The Bold And The Beautiful

If you love fashion, catfights, and around feuds, then you’ll love long-running soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. Centering around the fashion empire of the Forrester family, the show features money and success.

The show isn’t just about the Forrester clan. It also includes the Spencer family from the publishing world, the Sharpes, the Barbers, the Avants and more. If you thought the fights on the original Dynasty were overrated, just wait until you see the catfights on Bold. Let’s not forget the original feud queens Stephanie Forrester and the original Sally Spectra. Oh, and the Eric-obsessed Sheila Carter. Who knows when she’ll strike next! Watch out, Quinn!

Rivalries, multiple marriages, divorces, and babies are nothing new to the show and neither are the love triangles. From Eric, Brooke, and Ridge to the most recent development in the Steffy, Liam, and Hope dilemma, the show has you covered. Why do we need Taylor Junior fighting Brooke Junior over Ridge 2.0? It’s a soap opera! Anything can happen.

The show isn’t shy to show controversy, as long as it doesn’t shy away from the importance of the story. So, grab your popcorn, and your glass of wine because you’re in for a half hour of twists, turns, and fashion.

We’re High On This Love…

The Bold And The Beautiful: Will Quinn Succeed In Getting Rid Of Brooke?

Woah. Today’s The Bold and the Beautiful got heated and it looks like Quinn won… or did she?


The Bold And The Beautiful: 6 Obsessions That Drove Fans Crazy!

Obsessions are fickle when it comes to soap operas and The Bold and the Beautiful is no exception.

battelines; bigger person

The Bold And The Beautiful: Will Quinn Lose Eric Due To Her Vendetta Against Brooke?

When you’re a Forrester, a vendetta is good for the soul, right? Wrong! Could Quinn lose Eric due to her hatred for Brooke?


The Bold And The Beautiful: A Favor For A Favor And Donna Sees The Incriminating Footage

This week’s Bold and the Beautiful started with a literal bang! Penny Escobar is owed a favor by Sally while Donna discovers Brooke’s dirty little kiss with Dollar Bill.

scam illness

The Bold And The Beautiful: Sally’s Scam Illness!

They say love makes you do crazy things, but would you create a situation where you convince your ex that you’re dying when it’s really a scam illness? Well, Sally has stooped low to get what she wants: Wyatt.

bigger person

The Bold And The Beautiful: Shauna Tries To Be The Bigger Person

After everything that happened with Beth, Shauna is trying to be the bigger person, but will Quinn convince her to expose Brooke for kissing Bill?

evidence; reunion

The Bold And The Beautiful: Shauna Shows Quinn Evidence Of Brooke’s ‘Unfaithfulness’

Who do Shauna and Quinn think they are?! They’re just as guilty of seducing men as Brooke and yet, she’s deemed as the evil one?

did not abandon

The Bold And The Beautiful: Hope Did NOT Abandon Beth!

We hate writing posts like this, but we have to say something! Hope did NOT abandon Beth during the whole Thomas/Douglas storyline! Here’s why we think that!


The Bold And The Beautiful: Has Steffy Turned A Corner?

Has Steffy Forrester turned a corner from the days when she was stealing Hope’s boyfriends left, right, and centre? We break it all down!


The Bold And The Beautiful: Thomas Gets Exposed For His Manipulations

Thomas’ manipulations have finally been exposed at his own wedding, no less! Let’s break it down!

plan into action

The Bold And The Beautiful: Thomas Hesitates With His Vows To Zoe, Hope Puts Plan Into Action

Hope puts her plan into action to expose Thomas while he hesitates in giving his vows to Zoe. Thomas’ perfect vision of a family with Hope is about to come unravelled as she puts her, Liam, and Steffy’s plan into…


Scott Clifton Sends Fans Into A Frenzy On Twitter

Actor Scott Clifton is best known for his role as the waffler, Liam Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful and has proven that he is not his character by sending fans of hit soap opera into a massive frenzy!

Reckoning; manipulations

The Bold And The Beautiful: “Tomorrow Is Thomas’ Day Of Reckoning!”

A reckoning is coming for Thomas in the from of Steffy, Hope, and Liam. Will their plan be enough to fight him off?


The Bold And The Beautiful: Is Brill Back On?

Brill or Brooke Logan and Bill Spencer have history and it’s always caused issues for them. With the Forrester matriarch trying to salvage what remains of her marriage to Ridge, will this be a one time fling or will it escalate?


The Bold And The Beautiful: Thomas’ Plan Begins To Fall Apart

No matter how we feel about Steffy Forrester, we have every right to think that she might be the reason her brother, Thomas falls on his face at his own wedding!

illness; scam illness; favor

The Bold And The Beautiful: Katie Tells Ridge And Steffy About Sally’s Illness While Wyatt And Flo Make A Plan To Help Her

On the cusp of firing Sally, Ridge and Steffy learn the true reason her designs haven’t been cutting it. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Flo come up with their own plan to help the young woman in her final days…

downfall; falls apart

The Bold And The Beautiful: Who Will Cause Thomas’ Downfall?

Spoilers reveal that Thomas’ downfall is coming. How will this happen?

don't care

The Bold And The Beautiful: Forresters And Spencers Don’t Care About Douglas

Douglas is a Forrester via his father, but he’s also got Spencer blood through his biological mother. But neither side of his family seems to care about him.

suspicious; don't care

The Bold And The Beautiful: Zoe Says Yes To Thomas’s Proposal, Father And Grandfather Suspicious Of His Motives

Are Ridge and some of the Forrester family finally waking up to Thomas’s true motives? We got a glimpse of that today when Zoe gives him an answer to his proposal…

dinner party

The Bold And The Beautiful: “This Dinner Party Is A Joke.”

Thomas might be fooling his own family with his dinner party sham, but Brooke and Liam aren’t fooled by his charade.

Liam; Steam; falls apart

The Bold And The Beautiful: Are Fans Turning Away From ‘Steam’?

No matter what your views on the current B&B storyline, it should be noted that nothing is more important than the Steam and Lope pairings. However, it appears one of them is on the way out…

Vinny; downfall; falls apart

The Bold And The Beautiful: Why Vinny Might Prove To Be Thomas’s Downfall

Thomas might be persuasive, but Brooke and Liam aren’t the only ones who can see what he’s doing. His BFF, Vinny can see that he’s using Douglas and Zoe to snag Hope.

don't care; falls apart

The Bold And The Beautiful: Why Are The Writers Determined To Push Parents To Be Together?

Let’s face it. The Bold and the Beautiful’s storytelling is going from bad to worse. As a writer, the story is just going around in endless circles especially when they’re trying to push parents together…

swap; Hope's line; point

The Bold And The Beautiful: Brooke Rallies Bill, Thomas Makes A Point

This week’s The Bold and the Beautiful has been explosive at best. Though in today’s episode, Thomas made a good point regarding Liam. Also, Brooke goes to Bill looking for support to use against her stepson.

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