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Secrets Get Unearthed – The Secrets She Keeps Episode 2

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When do secrets ever stay hidden?

What happens when Meghan and Agatha’s dirty little secrets don’t remain hidden? Some really bad things, that’s what! We learn more about what the two women are hiding from the people in their lives and the results could be catastrophic.

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[Caution: This post contains spoilers for episode 2]

Attempting Suicide

We pick up with Agatha after her period starts at the edge of a cliff. As she thinks about jumping, a dog runs over to her and she snaps out of her trance, its owner has called the police to stop her from taking her own life. A cop walks over to her and begins talking to her before he leads her over to the waiting police car.

She then finds herself at the hospital where a doctor asks for her name as she examines her. Agatha is then asked how many weeks she is but she says she doesn’t know despite the doc saying she’s pregnant. It’s here that a dazed Aggie says she can’t have kids.

Agatha tells the doctor she wasn’t going to jump. The doctor says one of her colleagues will examine her. Realising she’s going to be exposed if she doesn’t think quick, Aggie attempts to make a beeline for the exit but the doc from before catches her so she lies and says she needs to use the toilet really bad. A cop follows her to make sure she’s okay, though she escapes him.

She makes back to the flat where she looks down at the baby doll in the crib.

Meghan Receives Flowers

We return to Meghan and she has received flowers, though it’s unclear if they’re from Jack. as she smells them, it cuts to her having a sex flashback. Did she cheat on her husband and the baby she’s carrying isn’t his? She then makes the bed as if nothing is wrong.

Agatha Is Visited By Her Friend And The New Baby

Agatha is visited by her once pregnant friend who has just had a little girl who says her daughter’s name is Violet. Leo, her friend’s little boy asks if she’s still bleeding. Aggie lies and says that she just spilled something on her clothes. She then asks to send some of the photos of Violet to her phone.

Simon Calls Meghan

Meghan sits in the waiting room of the doctor’s office when she gets a call from Simon. He apologises for what he said around the kids while Meghan says he’s being paranoid and is quick to get off the phone. To us, this seems a little odd and her behaviour isn’t the same as it is around anyone else.

Before Simon can ponder on the call, Jack taps on his car window and tells him he smashed the pitch to the studio.

Agatha Takes Photos Of Violet’s Birth Certificate And Fakes That She’s Given Birth In A Video

With Leo occupied in front of the television, Agatha takes photos of the information she’ll need to fake a baby’s birth certificate by using Violet’s as a template. Once she’s done, she switches the TV off and tells Leo it’s wrong to lie and that he saw wasn’t blood. She then switches the telly back on and tells him to remain of the couch.

Aggie then sneaks into the room where Leo’s mother is resting and takes Violet from her crib. She then sets up a camera and records a video saying she’s given birth to a baby boy named Rory. She then snaps a few photos.

Meanwhile, Violet and Leo’s mother, Julia awakes and finds her daughter missing from her cot. She goes out into the lounge room and asks her son where Aggie is. He then points her to the other bedroom where she finds Agatha putting up a child’s drawings on the wall.

Agatha struggles to compose herself as she lies through her teeth that Violet had started crying and she didn’t want her to wake her. Julia thinks this is weird but let’s go but not before mentioning that Aggie’s dress is undone.

An Early Birth Plan And Lockie Goes Missing

As Meghan and Lockie are headed to the shops, she gets a call from Jack. She explains that she’s been scheduled to give birth earlier than originally planned because of her blood pressure. The situation goes to hell when Simon shouts hello which doesn’t sit well with Meghan.

Once in the supermarket, Meghan goes about her errand and tells her son to stay close. She becomes distracted when she gets a text from Simon. The little boy, who is too invested in his game with his toy car goes into a room and the door mysteriously closes behind him.

As his mother goes to pay for the groceries, she calls for her child but he doesn’t respond. She suddenly becomes frantic when she can’t find him. The owner tells her to remain calm but Meghan doesn’t listen. As she runs outside, Meghan turns at the sound of Aggie’s voice and sees Lockie is with her. Relieved, she thanks the shop assistant for finding him.

At home later, Simon rings to ensure Meghan is okay. She tells him that since he returned from Melbourne, Jack has reverted back to thinking he’s still single. Grace then walks through the door and Meghan is forced to end the call. Locky, having overheard what his mother said to Simon, asks what a uterus is. His aunt teases, saying she doesn’t know and that perhaps his mum knows. Meghan says she doesn’t know either.

