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The Bold And The Beautiful THEORY: Could Quinn And Carter’s Two-Night-Stand Contribute To Zoe’s Departure?


Zoe’s departure is coming up but could it happen because Quinn and Carter’s affair comes out?

Kiara Barnes is bowing out of The Bold and the Beautiful in coming episodes because she has taken on a role in the upcoming Fantasy Island reboot series as per Deadline. So, this has us wondering about how Zoe’s departure will be handled. Like anyone who does a series or a film who is already in a show or even having a baby and needs to apply for maternity leave, they need to tell producers they’re either leaving or going on leave until further notice.

Given Zoe’s involvement in the Carter-Quinn drama that’s going on at the moment, it wouldn’t be surprising if she makes a swift departure from Los Angeles to heal her broken heart. If they decide to bring the character back, she’d likely be played by someone else like they’ve done in the past with other characters. Examples include; Ridge, Bridget, Rick, Thomas, Zende, Thorne, Hope. etc.

In the current episode, Eric and Quinn reunite at the same time Zoe and Carter do. But, as we all know by now, affairs never stay secret for long. At the moment, the only person who knows about the fling is Shauna who is covering for her BFF by saying she was the woman who was sleeping with the COO.

So, it wouldn’t be surprising that when it all comes out, Zoe leaves for awhile because she cannot take being around the man who broke her heart twice. This also goes for Quinn too. After all, the model calls her a friend, not knowing about her jumping into Carter’s bed and doing the horizontal. This will be super awkward to see when it airs. It would also mean Brooke was is right… again… about Eric’s wife not deserving him.

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