. If it fits her scheme to be the most talked about person in the world, she’ll roll with it.

Then there’s the whole engagement thing. The Sussex biography Finding Freedom alleges the couple got engaged much earlier than they said they did. However, they told the press Harry proposed over a chicken dinner in their home. Ahh… which one is the truth?

Boredom Buster

Now, we reported a while ago that Lady Colin Campbell alleges from a source close to her to that Meghan complained about the garden party being thrown for Prince Charles’ 70th birthday. She claimed she was bored and wanted to leave. Here’s the kicker. She and Harry had only been there for fifteen minutes.

Meghan had no right to say, “Harry, I’m bored. We’ve done our part.” The party was not about her but was being hosted for her father-in-law. Not the point at all. Her narcissistic traits were in overdrive and her husband allegedly told her they can’t go because they’d only just gotten there. Charles apparently had a word with them and told them to go to avoid causing a scene.

As much as we can give or take Charles for what he did to Diana, he has enough sense to tell his son that he and his spoilt new wife need to go. This would have caused trouble if Meghan had kicked up a stink.

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