The Duchess Of Sussex Does NOT Fit Into The Royal Family

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Okay, this really needs to be said even if everyone else is too modest to say it. Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex doesn’t belong in the royal family.

When you look at Meghan Markle, your first thought is probably she’s beautiful and that she’s married to Britain’s Prince Harry. While she is both of those things, from the beginning of the couple’s courtship one thing was as certain as it ever has been: the Duchess of Sussex does NOT fit into the royal family.

While that might seem harsh, it’s the truth. She simply thought that she’d slip into her new life as wife of a prince and live happily ever after. How wrong she was. She didn’t realise how much she would be in the spotlight as the spouse of Princess Diana’s youngest son. However, this shouldn’t have been an issue given her time in Hollywood where she was always in front of the camera.

To fit into the British Royal Family, one must have a steely resolve; to not break down and throw a tantrum and know what your place is. For Meghan, she thought she was above the Queen. Yes, she had a good relationship with her grandmother-in-law, but throwing her weight around and demanding she have anything she wants is not right.

Hollywood Demands

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Meghan has been an actress for years and she thought she would fit right in with the royal family. She believed she’d just go on with her life, except her acting career and her blog, The Tig were no more. She did not realise that she would actually have to go out and work.

From what rumours have said, Meghan demands that staff wait on her every demand in the early hours of the morning. It’s alleged she would get up and begin issuing ideas. This, of course, did not sit well with the courtiers. It’s because of this that the duchess received the cruel moniker of Me-Gain. It mightn’t have been fair, but now given everything that is going on, she definitely deserved it.

As we wrote in our previous post about the former actress using her husband for her own personal gain, Lady Glenconner, who was a lady-in-waiting to the late Princess Margaret, stated that the American divorcee had unrealistic expectations on what her role as a royal wife would entail.

Then there’s the whole tantrum over the ‘Sussex Royal’ trademark. Meghan is clearly the one who wanted to keep it. You can understand the Queen’s side of things more than the Sussexes. Sure, the monarch has no rights to ‘royal’. Though, she has a point. Since her grandson and granddaughter-in-law are no longer working members of the family, they forfeit the right to the word.

It’s obvious Meghan wanted to keep the trademark in order to cash in on being a part of one of the world’s most famous families. This is just our opinion, by the way.

William And Philip’s Warnings To Harry

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Another thing is that both Harry’s grandfather Prince Philip and his brother, William warned him against marrying Meghan. Wills thought the relationship was moving way too quickly. The Duke of Edinburgh reportedly told his second youngest grandson:

One steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them.

However, when the Duke of Cambridge spoke to his brother about the relationship, Harry allegedly took it as an insult. This is a stark contrast to the future king’s own romantic life. He dated now-wife Catherine on and off for eight years before he proposed.

Somehow, Philip and William both knew that Meghan would not fit into the royal fold.

Was Meghan’s Sister Right About Her?

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Samantha Markle only entered the spotlight to take jabs at her younger half-sister. She called Meghan selfish and a plethora of other things. Not to mention, she even claimed she was writing a book about it and that it would highlight ‘the truth’. However, the woman was accused of stalking and is currently under suspicion of cyberbullying her own flesh and blood. Though, that begs the question of whether she was right.

Meghan doesn’t fit the mould for your typical royal wife. She thinks the traditional rules don’t apply to her. It also appears that Samantha was right about her sister being a social climber. We never thought we would agree with her on, well, anything.

The one thing we disagree with is Samantha saying that Meghan should be helping their father out of his tight spot. Does the vile woman recall that she was the one to tell Thomas to fake paparazzi photos to get sympathy? What makes it disgusting is she showed up in England thinking the royal family would let her into the palace.

If the released court documents for the upcoming court case are any indication, Meghan and Harry did try to reach out to Thomas. However, he claims they didn’t. He also said he would see his daughter in court.

Rumoured Feuds

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It’s been rumoured since before Meghan and Harry’s wedding that the Duchess of Sussex made her sister-in-law, Catherine cry over something to do with Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress. Mind you, the future Queen had just given birth to Prince Louis so she might’ve been a little emotional. However, this behaviour from a to-be royal shouldn’t happen.

