The Bold And The Beautiful

If you love fashion, catfights, and around feuds, then you’ll love long-running soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. Centering around the fashion empire of the Forrester family, the show features money and success.

The show isn’t just about the Forrester clan. It also includes the Spencer family from the publishing world, the Sharpes, the Barbers, the Avants and more. If you thought the fights on the original Dynasty were overrated, just wait until you see the catfights on Bold. Let’s not forget the original feud queens Stephanie Forrester and the original Sally Spectra. Oh, and the Eric-obsessed Sheila Carter. Who knows when she’ll strike next! Watch out, Quinn!

Rivalries, multiple marriages, divorces, and babies are nothing new to the show and neither are the love triangles. From Eric, Brooke, and Ridge to the most recent development in the Steffy, Liam, and Hope dilemma, the show has you covered. Why do we need Taylor Junior fighting Brooke Junior over Ridge 2.0? It’s a soap opera! Anything can happen.

The show isn’t shy to show controversy, as long as it doesn’t shy away from the importance of the story. So, grab your popcorn, and your glass of wine because you’re in for a half hour of twists, turns, and fashion.

We’re High On This Love…

new episodes

The Bold And The Beautiful: Updates On When We’re Getting New Episodes!

There’s good news to be had as we’re getting new episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful very soon!


The Bold And The Beautiful Is Back With Restrictions In Place!

It’s been a tough couple of months for The Bold and the Beautiful as they haven’t been able to resume filming after all productions across the world were shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they have gone back into the studio and have become the first Hollywood production to do so. There is a catch to how scenes are shot as there are restrictions in place.

June 22

The Bold And The Beautiful: Filming To Allegedly Resume June 12

In the words of Futurama’s Hubert Farnsworth, “Good news everyone!” we might have a resume date for The Bold and the Beautiful: June 22.

what happens next

The Bold And The Beautiful: Sally And What Happens Next

What happens next with Sally when The Bold and the Beautiful returns with new episodes? We go over a few possibilities.


Baby-Obsessed Storylines We’ve Seen Over The Last Year

What is it with baby-obsessed characters in recent television offerings? We’ve seen a baby swap, an IVF journey, a woman with an obsession with a mother’s unborn child and a phantom pregnancy. We’re going to look at storylines on The Bold and the Beautiful, The Secrets She Keeps, and Home and Away.


When Could The Bold And The Beautiful Resume Filming?

We have an update for when The Bold and Beautiful may resume filming!


The Bold And The Beautiful: Sally’s Plan Continues To Unravel

Sally’s plan is about to up in flames and we’re going to have to wait to see how much of her plan will unravel…

schemes; what happens next

The Bold And The Beautiful: Is Sally Becoming Like Thomas?

What could be worse? Losing the love of your life or your dream of being a fashion designer? Sally’s schemes are making her just like Thomas!

screaming match

The Bold And The Beautiful: Katie And Quinn Have A Screaming Match In The Forrester Office

Katie is extremely hurt by everything that has happened with Bill, Brooke, Quinn, and Shauna. However, she won’t stand for the false Forrester Matriarch getting involved in family business that has nothing to do with her.


The Bold And The Beautiful: Wait… Did Ridge And Shauna Get Hitched In Vegas? Bill’s On The War Path And Flo Begins To See Through Sally’s Plot To Take Wyatt

Okay, we really need to talk about Shauna and Ridge’s wild time in Las Vegas. Did they get hitched and we just don’t know it? Bill threatens Quinn and Flo is onto Sally.

Thomas' child

The Bold And The Beautiful Rumour: Could Zoe Be Pregnant With Thomas’ Child?

Despite everything’s she has done since her arrival in Los Angeles, Zoe Buckingham does not deserve to be punished with having carry Thomas’ child?


The Bold And The Beautiful: So, It’s Okay For Ridge To Kiss Shauna But Not Okay For Brooke To Smooch Bill?

Okay, this whole Shauna/Ridge/Brooke triangle is worse than the one with Taylor! How is it okay for Eric’s favourite son to snog Flo’s mother but not okay for his wife to get swept up in a kiss with his rival, Bill?


The Bold And The Beautiful: Eric Fumes At Quinn Over Her Actions

Quinn thinks she’s doing the right thing by exposing Brooke. She only received a grilling from Eric!

fake illness

The Bold And The Beautiful: Could Sally’s Fake Illness Come Back To Bite Her?

Sally’s scheme to steal Wyatt back from Flo by having a fake illness might just bite her in the behind as she might end up with an actual sickness…


The Bold And The Beautiful: What’s Next For Zoe?

No matter what you think of Zoe Buckingham, you have to admit even she didn’t deserve Thomas Forrester using her in his scheme to snag Hope Logan. So, what’s next for the baby snatcher’s daughter?

scam illness; dig her heels in;

The Bold And The Beautiful: Sally Continues To Dig Her Heels In

Flo had better watch out because Sally is continuing to dig her heels in with her fake illness scam.


The Bold And The Beautiful: Will Eric End Up Back With Donna?

Donna Logan is the sister with the less baggage. From Brooke’s constant bed-jumping to Katie’s health issues, the middle sibling is the one who has had less drama, but could she have another chance with Eric?


The Bold And The Beautiful: Shauna Becomes Ridge’s Unintentional Rebound

It looks like Quinn is getting what she wants: Shauna with Ridge. However, will this rebound end in heartbreak? No matter how hard Shauna tries, she did not want to be Ridge’s rebound. Well, he’s reeled her in to be…

next Stephanie

The Bold And The Beautiful: Is Quinn Aiming To Be The New Stephanie?

It looks like Quinn has the upper hand in her conflict with Brooke, but we need to ask ourselves if she’s aiming to be the next Stephanie Forrester? Stephanie Forrester was a hard woman and Brooke Logan knows this all…


The Bold And The Beautiful: Will Quinn Succeed In Getting Rid Of Brooke?

Woah. Today’s The Bold and the Beautiful got heated and it looks like Quinn won… or did she?


The Bold And The Beautiful: 6 Obsessions That Drove Fans Crazy!

Obsessions are fickle when it comes to soap operas and The Bold and the Beautiful is no exception.

battelines; bigger person

The Bold And The Beautiful: Will Quinn Lose Eric Due To Her Vendetta Against Brooke?

When you’re a Forrester, a vendetta is good for the soul, right? Wrong! Could Quinn lose Eric due to her hatred for Brooke?


The Bold And The Beautiful: A Favor For A Favor And Donna Sees The Incriminating Footage

This week’s Bold and the Beautiful started with a literal bang! Penny Escobar is owed a favor by Sally while Donna discovers Brooke’s dirty little kiss with Dollar Bill.

scam illness

The Bold And The Beautiful: Sally’s Scam Illness!

They say love makes you do crazy things, but would you create a situation where you convince your ex that you’re dying when it’s really a scam illness? Well, Sally has stooped low to get what she wants: Wyatt.

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