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The Secrets She Keeps: What Lurks In Agatha’s Past? – Episode 3


What is Agatha hiding from in her past that has triggered her obsession with Meghan and her unborn child?

As Meghan prepares to give birth to her third child, what past event has caused Agatha to become obsessed with the mummy blogger and her unborn baby? That’s what episode 3 uncovers.

Breakdowns for episode 1 and episode 2.

[Caution: This post contains spoilers]

Meghan’s Video Post To Her Little Boy And Agatha Prepares For Her Own Child’s “Birth”

When the episode opens, we see Meghan recording a video post for her unborn baby boy. She says that she thinks constantly about him and that the scans show he is healthy. This is shown over a clip of her preparing her bag for the hospital.

Meanwhile, Agatha prepares for “her own son’s water birth”. She cuts her leg and adds her own blood to the water before she dresses her baby doll and takes photos as evidence that she’d given birth. Also, she watches one of Meghan’s video about her bub kicking her kidney.

Agatha then sends the video she recorded earlier of her using Julia’s baby daughter Violet as her own infant son, Rory to Meghan.

Meghan falls for the bait and comments that the baby is beautiful in an email. She then receives another horrid comment on her blog.

Agatha Experiences A Flashback

When out walking her baby doll, Agatha is bumped into a school girl before she flashes back to an experience in her youth where she was raped at a church. She then gets a series of texts from Hayden checking in on her. He gets a text saying she’s had the baby and that he’s name’s Rory which happens to have been his grandfather’s name.

Meghan And Jack’s Pre-Baby Dinner And Agatha’s Phone Call

After Jack arrives home, he and Meghan sit having dinner. She tells him there’s six containers of food in the freezer for when she’s in hospital. She gets a call from Agatha but she ignores it as she makes out with her husband.

As Meghan and Jack lay in bed talking to the bump, Agatha arrives at the house in all her stalker fashion. She sees a knife through the kitchen window but is forced to hide when the dog starts barking.

Meghan hears the commotion from inside and opens to the window to speak the dog’s owner, Brian.

Aggie calls Meghan and begins whispering claiming the baby is asleep. Little does the expectant mother realise, her stalker is outside the house talking to her. She remembers details of Violet’s birth that she was told and says she was in labour for six hours and looked down to see she was still wearing shoes.

The Big Day Arrives

The next morning as Agatha is washing her face, she looks up to see the words Sinner Repent scratched into the glass of the mirror. She flashes back to see the priest saying the same words back at her when she was a teenager.

During the flashback, we learn that the priests who raped her had gotten her pregnant.

Meghan stands in the backyard looking down at the birdbath that Agatha broke when she was in the yard the night before. Once she’s inside, she listen to the kids argue over what they want their baby brother to be called.

Simon calls Meghan’s phone and Jack picks it up, joking that he shouldn’t be calling his wife. After Jack takes the kids to their Aunt Grace’s, Meghan thinks about calling him back but doesn’t.

Meanwhile, Agatha stabs holes in the lid of a box.

Jack arrives at Grace’s place where she tells him she’s got all the stuff Meghan doesn’t want the kids to have and that she just needs to suck it up. He tells her that despite what Meghan told her, he wants the new baby.

Grace isn’t sure what to say, despite knowing of her sister’s one-night stand with Simon.

The Real Estate Agent Arrives At The House

As Meghan waits for Jack to return home, there’s a knock on the door. Thinking it’s her husband, she answers it and finds the real estate agent who introduces herself as Rhea Bowden. Little does she realise, the woman standing before her is Jack’s mistress.

Rhea asks to see Jack and explains that he promised her a testimonial. Meghan says he’s not home and that it would need to wait until after the baby is born.

As Jack is driving down the road towards the house, he sees Rhea. He gets out and tells her he can’t give her what she wants for her business because someone left a note on his windscreen, knowing about their affair. Jack adds that what happened between them was just a ‘meaningless fling’ from the past and that he was trying to rebuild his marriage.

