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The Secrets She Keeps: Return – Episode 6 (Finale)


In the finale of The Secrets She Keeps, will Ben return to his family or will something sinister happen to him?

In the finale of The Secrets She Keeps, a desperate Agatha tries to keep the baby she stole from Meghan and Jack. However, will she return him when she realises she’s done too much damage?

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Please caution this breakdown contains massive spoilers for the The Secrets She Keeps finale.

The Walls Begin To Close Around Agatha

Agatha rings Hayden on a payphone from the station, asking if the police are at the flat. He opens the door and finds they are before slamming the door in their faces before goes to return to the call only to find Agatha isn’t on the other end.

Elsewhere, the lead detective questions Hayden who says that whatever Agatha did, he had nothing to do with it. The detective also asks why he lied about the blue book. Hayden says the doctor was harassing them, but the cop says that they were trying to prevent them from reporting the incident to the police.

When Hayden’s mother tries to intervene, Hayden says ‘Rory’ is not her grandson. She doesn’t understand so her son puts it into perspective for her. The police think the baby is Ben.

The forensics team finds the lock box and the locks of hair.

The Police Issue An Update On The Investigation To Meghan

The female detective goes to Meghan’s mother’s place and tells Meghan that there’s a possibility Agatha has Ben. She says it can’t be possible as she would’ve sensed if her friend had taken her son.

The cop explains that they went through Aggie’s phone and that the photos and video that were sent to Meghan were staged using a neighbour’s baby before Ben was born. She set the whole thing up including faking that she was pregnant.

Meghan demands the cops do something as her baby is sick. The profiler pulls her aside and tells her that now that Jack’s affair is out in the open, she should come clean too. She refuses, saying that she couldn’t care less about setting things straight with him.

The Coldness Becomes Deafening In The Search For Ben

Meghan arrives home to a media circus and when Jack opens the door, she says she’s only there for Ben.

Jack questions the profiler as to why Agatha’s face isn’t all over the media. The guy explains that they don’t want to make her do something desperate where she won’t return Ben.

The lead detective details the three other disappearances of babies in Sydney. When Jack questions why the police didn’t stop Agatha the first few times it happened to other babies, the Lead Detective says she was never a person of interest in those other cases as she was interviewed with dozens of other people.

He goes on to explain that the taxi she took to escape dropped her off in Northridge and that they found concerning evidence. We then see the forensics team scouring Agatha’s makeshift burial ground.

Meghan questions of the remains were of Ben. The detective tells her that they’re old bodies of infants from around the time they went missing. She then asks if Agatha is going to kill Ben.

Agatha Seeks Shelter At Her Old Place Of Employment And Semi Forgiveness

Having no place to go, Agatha runs to the supermarket where she use to work. The owner has gone into the shop to find his phone but hears the baby. Agatha avoids detection.

At the Jack and Meghan’s, they sleep in seperate beds while Hayden is questioned by the police. He comments that he and Agatha barely know each other. When he is asked about the other babies, he says that she told him about her ex and the baby they lost.

The detectives mention the baby she gave up for adoption when she was sixteen. They add that the father was a church elder that abused her. The lead says that perhaps she lied. Hayden questions why she would lie about some as big as that. The LD says that why lie when she can just steal one from another woman. Hayden says he’s not stupid and the profiler points out that he doesn’t like the police very much. It’s pointed out that they know of his priors and that he’s currently an accessory to an abduction.

Back with Ben’s parents, Meghan and Jack can’t sleep and they end up talking about what happened to their son. Meghan says she blames herself for not realising Agatha was outside the house the night before Ben was born and how she could have stopped her taking him.

Agatha Makes Another Run For It

Waking up early, Agatha grabs the baby, money from the till of the supermarket and leaves the shop. She even takes the gun.

Agatha sees that her mass gravesite of her babies has been taken over by the police and she is unsure of what to do next. She rings Hayden, unaware that the cops are monitoring the call. The cops get Hayden to ask about the baby and is given an apology by Agatha. Hayden begs Aggie to return the baby to his parents. The LD tells him to cut the call, but it doesn’t happen.

She tells him that she wants only Meghan to meet with her at the place of their first ‘family outing’. If there are police, she’ll shoot the baby. She discards the phone and Hayden lies and saying Aggie is going to the art gallery.

As Hayden is escorted out of the police station, he is confronted by Meghan who demands to know why he didn’t stop Agatha from stealing Ben. He tells her he didn’t know and that Agatha needs serious help.

The Decoy And The Plan Almost Falls Apart

As Meghan enters the police station, she sees a woman dressed just like her. She questions if it’s going to work and there’s every chance Agatha will know that it’s not her. The profiler says she won’t know the difference until she’s very close. The lead detective says he won’t put her in danger. Meghan says they’re putting Ben in danger if it’s not her that goes to meet Agatha.

