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The Main Flaw Of The Bold And The Beautiful

Repeat storylines is what annoys B&B fans the most…

One of CBS’ longest running soaps, The Bold and the Beautiful has run for over 30 years and has produced some stellar performances that have garnered Emmy Award wins and nominations but there is one thing that really shits longtime fans; repeat storylines that just contain different characters.

In recent years, repeat storylines have become a massive thing and it drives even the most devout fans insane. All people want is to see something original.

Let’s look at some of the main repeat storylines of recent years.

Paternity Gate

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The series has seen a number of paternity storylines were a woman sleeps with two men, ends up pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is. Here’s a few examples:

  • Amber Moore can’t work out if her daughter’s father is Liam Spencer, Rick Forrester or Marcus Walton Barber Forrester; Rosie’s dad ends up being Marcus.
  • Brooke Logan sleeps with both Eric and Ridge Forrester and ends up pregnant with daughter Bridget. It is first believed Ridge is her father until it is revealed that Eric is her dad.
  • Steffy Forrester sleeps with both then-husband Liam and his father Bill and ends up preggers with Kelly. She secretly gets a paternity test done behind Liam’s back but he finds the results in her bag, forcing her to admit her one night stand with Bill. Liam ended up being Kelly’s father.
  • Shauna Fulton had flings with multiple men including Storm Logan and Bill Spencer. For the longest time, she wasn’t sure who Flo’s father was but assumed it was Bill. When Flo did an ancestry test to find out more about her family, they discovered Bill wasn’t her father and that her dad was in fact Storm.
  • Steffy goes through yet another paternity drama with her current child. She did a paternity test to determine whether the father of her child is Liam or boyfriend Finn. This time she tells them both. However, Thomas’ best friend Vinny, who is working in a hospital lab fakes the results so the father of the baby is Liam when Finn is the dad. Vinny does this in an attempt to get Thomas and Hope back together.

Love Triangles

Beth's Father; hidden; repeat
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  • Brooke – Ridge – Taylor
  • Hope – Liam – Steffy
  • Stephanie – Eric – Brooke
  • Katie – Bill – Brooke
  • Wyatt – Hope – Liam
  • Brooke – Ridge – Shauna
  • Zoe – Zende – Paris
  • Nicole – Zende – Sasha
  • Eric – Brooke – Ridge
  • Liam – Ivy – Wyatt
  • Sally – Wyatt – Flo
  • Wyatt – Steffy – Liam

Car Accidents That Kill

ground; repeat
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  • Taylor kills Darla
  • Rick crashes his car when he and Phoebe fight over control which ends up killing her
  • Liam hits Vinny, fatally wounding him
  • Thomas runs Emma off the road to keep her quiet about Beth and the accident kills her

Repeat Cheaters

Hitched; repeat
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  • Bill cheats on Katie, often with Brooke.
  • Ridge often went back and forth between Brooke and Taylor while married to one of them; he even cheated on Brooke with Quinn and Shauna.
  • Liam goes back and forth between Steffy and Hope but usually chooses Hope.


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  • Sally Spectra II refused to give up boyfriend Wyatt to her enemy Flo so she faked a terminal illness and then tried to get pregnant by him.
  • Sheila Carter wanted ex-husband Eric back so she did everything in her power to get what she wanted but was fought off by Quinn, his current wife.
  • Thomas became obsessed with Hope wanted her to be his wife and the mother of his young son, Douglas. While his plan worked for a while, his obsession continued until it was revealed Beth was alive and Hope went back to Liam to be a family with him and their daughter. Tom didn’t stop and trapped Zoe into almost marrying him but he dumped her at the aisle and tried to get Hope to remarry him.
  • Steffy couldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and would practically stalk Liam until he slept with her and married her multiple times.
  • Zoe is obsessed with being with a high ranking man with influence and money meaning she’s a massive golddigger.

Multiple Marriages To The Same Person

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  • Steffy and Liam
  • Liam and Hope
  • Stephanie and Eric
  • Eric and Brooke
  • Brooke and Ridge
  • Bill and Katie

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