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The Bold And The Beautiful: Why Are The Writers Determined To Push Parents To Be Together?

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Let’s face it. The Bold and the Beautiful’s storytelling is going from bad to worse. As a writer, the story is just going around in endless circles especially when they’re trying to push parents together…

Pushing parents together even on a soap opera is not okay. Especially when there’s multiple children involved. Look at the ongoing situation with Liam Spencer. He has two daughters; Kelly and Beth. His eldest little girl’s mother is Steffy Forrester while the youngest is his child with Hope Logan.

Liam has been married to both women, multiple times, becoming a new version of that hypocritical guy who is Steffy’s dad, Ridge. So many people including the fashion designer, Dollar Bill himself, and Thomas want him with Steffy. Meantime, Terrible Tom wants Hope so he can be a family with her and Douglas.

Why? Well, Liam’s first child is with her and she’s fun. Seriously? Bill only says that because she’s his type. We like the new version of him but he’s still stuck in some of his old ways. Also, he should know that pushing parents together doesn’t always work. He never forced Liam’s mother to be with him after their fling, though he never knew of his son’s existence until he showed up in LA. Same applies to his other waffling son, Wyatt.

Before Kids, After Kids

For years before the kids were born, Steffy manipulated the situation to get what she wanted: Liam. Sure, she’s been married to Wyatt too, but she always wanted one brother more than the other. She even went after all of Hope’s previous boyfriends and a married man who was only ever committed to Jackie M.

Liam got Steffy pregnant a first time and she lost the baby in a motorcycle accident. She ended up infertile after a botched procedure and she left for a few years.

Hope has always had to play second fiddle to her on-off stepsister. She’s been trapped in a gondola, had her baby stolen and was lied to about her survival and was forced to watch Steffy adopt a precious little girl and played happy family with her man.

Seeing Liam happy with Steffy ate Hope up inside and decided to get back at her ex-husband by marrying Thomas whom she didn’t love for the sake of Douglas who had just lost his mother. It also didn’t help when Phoebe crawled over to her and called her mama.

Pushing Parents Together… For What Reason?

pushing parents together

Liam and Steffy have a lot of history, but their relationship is based off lies and manipulation. She only wanted him because Hope had him first. After she got him, she got herself pregnant by him not once but twice. A relationship shouldn’t be based off deceit. Thomas telling his sister to kiss her daughter’s father will reunite them only briefly as he also has Beth to consider. She does as he tells her and it causes Hope to break up with Liam as she is tired of coming second to Steffy and Kelly.

Thomas wanting Hope has nothing to do with wanting her to be Douglas’s mother. Sure, the Logan heiress and the little boy are very close, but she knows she will never replace Caroline. The Forrester Creations boy scout wants his child to forget his real bio mum existed. Tom’s obsession with Brooke’s daughter is for himself, not for the benefit of his son whom he is clearly using. However, there’s one thing he forgets. She has a daughter with Liam whom was his niece for almost a year.

In that weird daydream he had of the day of Brooke’s funeral, Hope wasn’t sad and Douglas is a teenager driving. However, there was no reference to Beth. Also, Thomas is always talking about being a family of three. Again, no reference to the former Phoebe Forrester II. Does this mean that he wants Beth with Liam and Steffy or does he just not care and thinks she doesn’t exist?

Pushing parents together who don’t love each other anymore just doesn’t work. After Steffy and Thomas tried it with their parents and Brooke stopped their remarriage… after Ridge and Taylor had married. The parents of three divorced not long afterward.

Douglas Wants Thomas And Hope Together

Psycho; pushing parents together
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It’s no secret Douglas adores Hope. She was there for him when Caroline died and he comforted her when she thought Beth had died. That little boy is her personal saviour and allowed her to get her back her daughter even if it pained his aunt. Also, his mother taught him to tell the truth. This was the polar opposite of what his father would’ve taught him.

