The Drama Surrounding Baby Lili’s Christening

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There’s Christening Drama Surrounding The Sussexes’ Daughter, Lili…

With baby Lili Mountbatten-Windsor now over a month old, we are still yet to see a photo of her and while we don’t think we will, there’s drama brewing around her upcoming christening if it happens at all. It has been alleged according to Yahoo that Harry and Meghan want their daughter to be christened in the UK like her brother, Archie. However, there is not the story Neil Sean was told. He said in one of his videos that Markle isn’t sure whether she wants her youngest child to be baptised in her husband’s home country.

There is quite literally so much going on with this christening that we don’t know what to believe. We know from the Oprah interview and The Me You Can’t See that the Sussexes see the monarchy as a racist and out-of-touch institution. Meghan made the comment about how someone allegedly questioned the colour of Archie’s skin before he was born. Then, Harry came out and attempted to correct the story, saying it occurred prior to them getting married. Finally, Lady Colin Campbell jumped in and said the allegedly ‘racist’ royal was Princess Anne and that the conversation had nothing to do with race. There is a whole heap of things that make zero sense.

Mixed Feelings

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Okay, if any of this information is true then why would Meghan and Harry even want their daughter to have her christening in a country they deem ‘racist’? Also, didn’t Harry say that London triggered anxiety within him? Let’s not forget he claimed his father and brother were ‘trapped’ in their duties and that his grandparents passed on ‘genetic pain’ to his father and onto him.

Also, if Meghan felt suicidal and that her ‘evil’ in-laws were racist, then why on god’s green earth would she want to go back? It’s all because she wants her children to have titles, despite saying she never cared to be a ‘princess’ or a ‘duchess’. Ummm… then why the HELL does she want Archie and Lili to have titles, why the hell is she still a duchess and why would the reports of a UK christening even be on the cards? It makes no sense.

Harry simply cannot grasp the idea that if he wanted out, then he cannot take the perks with him. Also, does he not remember how his cousins, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie had their security revoked years ago? He doesn’t seem to understand that just because he was born with a title, doesn’t mean that he gets security. He really is that paranoid. It shows on a huge level. Also, a year ago, he told people to “Just call me Harry”. Like Meghan, without his titles and money, Harry has no life experience. He has been pampered his whole life and will never know what it is like to live like most other people.

He doesn’t know what it is like to live with nothing. It is clear he has forgotten his mother’s teachings. Princess Diana took him and William to homeless shelters to see how other people live.

The Royal Family Need To Cut The Sussexes Loose

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We’re sorry to say this but the royal family really does need to cut Harry and Meghan loose. They have tried to ruin them and for what? To make them more important than what they actually are? Here’s the thing. The Sussexes were never important and were never going to be. Sure, Prince Charles was going to keep them on as working royals, but given their treatment of him and the family, we’d have to say that ship has officially sailed.

Meghan has never believed in family. She cut her own ailing father and half-siblings loose because they were not part of her grand plan. Then, there’s the alleged physical fight with Doria. She is also apparently anti-royal and doesn’t want her husband and brother-in-law to end their feud, according to the Express. This intel comes from royal commentator, Angela Levin who has written books on Prince Harry. She believes that the Duke of Sussex doesn’t want to work towards reuniting with his brother.

This we find absolutely believable. Remember when he was clowning around at the Diana Statue unveiling and William was having none of it? Well, it appears to us that Harry wanted the public to think he and his brother were still close which is why he was acting the fool.

The Dukedom has to be stripped.

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