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The One Detail We All Missed In Melissa Benoist And Chris Wood’s Pregnancy Announcement

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A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Supergirl star Melissa Benoist and husband (and former co-star), Chris Wood were expecting their first child. However, there was a missed detail in the announcement that everyone – including us missed.

There Was A Detail We Missed!

In the two photos Melissa and Chris posted (as seen below):

You’ll see Melissa is holding a dark blue baby top. At first glance, you just see it as the silent way of saying “we’re having a baby!” However, Chris posted a photo a couple of weeks later of an adult size running shoe next to a baby sized one. Now, you might be wondering what this has to do with our missed detail.

It’s not the shoe photo that has the detail. It’s the caption:

The first image we pointed out had a blue baby top. Chris’ caption mentions his “little boy”. Also, note in the first Instagram post above that Chris and Melissa are wearing blue! What does that mean for our missed detail? They’re having a little boy!

We couldn’t be happier for Melissa and Chris and the missed detail we found was driving us a little crazy so we had to write about it. They are going to make great parents and can’t wait to hear more about this new journey ahead of them.

Fans are going to be so excited to hear of Baby Wood’s arrival we know the Supergirl cast are going to be the best surrogate family ever! They have such a close bond on and off set and they are going to spoil that baby rotten… in a good way! Looks like Chyler will become Auntie Chyler as Melissa is Auntie Melissa to her kids.

Good Melissa and Chris! You’re going to make amazing parents! We cannot wait to see how the next chapter of your lives play out!

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