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The Bold And The Beautiful: Will People Please Stop Complaining About Steffy’s Opioid Addiction Storyline?


Opioid addiction is very serious, especially when it’s a massive issue in America. The Bold and the Beautiful is addressing the topic now with Steffy. Though, fans hate the storyline because it’s ‘not realistic enough’.

Why are some people so stupid when it comes to television storylines in soap operas? The Bold and the Beautiful’s Steffy Forrester has an opioid addiction that has spiralled out of control and fans want her to regain custody of her daughter Kelly while under the influence of drugs. Meanwhile, the little girls’ father, Liam has taken her away from her mother temporarily and it has not gone down very well.

Steffy has all the signs of an addict. She denies she has a problem, she’s covering up her own lies, and she is also hiding her stash of pills. To make it even worse, she passed out on the couch with Kelly in the next room. We saw Liam tear her living room apart and find the hidden container of pills Vinny had sent her.

The Seriousness Of Opioid Addiction

An opioid addiction is very serious and having it addressed at all should have fans sighing in relief. Sure, some storylines on The Bold and the Beautiful are often recycled from other shows or from years ago. One example of that would be the Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle being the same as the Taylor/Ridge/Brooke one and so on.

However, we’ve been seeing comments from fans of the long-running soap about how ‘unrealistic’ the storyline is. First off, yes, there are some things that are inaccurate but from a writing standpoint, you can’t go into too much detail. Also, the cast don’t seem too fussed with the pacing. If they were, they would have said something.

The point is, the issue is being addressed. It doesn’t have to be outstanding storytelling. This is similar to years ago when Hope developed an addiction to anti-anxiety medication. However, the difference is that there were no children involved. This time, there is and that’s what makes it even more complicated.

Having become an addict to her pain meds, Steffy doesn’t realise how much danger she is putting her daughter in as well as herself. She might say she is fine, but Liam and everyone who knows her can see this is not the case. It doesn’t take a medical professional to rule that the situation could’ve turned deadly if Kelly had woken up and was screaming for her mother to wake up.

People die from drug related deaths everyday in every country around the world. If the opioid epidemic wasn’t addressed, there would be screaming from the rooftops asking for it to be talked about.

Jacqui Could Win Another Emmy For Her Performance

Given the serious subject matter, it would not be surprising of Jacqui won another Emmy for her performance in this storyline. She has been so good lately. Despite her playing Steffy, she is a terrific actress who deserves the world.

Who knows what next’s Emmys could bring for her.

Message To The Fans Who Are Complaining

Attention all. To anyone who is watching The Bold and Beautiful and complaining about the storyline, please do the rest of us a favor and watch a different show. Those of us who do care about the seriousness of opioid addiction find it very informative. Yes, it is rushed, but what would you do when we’re in the middle of a pandemic? If there was no coronavirus than they might have thought it through a bit more thoroughly but when you have to be socially distanced, you can’t do much about it.

Honestly, the whining is getting old. Remember when people were saying horrible things about how Hope should suffer during the Baby Swap saga? Yeah, we wrote about that too. These were mostly Steffy fans who hate the Logan heiress for no apparent reason. They were just spewing things that they had no idea about. It’s same with Steffy’s addiction.

For those Steffy fans saying that it’s Brooke, Hope, and Liam’s fault she’s in pain, you have got one too many screws missing. She was hit by a bloody car being driven by Bill. It was an accident. He would never hurt her on purpose as he has a soft spot for her. Because of her opioid addiction, she is trudging back up all her emotional pain which is causing her to lash out and yes, pull that knife.

Our point is, the storylines you see in a lot of shows and films are based off real events or things that could happen. Look at all the crime dramas like Law & Order. The events of series like that are often ripped straight from the headlines. The opioid storyline for Steffy is no different so shut up and just enjoy the show. Or don’t. We’re not going to force you.

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