The Disturbing Pattern With Celebrity Statements

disturbing pattern

Another celebrity has been accused or something they claim didn’t happen and we sense a disturbing pattern beginning to form…

Another day, another celebrity is in the headlines for the wrong reasons. This time it’s Divergent and Fault in Our Stars heartthrob Ansel Elgort. The actor has been accused by a fan of sexually assaulting her when she was 17. The woman who has since deleted her entire Twitter profile, alleged the actor who was new to acting at the time, pressured her into being intimate and wanted a threesome with her friends. He has since denied some of the allegations. However, we’re not here to discuss the grisly details of what might’ve or didn’t happen. We’re looking at the disturbing pattern that has emerged with celebrity statements.

A disturbing pattern has emerged with celebrities who issue statements about things them have allegedly done. We’re going to go over a few statements and discuss what these having in common. Please note, we are NOT taking sides.

The Lea Michele Drama

disturbing pattern
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We’ve recently spoken about the whole Lea Michele Diva Drama but there’s something we didn’t realise until the whole thing with Ansel Elgort came out that there’s been a disturbing pattern surrounding the statements.

To catch all you up on what happened with Lea Michele, here’s a short version:

The actress tweeted in support of Black Lives Matter but it blew up in her face. A former recurring co-star, Samantha Ware mentioned how terribly Lea treated her.

Other cast members chipped into the conversation too and basically blasted Lea for her behaviour. Now, going to her statement, this is what she wrote:

If you look at the way Lea has written her statement, it’s just a PR stunt to maintain her positive image. If you look at the comments, there’s nothing but people continuing to slam her. Here’s a couple of them:

Cast member Willam posts:

“PERCEIVED?” Girl- you shoulda hired a writer but lord knows nobody wants to work with you now and serves you right after being so horrible to me and so many others.

Then there’s the comment from Ajadepaolo:

one of my biggest dreams when i moved to LA at 21 yrs old was to dance on GLEE 🙂 i booked 4 episodes and for 3 of the episodes you picked on me, embarrassed me in front of cast, crew, & production…so much so that the rest of the cast came over to console me and apologize on your behalf. i’ve always been confident so i had no issue talking back to you and standing up for myself. but my memories of what was my dream job, are just 👌🏾 now. & i can live with that, bc i didn’t compromise who i was for a rude, egotistical, bully. this “apology” is a poorly thought out damage control PR tactic, because if you are really sorry you would’ve APOLOGIZED instead of placing blame on people’s perception of you. and taken FULL accountability on how you made people feel. i really hope and pray God opens your heart and you become a nicer individual for you and your child.

Ansel Elgort Sexual Assault Allegations

disturbing pattern
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Sure, it’s no secret Ansel Elgort looks like Adonis. As we’ve mentioned before, he has gotten caught up in allegations of sexual assault of a woman when she was just seventeen. We’re not going to recap it. Let’s just jump straight into the statement posted to his Instagram:

Unlike Lea Michele’s statement which claims she didn’t “remember” being mean, Ansel says that he was in a relationship with his victim. However, he alleges what the girl said didn’t happen. He also claims he would NEVER sexually assault anyone. Do we believe that? We don’t know him or the victim personally. It’s not our place to judge. Ansel fails to mention the other things mentioned like asking for a threesome.

There’s a really great comment from Sarah Zamoni:

GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. TO EVERYONE WHO THINKS ITS THEIR JOBS TO PICK SIDES: stop. we dont know what happened that night. we dont know anything besides the fact that his ex admitted to being raped. I think the logical thing to do here is to support her, or at least have a little decency to stop saying hurtful things like “why is she bringing this up six years later” or “she has no proof” instead, be proud that as a victim she shared her story. even if u dont believe her, and im not saying u need to, be KIND. those words are also harmful to other trauma survivors. I know that we dont know what happened and what didnt since theyre both claiming different stories, but lets have some human decency here. guilty until proven innocent.

Celebrities Are NOT Invincible

On the outside, celebrities have it all. Money. Fame. Everyone screaming their names at social events. However, they are just like everyone else. Normal people with everyday problems. What Lea and Ansel have done is wrong on so many levels. They used their white privilege and their fame to hurt, embarrass, and intimidate to make themselves look better.

Lea needs to reflect back on her behaviour if she wants to be a positive influence on her child. As for Ansel, if the guy has a sex addiction, he needs help. Can’t have him becoming the next Tiger Woods. Also, to all those people who are defending his actions, you do NOT know the man personally and stop thinking you do. Just because he’s a handsome man and he knows it doesn’t mean anything. He’s a human being with morals and if he did assault that girl, he needs serious help.

People with money genuinely believe they can get away with anything. Lea and Ansel are two examples of that. Just because they have high profiles and awards under their belts doesn’t make less human. Fame is just a fad.

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