Meghan is alleged to have been in the middle of a feud with Catherine. However, it’s also being said she was the cause of the rift between Harry and William. Whatever the case might be, it is not in the public’s interest to want to know about something so private.

The press are known to make the situation sound worse than it actually is. But whether the case might be, the reported feuds are something the royal family would NEVER reveal as it would dampen their reputation as being prim and proper.

Do we think Meghan caused the feuds? Perhaps. But one thing is for certain, though. She’s done more damage than she has good things.

Is Meghan Trying Distance Harry From His Family?

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We’ll cover this in a longer post later, but we need to take into account that Harry’s behaviour has changed from the light-hearted chap who loved to party to someone is always looking angry. Yes, the guy has had mental health issues for years given what happened to his mother. But he’s been unhappy for some time. The press has been badgering him and his wife and have been saying all kinds of nasty things about them.

However, we need to sit down and consider whether they kind of deserve it. It might seem harsh, but let’s look at the evidence.

Meghan is a divorced American woman who dreamt, as most little girls do, of becoming a princess. According to some reports, she had an obsession with Princess Diana, but had zero idea who Harry even was. She even cried as she watched the funeral possession on television. As a Hollywood actress she would have been the topic of scandalous rumours from time to time.

However, before her romance with Harry became public knowledge, very few people knew who Meghan was. The audience of the legal drama, Suits would have known who she was and anyone who followed her blog, The Tig.

Meghan has obviously been whispering in Harry’s ear about how to modernise the royal family. He’s also blind to the fact, she’s manipulating him into doing what she wants without thinking about how it might effect anyone else and their relationships with them.

It’s Always About Meghan’s Image And No One Else’s

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Meghan clearly wants to be seen as the next Princess Diana. She’s lived life in Hollywood when she finally shacked up with her prince, she thought the world would fall to their knees and adore her as they did her beau’s late mother.

How very wrong she was. It started out okay before the public and the media started to turn on her. In the documentary she and Harry were involved with during the tour in Africa, she admitted that she never thought that royal life would be easy, but she expected it to be ‘fair’. It’s obvious she thought she would fit right in given her experience in Hollywood.

As we’ve mentioned before, Meghan thinks image is everything and if something is written about her, the people are going to perceive it as true which is why she’s suing the tabloids. Right now, it’s not about her ability to fit in. It’s about her narcissistic take on how the royal family should be run.

Meghan Is Criticised For Things Catherine Is Praised For

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The one thing that really annoys us about the media’s criticisms towards Meghan is how she does the same things Catherine has done before. One example of this was when the Duchess of Sussex was pregnant with Archie and she was seen cradling her baby bump as all expectant mothers would. However, she was called ‘obsessive’ and basically screamed at because it was ‘over the top’.

When Catherine was pregnant with all three of her children, the press showered her with praise saying she was ‘radiant’ and her holding her belly was just adorable. Like what the hell, people!

Any expectant mother who is seen touching her belly is doing what their ancestors have done a million times before. So, why is it suddenly a crime for a woman, who happens to be married to Prince Harry to do it?

It’s fair to say that Meghan’s constant need to change the monarchy is affecting the way people see her, hence the reason why the criticisms about everything she has done have been so malicious.

Not To Sugar Coat The Situation…

Okay, so we’ve covered a lot on why Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex does not fit into the British Family. We thought, we’d end with our own opinion.

Do we like what Meghan has tried to do? No. She has turned Harry into someone we don’t recognise. As much as it is nice to see him happy, this is not the man any of us remember being a child and walking behind his mother’s coffin. He is a shadow of himself and we think his precious wife is the cause of it.

We didn’t want to see it before, but after their stunts of suing the newspapers, quitting the firm, and cutting off the main British press, has opened our eyes. Meghan should have thought with her head before she realised she was getting too deep with Harry. She thought she could handle it and she couldn’t. Is Meghan hanging onto her husband because she genuinely loves him or the lifestyle she thought she wanted? There’s no way of knowing as she does NOT fit into her hubby’s family.

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