The Cult Of Sussex

Nothing says devotion more than someone who is dedicated. While many know that there is a limitation, others will do anything to defend their allegiance. Furthermore, this is a cult. In the minds of the followers, there is no other law but that of their leader. If anyone outside the bubble dares question it, they’re in the wrong. Unfortunately, this is what Meghan Markle and Harry have created for themselves. Yet, they don’t realise it.

Since Meghan has been styled “The Duchess of Sussex”, she has cried that everyone who doesn’t like her is racist. Moreover, she claims they bullied her to the point of almost committing suicide. While we should NEVER knock someone who claims to be suffering from a mental health crisis, Markle is has been called out multiple times for lying. Her devout sugars back her with false and misleading information. As we’ve said, these people are toxic as they believe everything they get told.

Moreover, the press that reports the truth is being vilified by this extremist cult by the art of cyberbullying, stalking, doxxing, and intimidation. What’s become the most ridiculous aspect of this online war is the Sussexes claiming to be fighting misinformation. However, THEY are the ones who are spouting the lies and having their cult following agree with their every word. We’ve already spoken about how feral these people can be.

Omid Scobie: King Of The Cult

What can we say about Omid Scobie, outside of everything we’ve said before? We could say he’s a little cockroach who got YouTuber Yanky Wally pulled from Twitter. However, everyone knows this. After all, he reports on the Sussexes’ endeavours without looking into things first. One example is the Lady Dior bag that Meghan was carrying around sold out before the pseudo-royal tour in New York, according to Markle News on Instagram.

However, Scobie claims that it was because of Meghan that the bag sold out. He will believe or make up any bullshit to continue to fuel Harry and Markle’s quest to conquer the world. Moreover, he is the head harpy. While this mightn’t be the greatest metaphor for the man, there’ll never be any that will do him total justice.

Also, he doesn’t talk about other royals in a way that other journalists do. But when he does, he’s always trying to undermine them. Also, We did a search on SparkToro and over 27% of his followers are “fake”. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them were bought. Take a look at this screenshot:

If this figure is correct, then over a quarter of his fanbase isn’t real. Going back to what we mentioned before, these “fake” followers, might not even be bought. It may be inactive accounts or bots. Spam might even play a part. Everyone is prone to it. We even looked at our own audit on SparkToro and we found that 10% of our following, is “fake”.

Total Opposite

Harry and Meghan’s cult following applaud everything they do. They don’t want to see that anything they talk about isn’t helping the world. One example of this is the constant talk about emissions and how people shouldn’t be taking private jets. However, in the last two years, the Sussexes have taken a load of flights on private jets, according to Doug Gollan of Forbes in May 2021.

Transport & Environment reports that due to private jets being used has risen, CO2 emissions hs risen dramatically. Not to mention, they say that private planes travelling from the UK and France will cause more polluted air.

Another example we can use is their hypocritical sense of “look at us! We’re your savours because we have money.” We say this because Meghan wore thousands of dollars worth of clothing and jewellery to a primary school in Harlem where most of the kids get free meals. Not to mention, Markle’s whole attire was worth more than the teacher’s annual salary.

Meghan’s love of spending is tone-deaf when she is always preaching kindness and compassion to others. She is more than willing to flaunt her wealth while issuing the middle finger to the poor people who are struggling to make a living while having to deal with a pandemic.

Not Listening To Reason

To end this post on the Sussex cult, we want to address the actual squad, the people who will back anything they say without considering the repercussions. We understand that you want to feel important and give them credit, but do you realise the impact Harry and Meghan’s actions are having on the wider world, let alone on the health of the Duke of Sussex’s 95-year-old grandmother? Call her racist all you want, but if your grandparents or someone you loved was attacked with lies, would you even care? Would you believe the slander that is being thrown at them?

The Sussexes don’t care about people. All they do care about is the money that lines their pockets. They know that their popularity is down the toilet because of what they’ve done. Moreover, if we had to guess, many who follows them are impressionable young women of all ethnicities who are under the age of forty. There’s a mix of women and men over that age and of all ethnicities, but that’s far from the point.

Anyone who believes a single thing that comes out of Harry and Meghan’s mouths is no better than the groupies who put their trust in dictators. Unlike people like Putin or Trump, the Sussexes are not global leaders. They’re nobodies who have titles and crave the attention while sitting on their asses preaching to the masses. Yes, we sound like a broken record, but it is the same story on repeat and we’re over it.

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C.J. Hawkings has written for the now-defunct Entertainment website, Movie Pilot and the still functioning WhatCulture and ScreenRant. She now writes for FanSided and is loving it!

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