The Bold And The Beautiful: Why Are Steffy And Hope Constantly Being Pitted Against Each Other?

What is so tantalising about two women fighting all the time? Having Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan pitted against each other all the time still has fans fired up!

Hope and Steffy are two very different women. Both come from rich, and yes, interconnected families. They’ve even been with the same men, notably Liam and Wyatt Spencer. But that’s there the similarities end. Forrester is confident and sexy while Logan is more humble and traditional. So, why do the writers keep them pitted against each other? They could be great friends and become a proper family unit for their daughters, but seriously, though? A decade long feud is making their mothers’ battle look like child’s play.

Let’s examine the potentials of Steffy’s painkiller addiction storyline that we’ve heard so far that could have her once again pitted against Hope.

Hope’s Past Struggle

There’s speculation that the rivalry between Steffy and Hope fires up again due to a painkiller addiction. We know Doctor Finn is worried that giving her more medication will cause her to spiral. She’s already started but she is also struggling to cope without the drugs.

Hope knows what it is like to be addicted to medication. This is something we were unaware of and thanks to a throwback post from Instagrammer hopebethspencer, we’re going to add a bit more context to this.

Years ago she was prescribed anti-anxiety pills during a turbulent in her life where Steffy had gone after Liam and married him. She was confronted by a young girl and her mother after she was seen kissing a very married Spencer in public and they took photos and it ended up all over the news. It got so bad that Brooke had to take her daughter to a psychiatrist which how she ended up with the drugs to begin with.

However, Amber Moore took advantage of Hope’s situation and provided her with more drugs which were purchased online. Liam didn’t like that she was on the meds and told her stop. She did but Bill interfered as he didn’t want her with his son and he also had a soft spot for Steffy. No surprises there.

It should be noted that Liam tore up the annulment papers Steffy had signed as he knew he wanted a divorce.

Steffy’s Pain Factor

Steffy’s accident is not the first time she has gotten into a scrape while on her motorbike. She miscarried her and Liam’s first child (prior to Kelly) after she was hit originally.

The real pain the first time was losing the baby as she ignored Liam’s pleading of not riding her bike while pregnant. Now, during her second accident, she has injuries to her back and ribs hence the reason she has the pills to help her cope.

This is totally understandable, but the idea of her asking for more and basically giving Finn the puppy dog eyes should’ve been a warning sign. However, he is too blinded by his attraction to her to see it. Yes, sometimes over the counter meds don’t work and she doesn’t want to be in pain around Kelly but she needs another way to manage the pain that doesn’t involve painkillers.

Hope’s Involvement

Hope has been supportive with helping out with Kelly while Steffy recovers. She has allowed her stepdaughter to be with Beth which has put some of the pressure off her on-off stepsister. However, the whole thing has LIAM’s approval. He loves having his two daughters together under the same roof, but he knows that his eldest has to go back to her mother.

According to spoilers, Hope will suggest helping out with Kelly while Steffy focuses on getting better. However, this does not go down well, given what happened with Phoebeth. The Forrester heiress resents her former stepsister for taking her adoptive daughter away from her, despite having no legal ties to her. Sure had came to love her, but the infant didn’t call her mama. She called Hope that.

If Hope is plotting to take Kelly away from Steffy, then yeah we’d side with the Forrester Creations CEO. However, if the single mother-of-one is unfit to be a parent to her own daughter due to her addiction, then yes, be concerned.

Hope is not perfect, despite what Steffy fans think. If she was, she’d be a total Mary Sue. She would be BORING if she were. To add to this, the Logan heiress was created to be the polar opposite her more out there rival. If she wanted Kelly, she would’ve blackmailed Liam into giving her partial custody. She’s not the type to do something like that. That’s Thomas’ MO.

Steffy Being Pitted Against Hope Is Getting Beyond Stupid! Part 1

The whole Steffy/Hope rivalry has become ridiculous. It’s basically rehashing the Taylor/Brooke feud from years ago. There’s so many parallels that we’re not going into it now. All The Bold and the Beautiful has ever done is recycle love triangles and other plot points. Having the two heiresses pitted against each other is one of those.

Just when things between the women settles down, something sets them off again. Steffy should have gotten it through her head by now that Beth was STOLEN from Hope and a dead baby was put in her arms. How would she have felt if Kelly had been taken from her and she was given a child who was stillborn? She would be grief-striken.

Also, Hope is only ever looking out for the well-being of other people. We’re not defending her. It is a fact that Team Steffy seem to forget. They love calling Kelly a little princess when they simply don’t care about Beth because she’s Hope’s daughter. Not to mention, they see the Logan heiress as an ‘unfit’ parent. How is she ‘unfit’? Yes, she has made mistakes and she is with ‘the love of Steffy’s life’… gag us, please!

Liam was never the love of Steffy’s life. He was her toy, someone she could manipulate. Steffy has made far more mistakes than Hope. Let’s not forget she thought she was invincible during her first motorbike accident and she lost her first baby. Then there’s being seduced by Bill.

Steffy Being Pitted Against Hope Is Getting Beyond Stupid! Part 2

Hope would never pull a stunt like that as it is not in her nature. If Steffy fans say, ‘Oh, but she was with Liam when he was still married’, we’ll knock you all into tomorrow. He was manipulated into being with her.

This is something Brooke and Taylor would pull. Steffy was just inspired by them. Anyway, we are not here to drag them. The two women could have been good friends if they were always being pitted against each other. Yes, they are different and have opposite goals, but does anyone ever stop to realise this is just a television show which has run for over thirty years?

The writers should be fired and replaced. Revisiting storylines every five or so years is not refreshing the narrative. It is unravelling things that were meant to be buried. Also, the Steffy/Hope storylines are just retelling the issues their mothers have had with each other over the years. It would not be surprising if Kelly and Beth went through a similar thing in a few years.

How the actors feel about revisiting these heinous storylines is unclear. It mightn’t matter if a character is being played by a different actor, but it does to the fans. You will be surprised to see how many people on social media have said ‘they are done’ with Bold reusing plots.

Let Steffy Move On With Finn And Allow Her To Actually Learn From Her Mistakes

Steffy fans think she is the perfect role model and can do nothing wrong. Ahh… what about the scheming she has done over the years? Was any of that justified? No, it was not. We’ve seen her become enamoured with her doctor, Finn and him with her. However, Thomas keeps bringing up her desire to be with Liam and be a family with him and Kelly.

Just because he isn’t over Hope completely, doesn’t mean he should be giving his sister advice. Steffy should just move on with some other dude who values her. Liam has always gone back to Hope just as Ridge does with Brooke. Finn is quite literally the perfect guy for her. He’s handsome, kind, and doesn’t judge her because she has a child with another man.

Being with Finn would allow Steffy to learn from her previous mistakes. That includes the scheming, the lies, the possessiveness over Liam and Beth, the works. She could become a whole new person! It would be nice to see her happy for once and doing what she wants. Not what her brother orders her to do or anyone else.

It would allow Hope and Liam to be happy for once!

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