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The Prince REVIEW – Disgusting And A Total Mockery!

The Prince

The Prince is funny, but not in the way you may think.

Gary Janetti and HBO Max should be ashamed and hung out to dry by the entertainment industry. Since when is it ever okay to mock and bully young children? So many celebrities cry privacy for their kids but then go ahead and humiliate someone else’s. The Prince is not a comedy, nor is it a satire. It’s a gimmick to get viewers to shit on the British royal family.

The Elderly Members Of The Firm

The Prince
[Credit: The Sun]

When has it ever been okay to mock people in their twilight years? Prince Philip was in and out of the hospital in the last few years of his ninety-nine years of life. The Prince portrays him as a human husk of a man who does nothing but drool and fall over.

Her Majesty The Queen would be ill if she could see how her beloved husband was portrayed on The Prince. Prince Philip was a devoted spouse and stood by her during some of the family’s toughest years. He dedicated his life to serving his adopted country and his wife.

Not to mention, The Queen herself is seen as trigger-happy and not at all loving towards Prince Charles.

Speaking of Prince Charles, he and Camilla come out of this series looking like they’ve been picked clean by vultures. The Duchess of Cornwall is depicted as a mute who is the Prince of Wales’ pet and needs protecting from The Queen who hates her.

Harry And Meghan

[Credit: Daily Express]

Of all the royals on this disgusting show, Harry, Meghan, and Archie come out the best. However, we need to note, this is not us being nice towards them. Far from it. 

There’s not much we say about Archie as he only appears a few times as a newborn.

Moving on to Harry, he is seen as a pathetic man who doesn’t know how anything in the outside world works. He thinks apartments are just tiny palaces inside a bigger one. Then, there’s the whole thing about the built-in ice cube dispenser on the fridge.

Shifting to Meghan and she is not too far off from her true self. However, The Prince depicts her as going back into acting and become a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. She is also seen to be more intelligent than Harry.

The Cambridges

Catherine, William, and their three children are depicted as downright cringeworthy.

Since the series focuses on Prince George, we’ll begin this last part with him. The future king is represented in The Prince as flamboyant and an overall spoilt brat.

Moving over to Princess Charlotte and she is described as secretive. She clings to her older brother.

Next, we have Prince Louis. Like his cousin Archie, he doesn’t appear too much. When he does, he’s got a deep manly voice and is a little savage.

Finally, we get to Prince William and Catherine. They cannot stand each other and hate the sound of the other’s voice. To rub salt into the wound, even more, the Duchess of Cambridge is an alcoholic.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

The Prince gets two stars out of five for cringe-worthiness.

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