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The Bold And The Beautiful: Thomas Informs Ridge Of Steffy’s Odd Behaviour

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Thomas is concerned about his sister as her odd behaviour has started to raise red flags.

Steffy is in a world of pain right now and it’s beginning to show. When Thomas was around at her house, he noticed her odd behaviour as she frantically looked for her car keys so she could drive to Brooke’s house and yell at her, Hope, and Liam for ‘stealing’ Kelly. Any sensible person can see that she’s addicted and unhinged and this was exactly what Finn was afraid of.

With Steffy at Brooke’s house trying to ‘reclaim’ Kelly, Thomas calls upon Ridge for help. When he gets to the cliff house, he [Ridge] asks where his daughter is and his son does his best to explain the situation. However, it’s difficult to describe.

Liam Wouldn’t ‘Kidnap’ Kelly

As Thomas and Ridge talk, they both agree that Steffy saying that Liam ‘kidnapped’ Kelly simply doesn’t add up. He would never do that to her. The eldest Forrester child is worried something is going on but he can’t pinpoint what it is. He even says that if they don’t do something soon, the situation could get worse.

Both father and son know how much Kelly means to Steffy and that Liam would never take advantage of that. If there’s one person who knows Steffy better than anyone, it’s Thomas. After all, they have one thing in common at the moment, they are single parents to little kids under 10. While it shouldn’t matter who their partner is, what does matter is the welfare of the kids.

Steffy Blames The Logans For… Pretty Much Everything?

Steffy’s odd behaviour has started to terrify Liam, Hope, and Brooke of whom she accuses of ‘kidnapping’ her daughter. While this could be further from the truth, she is too high on her illegal pain meds to be persuaded otherwise.

We really commend Brooke for keeping calm in the face of this situation she, her daughter, and son-in-law are currently being faced with. It cannot be easy to have your former stepdaughter screaming at you because she can’t take responsibility for her own actions.

While it is not Steffy’s fault she is in pain, her drug taking has caused all her emotions to bubble to the surface once more. She says that “Logans take everything from the Forresters” and that Hope wants Kelly to add to her “collection of children”. She is wrong on all accounts there, but it’s the meds talking.

It was inevitable that she was going to bring up the Phoebeth situation. Yes, she raised Beth as her own for months not knowing she was actually Hope and Liam’s baby. However, she knew the second she found out the truth that she had to go back to her rightful parents. She screamed today about how her former stepsister took her baby away from her without a ‘proper’ goodbye.

There was a great eye roll moment too where Steffy brings up how her mother lost everything because of Brooke. Ahh… Taylor took everything from her rival. Not the other way around.

Next Week: The Intervention

Sometime next week… we think… Liam, Ridge, and Finn are forced to intervene but will she listen to them or will she scream bloody murder?

We know Finn has the hots for her and vice versa, but will she listen to the people who are trying to help her? She has already ripped into Liam for taking Kelly away from her.

Hopefully, Ridge will be about see his daughter’s odd behaviour for himself and be forced to tell her that she needs professional help just as Liam has said.

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