The Secret Exposed

As Grace talks, Meghan starts to have flashes again of her having sex with someone. Telling her sister to shut up, Meghan confesses to sleeping with Simon. She explains that one night, she and Jack had a massive fight and that things were said and that her husband wanted a divorce. She went over to Simon’s house to see if Jack had said anything about wanting out.

There was wine and they ended up in bed together which is why she kept having flashes of them having sex. Grace concludes that Meghan and Simon had an affair. Her sister dismisses her and says it was one time and they agreed that it never happened. However, Grace asks if the baby could be Simon’s. Meghan says she doesn’t know and that she can’t tell her husband what happened.

Jack Delivers Bad News And Agatha Follows Meghan To Her Yoga Class

When Jack gets home, he tells Meghan that while his bosses loved his pitch, a woman is going to be presenting the program because they want more diversity.

The next day, Agatha is seen sitting at the back of Meghan’s yoga class. They begin talking and find they have a lot in common including having blended families. They talk about their stepfathers and how Aggie’s half-brother died in a car accident. As if by magic, it begins to rain.

Reaching Meghan’s house, Aggie straightens up her false baby bump while Meghan is out of the room. Meghan also gives her a jumper which she gets as a mummy blogger and says she’ll give her a bag when she leaves. For Aggie, her secrets are as good as buried for now as Meghan is putty in her hands.

Feeling like they’re becoming good friends, Meghan asks Agatha to put her number in her phone so they can keep in touch. That’s when she mentions her blog and she’s going to be giving birth earlier than planned. Silently, Aggie is freaking out that her plan might be ruined by this change.

Agatha Spies Jack Having An Affair With The Real Estate Agent

As she walks home, Agatha sees Jack stop outside a house and go inside. She then follows him and sees him make out with the real estate agent who was going to sell her the house. Walking away, Aggie sees dog poop on the driveway. Using a plastic bag, she picks it up and smears it on one of their cars.

After he leaves his mistress, Jack finds a note on his car windscreen which says there is evidence of the affair and that if he doesn’t end it, the person [Agatha] will tell Meghan.

Mrs Cole Surprises Agatha And Upping The Plan

When she gets home, Agatha is summoned over to Julia’s where she is surprised to to find Hayden’s mother. She tells her that their boy is coming home as he spoke to the family liaison officer.

This comes as a surprise to Agatha who had expected Hayden to be away for the ‘birth’. An even bigger knick is put into her plan when Mrs Cole tells her that Hayden will be home Wednesday which happens to be the day before Meghan is due to give birth.

At home, Agatha packs a bag which includes the baby doll and googles box cutters. She plans to drug Meghan and cut the baby from her before anyone can piece together what she’s doing.

Jack Talks To Simon About His And Meghan’s Struggles

At a tennis game, Jack talks to Simon about the struggles he and Meghan are having. He tells his best mate that it’s crazy he and Meghan only had unprotected sex once and his wife ended up pregnant.

Simon jokes that the baby might not be his. After Jack has left, Simon rings Meghan but gets her voicemail and asks if the baby is his.

Meghan hears the message and is on the verge of tears as she knows there’s a possibly that the baby is Simon’s and not Jack’s.

Agatha Remembers Her Brother’s Death

Arriving home in Katoomba, Agatha leaves the train station and has a flashback of when her brother was hit and killed in a car accident when he was in a rush to get to school with a class project.

When she arrives at her mother’s house, she walks into the lounge room and has another flashback of her stepfather telling her off for not holding her brother’s hand.

Simon And Meghan Talk About The Baby’s Paternity

Desperate for answers, Simon shows up at Meghan and Jack’s house when Jack is still at work. With Meghan having not answered his calls and texts, he needed to do something. He tells her that after the baby is born, he wants a paternity test.

Meghan tells him no and that after that night, she got her period which Simon doesn’t believe. He tells her that the only memories he has of his dad is shouting and the beating of his mother. That’s when he drops the biggest bombshell of all: he’s always been in love with her. He tries to kiss her but she slaps him across the face.

Meghan Gets Legal Advice And Agatha Researches The Hospital’s Maternity Ward

Meghan seeks out her lawyer friend and asks what a mother’s rights are if a third party asks for a paternity test on a newborn. When the friend questions her about it, she says it’s not for her but someone else. The lawyer explains that a court can’t do anything if the husband and wife agree that they’re the parents of the child.

Elsewhere, Agatha gathers intel on the hospital Meghan is going to give birth in and learns the ins and outs of the maternity ward. She then throws the fake baby bump into a dumpster fire and watches it burn.

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