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The Flash: Ralph Dibny Actor Hartley Sawyer FIRED!


In a surprising move, The CW has decided to FIRE The Flash star Hartley Sawyer over a series of defamatory and racist tweets resurfaced.

There’s a first time for everything and DCTV producers over at The CW have decided to fire The Flash star Hartley Sawyer over resurfaced tweets from years ago. With everything going on in the world right now involving George Floyd’s unlawful death at the hands of white police officers in Minneapolis, the network made the right call.

Despite Sawyer having changed his views since writing these tweets, some of which were referenced in The Hollywood Reporter exclusive, there was every chance they would come back to bite him. In light of everything that has happened in recent weeks, we should’ve seen the firing as a possibility.

Were the tweets right? No, they weren’t. They were disgusting, misogynist, and racist. Sawyer has said that he detests what he said all those years ago and they were – at the time – meant to be a joke. However, this not the point. As series lead Grant Gustin stated on Instagram after reposting showrunner Eric Wallace’s statement from Twitter, “Words matter.” He’s right. Here’s the statement reposted to Grant’s Instagram:

Grant is one hundred percent correct. Words do matter and they can often come back to haunt the one who spoke – or in this case, tweeted them.

Danielle Nicolet who plays Cecile also issued a statement of her own on the situation though she does not reference Hartley Sawyer by name:

What Happens Next With The Ralph And Sue Storyline? Will Elongated Man Be Recast?

We’ve known for a while that the cliffhanger revolving around Sue Dearbon has her framed for the murder of Joseph Carver by Eva McCullough. If the storyline hadn’t been cut short, there would’ve been some conclusion. However, it has been said that the episodes that didn’t air will now be the beginning of Season 7. They will wrap up the Mirror Master story before moving to the next one.

Though, we need to talk about what happens next with Ralph as a character. There is every possibility that the scripts for the last couple of episodes will be reworked:

  • Ralph changed into someone else
  • The character died
  • Ralph left

Episode 19 was completed prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, though wasn’t aired due it not being the right type of episode to be a season finale. It’s unclear at the moment how this will work until new information comes out.

As for the Sue storyline, how will it play out without Sawyer? Well, it’s unknown whether he was in the 19th episode that was 90% completed. It’s possible that if they recast, all the Ralph scenes will need to be reshot or cut entirely if there are any.

There’s no way the Sue storyline will just be cut all together. The Flash has been through enough issues and Eric Wallace did an amazing job with the structure last season. They’re likely talking about how to move forward.

Moreover, the Arrowverse Fandom Site has replaced Hartley Sawyer’s name with a TBA on The Flash Season 7 page:

[Credit: Arrowverse Fandom]

It should be noted too that there has been no news yet on what will happen with the character. This would explain why the TBA has been added to the Season 7 page on the Arrowverse Fandom.

We’ll Issue An Update

Are we disappointed in Hartley Sawyer? Yes, we are. His firing should serve as a lesson to anyone who uses social media to promote hate. It should be noted that this instance is very similar to the James Gunn situation. The difference is he was rehired after six months to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 especially after the cast threatened to walk. Also, we should mention that Marvel Studio never tried to replace him as the GotG films were his baby.

Furthermore, when we have an update on the Hartley Sawyer situation, we’ll issue a new post.

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