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The Bold and the Beautiful: Where’s The Compassion For A Grieving Mother During Baby Swap Saga?


Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful hate the current baby swap storyline. Hope and Liam’s daughter got swapped with a dead baby and their living child is still alive. However, the only people who know the truth are Reese Buckingham and his companion, Florence.

Reese Buckingham has been nothing but trouble from the moment he arrived in LA. Even his own daughter, Zoe knows how much trouble he is. However, since the announcement that Hope’s baby would play a role in a baby swap storyline, fans became outraged.

If you search Bold and the Beautiful spoilers in Google, you’ll find a load of spoiler websites that reveal what will happen over a week. If you scroll down to the comments section, you’ll find responses like “This is a terrible storyline”. “Hope deserves to lose her child”. “Steffy deserves to be happy with Baby Phoebe”. Whatever happened to siding with the grieving mother? What if it were YOU that lost a child to a baby swap? How would you feel if someone said something like that to you on social media?

Who Cares What Team You’re On?!

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What people don’t realise is Steffy is no saint. Sadly, fans blast Hope because she’s ‘a goody-two-shoes’ and ‘too much like Brooke’. I’m only 25 and I’ve been watching Bold on and off for years thanks to my late grandmother and my mother. My nan was Team Steffy and hated Hope. Meanwhile, my mum is Team Hope because she can’t stand Steffy.

For me, I’m Team Common Sense. Now, you’re thinking ‘WTF? What does that even mean?!’ I’ll tell you what that means! As a writer myself, I know the difficulty of coming up with an original story idea. There’s a 1% chance of originality. It doesn’t matter how much research you do. Someone will have covered the same topic at a different time

Saint Steffy

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Honestly, I’ll get blasted for this, but I don’t care. Steffy Forrester is very much Taylor Hayes’s daughter and the late Stephanie Douglas Forrester’s granddaughter. She’s a spoilt brat who gets everything she wants. For years, she has gone after every guy imaginable! Her main target has always been Hope’s boyfriends. She even went after her legal uncle, Rick who also dated and killed her sister.

I’m not defending Hope. I’m simply gathering evidence why fans love Steffy.

  • She’s smart, sexy, and successful.
  • Steffy can use her looks to land any guy she wants.
  • She lives up to her namesake as Stephanie’s granddaughter.
  • She has this pitch-perfect ‘image’ fans drool over.

As Stephanie’s granddaughter, Steffy is the poster child of Forrester Creations. Her name is ‘Stephanie’ and she’s a Forrester by name, but not by blood. As Steffy, herself has said, “You don’t need to be blood to be family.”

However, this doesn’t make Steffy perfect. Her parents think the sun radiates from her butt and they don’t believe she can do any wrong.

What About Hope?

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As mentioned before, I’m not defending Hope. I’m putting together the evidence as I find it.

Hope Logan is Brooke Logan’s youngest daughter. Her father is Deacon Sharpe while Ridge ‘raised’ her.

In recent episodes, she’s dealt with the death of her infant daughter, Beth whom she and Liam were lead to believe was stillborn. Meanwhile, we as the audience know Beth is still alive. She got kidnapped by Reese and will get adopted by Steffy.

Hope is no stranger to losing a child. She was pregnant to now-brother-in-law, Wyatt a few years ago with their son and miscarried the child after she fell down a flight of steps. Losing Beth is only bringing the pain back. She can’t catch a break! Why does Steffy get the family she’s always wanted and Hope has to suffer from losing another child?

Unsympathetic Fans

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The one thing that annoys me about fandoms is the unsympathetic fans. Every comment I’ve read has called Hope selfish and not letting Steffy have the family she wants. FYI guys… Hope lost a CHILD! Sure, Steffy lost a child too before she had Kelly, but she doesn’t know the loss of a child the way her stepsister does.

Losing a child is tragic and traumatic, but to the fans, they don’t care that Hope’s suffered a tragedy. They only want Steffy to have everything she wants and Hope should leave because she whines too much. These are words coming from fans. You all sicken me. Whatever happened to the days when the internet didn’t exist and people kept their opinions to themselves?

Hope is GRIEVING! She’s lost two children and thinks the world hates her. If you’ve ever lost a child, then you will know EXACTLY how she feels. Babies die every day in real-life and their parents grieve for them.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen fans whine over a storyline. A few years ago on Home and Away, fans bitched because they included a storyline where a couple lost their baby boy to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Fans at the time said they shouldn’t write storyline like that.

You can’t write a story and not be influenced by real-life. A storyline can’t write itself and there’s nothing worse than having an unrealistic plot.

Grow A Conscience, People!

The way the fans are saying ‘I will boycott the show because the baby swap is stupid’ or those who blame Bradley Bell for the storyline, grow a conscience! If you think writing a television show is easy, think again! There are meetings and multiple rewrites that go on before the scripts reach the actors.

Think about the mothers out there who lose their children to miscarriage, stillbirths, baby swaps, SIDS, disease, and anything else tragic that life has up its sleeve.

If all the storylines sucked, do you think the series would continue? Surely not. Do you think the show would have received those Emmy nominations and wins if the series was terrible? Absolutely not.

Think about the reality of the storylines BEFORE you judge. If you want to troll me, go right ahead, but I’ll block every single person that does.

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