However, the little boy has one more desire. He wants his daddy and mommy Hope to be together. Where does this put Beth? Douglas adores the infant and dots on her as any big brother would. Though, if his adoptive mother and his dad were to get back together, where does Beth fit into the family?

Thomas has no desire to have a child running around who is half Liam. if we sit back and consider it, Tommy Boy is jealous of his rival. He’ll never admit to it, of course, but the evidence is there. First, Hope loves him. Second, she has a biological child with him. Thirdly, she isn’t disgusted by his behaviour.

None of Thomas’s lies and manipulations are Douglas’s fault. He’s just a little boy born to a psychopath.

Ridge Should Butt Out!

Baby Beth; putting parents together
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Brooke and Ridge have been feuding for months about Thomas’s behaviour and it’s put their marriage under massive strain. So much so that he’s now kissing Shauna with Quinn’s prompting.

Let’s face it that Ridge is not the ideal father to any child. He, much like Liam, jumped between women, like they were a dime a dozen. His first and true love is Brooke. Always has been, but then someone would interfere and he’d go to Taylor. Back and forth for three decades. Talk about problematic. However, he was never there for his kids and was always chasing after Brooke.

Thomas has always remembered this and has always hated Brooke for ‘breaking up his parents’ marriage’ when it really had very little to do with her. At one point he [Ridge] passed an infant Douglas off as his own son. When his eldest son found out, Tommy kidnapped the baby leaving Caroline and Ridge in a panic.

Ridge might think Thomas is the perfect father, but he should really butt out! He should also look at his personal track record as a parent. Not too long ago, he was fully supportive of Thomas and Hope being together. He thought they were ‘in love’ when it was one sided.

He also needs to realise that his children aren’t perfect. The suns shines out their gold covered asses and talk about gullible. He believes everything that comes out of his son’s massive mouth. “Thomas has changed. He’s doing good by his son!” Oh, god! He’s impossible!

Why It’s Impossible For All The Parents To Be Together

pushing parents together
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If you consider the history and previous storylines of the show, it’s obviously impossible to have the parents of children together when they have other kids to other people. Look at Eric for example.

The patriarch has kids with Stephanie and kids with Brooke. He also adopted Donna’s son, Marcus. Legally, Ridge is his son, but not biologically. Long story behind that one. He couldn’t be with all the mothers of his children, but he treats them as equals as they should be.

Taylor, Steffy, Thomas, and Phoebe’s mother has always been bitter that Ridge loved Brooke more than her and has always blamed her constant divorces on her. It’s been like that for years and is never going to change.

Also, Bill has three sons with three different women, two of which were one-time flings. He couldn’t be with all three baby mamas at once. Also, Kelly and Quinn didn’t want their sons growing up under Bill’s influence so they chose not to tell him. So far, Will has grown up alright and Katie makes sure Bill stays in line.

The storyline they’re pulling now where Thomas wants Hope so they can parent Douglas together, but Liam has to be with Steffy for Kelly’s sake is just stupid. First off, there’s not just two kids involved; there’s three! Beth is that third child! Remember her, Thomas? The little girl you so desperately wanted kept away from Hope? Hope had to fight Steffy to get her back.

Liam has two daughters with two different women. He can’t be with both. The love of his life is clearly Hope and if Kelly hadn’t been born, there wouldn’t have been an issue with him being there for his true love. But since there’s a child involved, it makes it harder.

Will Kelly And Beth Want Their Mothers With Their Father?

forever tied
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This question has kinda already been answered. Kelly has begged Liam not to leave before. She’s almost two-years-old but she knows that her daddy can’t always be there for her.

Also, the role of Kelly has been recast with older twin actresses so they’re ageing her up slightly for future storylines. The actresses will debut in upcoming episodes.

As for Beth, it’s possible she’ll be aged up at some point so the rivalry between these two sisters will begin to heat up as they get older. Hopefully, she inherits her personality from her mother. She’ll also want her father with her too. but she’ll probably realise that her sister needs him just as much.

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