Barry Allen was never going to be normal. At age 11, Barry saw his mother murdered by a man in yellow and his father locked away for his mother’s murder. Barry maintained his story despite nobody believing him.

As an adult, Barry became a CSI with the Central City Police Department, often working with foster dad Joe West. For years Barry gathered evidence to prove his father didn’t murder his mother. Going against everybody’s beliefs, Barry refused to give up.

On the night the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator turned on, Barry’s life changed when the device explodes. Rendered unconscious, Barry goes into a coma for 9 months. Joe and Iris never gave up hope Barry would wake up, even if the odds were stacked against him.

Barry awoke in S.T.A.R. Labs under the care of Harrison Wells, Caitlin Snow, and Cisco Ramon. He soon learns he has super speed as a byproduct left in the aftermath of the explosion. With the help of Wells, Caitlin, and Cisco, Barry learned to harness his powers, much to the chagrin of Joe who asks Barry to keep his powers a secret from Iris. Through the help of Iris’s blog, Barry becomes known as The Flash.

Iris learned on Barry’s powers and doesn’t like the idea of him and her father keeping them a secret from her. After she mourned the death of her fiancée, Eddie, she and Barry date before they marry with her taking up the destined moniker of Iris West-Allen.

The couple learn they will have a daughter, Nora West-Allen in the future who won’t get to know her father after Barry disappears ‘in a crisis’.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW.

Airing Status: The Flash is currently on its mid-Season hiatus and will return to The CW in January 2019.


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