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The Reason Behind Why The Times Hasn’t Been Sued By Meghan Regarding The Allegations Of Bullying Of Kensington Palace Staff

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There is a reason The Times has not been sued…

Prior to the Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan, The Times released a not-so-surprising exposé regarding allegations of bullying from the Duchess of Sussex when she was a working royal at Kensington Palace. The newspaper is well-respected and would not put its reputation on the line to print a story that has not been fact checked.

Meghan’s PR team put out a statement on her behalf saying that the article was a ‘smear campaign’ against her ‘good character’. Now, has anyone noticed that the newspaper and the journalist, Valentine Low hasn’t actually been sued? We have reason to believe that they won’t be because everything said in the piece, was 100% true. That is why the publication hasn’t gotten legal threats.

There is currently a probe investigating the allegations against Meghan including the accusations that were levelled during the Australia tour. What’s more is Markle is also demanding to see the emails to see what was said about her. This tells us a lot as she is scared that her apparently flawless life as ‘the Duchess of Sussex’ is beginning to unravel.

If Meghan tries to fight the allegations against The Times like she did with Associated Newspapers which publishes the Mail on Sunday, then she’ll give the very accurate illusion that the accusations are true. For all those people who will say this is a stretch, it’s actually not. If you think about it logically, have you even heard about a lawsuit being placed against the publication? No, well, you’ll know we’re right on this. Do your own research on all the stuff we have bought up. You’ll come to the same conclusion.


If Meghan tries to sue The Times for defamation, then it will only show she has a pattern of trying to silence those who know the truth about her. Another thing we have noticed is how People magazine hasn’t been hit with legal threats either. For those who might not aware, the US Magazine is the one five of Markle’s friends spoke to ‘set the record straight’. In it, they mention the contents of the letter that got published in the Mail on Sunday.

Now, her friends have come out and said they do not talk to the media without Meghan’s consent. So, she gave them permission to mention the letter but she sues the newspapers for publishing the letter saying it was a breach of ‘copyright’ and ‘her privacy’. She won part of the court case but she has not with the second part though she believes she has.

The Walls Are Crumbling And Meghan Knows It

Since Meghan put out a statement about the ‘smear campaign’ from The Times, we need to think she knows the truth is trickling out into the open. This shows she is scrambling to stop all the negative stories from hitting press by having her PR team put out puff pieces about her that are sweet and innocent. Sorry, but only the Sussex Squad are falling for that ruse.

Most people don’t give a damn about Meghan and Harry. We’re only writing about them because we believe in the actual truth. These two are the Queen and King of the victim routine. The Duke of Sussex never used to be like this. The press loved him because he interacted with photographers during tours, according to Arthur Edwards in an article on 9Now. Now, he’s hellbent on destroying them. The photographers also wanted to meet his wife but this never occurred because they [the Sussexes] had become camera shy.

Meghan knows that people are turning off her and Harry because they can see through the lies and mistruths. Look at the fibs that were debunked from their Oprah interview. They expected everyone would be telling them that they did a good job. Cue the basketball buzzer! It didn’t happen the way they thought.

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