Hayden Tries To Meet His Son And Agatha Begins Her Descent Into Stealing Meghan’s Baby

Hayden arrives at Agatha’s flat to meet his son but his girlfriend is not home. His constant banging on the door alerts Julia who is surprised when he tells her that Agatha has already had the baby.

Elsewhere, Agatha grabs a two wheeled trolley and walks out of her current residence, rolling over the baby doll as she leaves.

Meghan Gives Birth And Agatha Steps Up Her Plan To Kidnap The Baby

In the delivery suite, Meghan is prepared for her C-Section, Jack at her side. The baby is delivered and placed with his parents. However, one thing sits at the very front of her mind; the possibility that her little boy might not be Jack’s. For now, everything that happened in the past doesn’t matter.

Agatha arrives at the hospital and enters a lift. Little does she realise Meghan’s sister and the two older kids have arrived to meet their new baby brother.

Locky turns around and stares at Agatha. Grace turns around to scold him for stare.

Agatha gets out on a different floor than the rest of the people in the lift, not realising there’s a security camera on the floor and watching her every move.

Grace meets her new nephew as Jack fawns over his little son. The kids then swarm their little brother and Jack takes them to get something to eat.

With Jack out of the room, Grace and Meghan begin talking about Simon. Grace says the baby doesn’t look like Jack but her sister says he doesn’t look like Simon either.

Simon arrives at the hospital and is greeted by Grace and the kids. Grace isn’t happy he’s there and asks why he’s there and she also lets on that she knows about the one night stand. Simon asks if Jack knows if the baby is his and Grace tells him the little boy is her brother-in-law and not to give him a reason to doubt it.

Grace guesses that Simon bought a DNA kit with him and calls him a dick. He bites back saying he warned Meghan. She then walks past him with the kids as they leave for the night.

The Plan Begins

In the disabled toilet, Agatha changes into shrubs while an oblivious Meghan and Jack bond with their baby. Arriving on the maternity ward floor, Aggie finds where Meghan is but hides behind a curtain to listen to her conversation with Jack.

Agatha seizes her chance to snatch the baby while Meghan is in the shower. Jack passes Agatha in the hallway as she retreats with the baby in the cot but doesn’t think anything of it until he gets back to Meghan’s bed and finds the baby gone. He runs after her and asks if everything is alright with the infant, not knowing that she’s trying to abduct him. She tells him he’s just being taken to be given a blood test and that it’s routine. However, Jack senses something isn’t right.

Jack waits for the ‘nurse’ that past him to return.

Meanwhile, Agatha changes back into her clothes and cuts the baby’s ID tag off his leg. She flashes back to her past when she was pregnant and giving birth. The baby is taken from her as she screams for the infant to be returned to her.

Back with Meghan and Jack, Meghan returns to her bed to find the baby missing. Jack tells her a nurse took him for blood tests as they past each other in the hallway. She gets the attention of another nurse who goes to find out what’s going on.

Agatha Smuggles The Baby Out Of The Hospital And Meghan And Jack Begin To Worry

Agatha ends up trapped in the disabled toilet when someone knocks on the door. She lies and says she’s cleaning. Throwing everything into her trolley, she places the baby in the box with the holes and smuggles him out of the hospital.

The nurse returns to Meghan and Jack and asks what the nurse’s name was. Jack said he didn’t see one. The nurse then asks what the nurse looked like. Meghan interjects and asks why she’s asking them questions and where their baby is. The medical professional then says their baby wasn’t scheduled for a blood test and that there’s a logical explanation.

Elsewhere, Agatha struggles to keep calm as she continues to smuggle to the baby out of the hospital. A cleaner engages her in conversation and she’s forced to lie through her teeth. The woman spots the bag and asks what’s inside. Aggie is says it’s a good way to carry everything.

In the box, the baby begins to make a fuss. An alarm sounds and the woman says they need to get out. Agatha refuses and continues down to the basement where she escapes through a fire escape.

Jack goes out searching for the baby.

The alarm was sounded because of the missing baby. Meghan becomes frantic as she screams for Jack and their child.

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