Could Meghan, The Duchess Of Sussex Be Relaunching Her Lifestyle Blog, The Tig?

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The Sussexes are no strangers to doing things differently. But since they’re no longer ‘senior royals’, could this be Meghan’s chance to revive The Tig?

Her days in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood might be behind her but back in her pre-royal days, Meghan, the now-Duchess of Sussex was an avid blogger. For three years, she ran The Tig, a lifestyle blog named after her favourite wine. She spoke about female empowerment, fashion, food, travel, and beauty while she starred on Suits as Rachel Zane. The website gained a massive following from Markle’s fans who eagerly subscribed to see what she would post next.

After her romance with Prince Harry became public knowledge and months before their engagement, Meghan retired The Tig. This closed that chapter of her life. While there was no mention to the actual reason she ended her blogging journey, we kinda knew why. Anyway, some information has surfaced that perhaps the blog might be headed for a revival.

Not The First Time The Tig Has Been Rumoured To Be Renewed

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Now, before we launch into our ‘investigation’, we need to caution that this is not the first time The Tig has been rumoured to be getting a revival. In 2019, Meghan had her former blog’s trademark renewed. However, this was just to ensure that no one could capitalise on creating a fake website or brand pretending to be her.

Could Meghan Be Looking To Turn The Tig Into A Parenting Blog?

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According to the Irish Tatler, Meghan’s business manager, Andrew Meyer had the trademark renewed to at least 2021. As we mentioned earlier, by doing this does not mean the site is being revived. It’s to protect the Duchess’ intellectual property and to prevent people from pretending to be associated with her.

If the rumours are true and Meghan is going to resurrect The Tig, there’s speculation roaming around that the blog might include content on parenting. The Irish Tatler alleges that when Meyer renewed the trademark, there was another site listed under the trademark umbrella, ‘Tigtots’. However, the article was written in late 2019 when the duchess and her husband were still senior members of the royal family.

When the couple announced they were stepping down from The Firm, it is said that negotiations had been going on for months in regards to their departure. This would certainly line up with the trademark renewal. After all, Meghan has already provided voiceover work for the upcoming DisneyNature film, Elephant where she narrates.

What does this mean for Meghan now that she is no longer a senior royal? Well, it means she has more freedom to do the jobs she wants. It’s unlikely she’ll go back to acting. Though, she is said to want to write a follow up to her 2018 Together: Our Community Cookbook which helped raise funds for victims of the Grenfell Apartment fire.

If The Tig Is Revived What Could It Cover?

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So, we’ve talked about what the possible return of The Tig. We need to talk about what might the blog cover if it were to come back. Since Meghan’s acting career is over, the website might not cover the same things it once did. There might still be posts about food and maybe some travel content but we can count the beauty and fashion components out. While they might still be the duchess’ passions, she could choose to focus on her charity work instead and parenting tips. This is where the whole Tigtots thing comes into play.

Since Tigtots was trademarked alongside The Tig‘s re-trademarking, it’s possible that this is a sign of the site’s revival. Since she is now a mother, it would only make sense for Meghan to write about one of her biggest achievements, her son, Archie.

She could use the Tigtots name to highlight her favourite parenting hacks or fun stories relating to things he has done. This would make her just like every other mummy blogger on the planet. Perhaps, it might even make the press back off.


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