Meghan says Agatha admires her but the profiler also says she also envies her. She continues to argue that she has a right to be there for the return of her baby. The profiler says that if they run out of options, it would be safer to have Meghan close by. The lead detective says he’ll allow Meghan and Jack to the onsite operations room that’s it and says he hope he doesn’t regret it.

Meghan’s phone rings and the female detective picks it up. It’s Agatha wanting to talk to Meghan. She tells her to keep Agatha talking while the police trace the call. The background noise reveals she’s at the station. Meghan pulls a switch-a-roo with the phones.

Hayden Escapes And Meghan Comments On The Armoured Police Team

As Hayden is being lead home, he says he feels sick. The detective who’s driving says they’re almost there. The car stops after Hayden becomes insistent, he does a runner and is followed on foot but he gets away.

Meanwhile at the onsite operations room, Meghan sees the decoy walk out surrounded by armoured police. She asks if it’s really necessary with the female detective they need to take precautions. When she spots Jack, she demands to know why he’s not backing her. He tells her that he was told the police think Agatha pushed her ex-husband under a train.

The lead detective is livid that Hayden escaped along ANZAC Bridge.

The False Trail

Agatha waits for Meghan at the Maritime Museum but can’t see her. Meanwhile, the decoy is at the art museum with the police which annoys the lead detective as Agatha hasn’t shown up.

Elsewhere, Meghan’s phone rings and it’s Agatha asking where she is. For a moment, Meghan is confused but realises Hayden gave the police the wrong location. She tells Agatha she’ll go to her.

Hayden appears to Agatha while Meghan hurries to the Maritime Museum. He tells Aggie that he purposely gave the police the wrong location. Agatha questions what he’s doing and he tells her he’ll take the baby while she runs. She says she took another woman’s baby and lied to him. He says he doesn’t care and wants to be with her regardless of what she’s done.

The police realise at the last moment that Meghan switched the phones. When they try to call her, she argues that Agatha will only give Ben to her and no one else and that she will call back when she has him.

Meghan’s Final Stand Against Agatha

Arriving at at the Maritime Museum, Meghan sees that Agatha has Ben and that he’s hungry. Agatha says that she doesn’t have anymore bottles. When Meghan says she can breastfeed him, Agatha refuses to hand the baby over. She says she doesn’t expect her to forgive her but that she loves the infant. When Meghan says she knows, Agatha bites back saying she knows nothing and that she’s ungrateful Agatha rants that she [Meghan] has everything as she already has two kids.

Agatha says all she ever wanted was to be a mother. She then mentions the baby girl she gave birth to when she was a teenager. Meghan says she can try and find her and reconnect with her. Agatha says she can’t find the child as they will need to find her.

The mention of the other babies comes up and Agatha says she didn’t kill them. Meghan demands she return Ben but Agatha snaps back saying his name is Rory.

Police cars swarm the museum. Meghan makes the point that the police are looking for her and says to give her the gun. Agatha tries to distract her by saying it wasn’t her fault the baby got sick as he wasn’t feeding properly. Meghan says some babies are more difficult than others. Agatha says she doesn’t know anything and says it was a mistake to bring the baby.

Meghan begs and says they’re friends and that the baby is sick and hungry. Agatha reluctantly agrees and hands Ben to his mother before realising Meghan isn’t going to hand him back.

Agatha says she should be a mother and not a monster. The madwoman says she gets everything and pulls the gun on her and comes close to shooting her and/or the baby.

Before she can pull the trigger, the armoured police train their weapons on her. She shouts, telling them Meghan has her baby. The weapons turn on Meghan. The mother-of-three shakes her head and the laser returns to Agatha.

Meghan tells them to wait and tries to talk Agatha around. There’s a gunshot. Someone has fired.


It’s the day of Ben’s christening with Grace and Simon as his godparents.

Back at the house, Meghan pulls Locky aside and swabs the inside of his mouth. She spots Simon and she heads up to Ben’s room with him so he can see her swab Ben’s mouth for the paternity test. While Simon is occupied with the baby, she switches the samples with Locky’s. It’s left ambiguous as to who Ben’s father is. She tells him that if Ben is Jack’s, he has to leave them alone. Simon asks if she’s always known that the baby isn’t his.

Jack enters the nursery and asks what they’re talking about. They say babies.

The final scene of Agatha is her being escorted to her cell in prison. It also reveals that she was shot in the arm. She narrates that she’s been robbed of everything she has ever wanted, including her choice to die. At sixteen, she was robbed at chance to be a mother. She has lost the love of all her children but Meghan has it all including her precious Rory.

Meghan narrates the final scene where she says that before Agatha entered her life, she took everything for granted and that losing Ben showed her the darkest parts of herself. She says that if she were in Agatha’s shoes, she would have committed the same crimes because her kids are everything to her. her marriage mightn’t be perfect but she lives a lie for the sake of her family.

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