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The Bold And The Beautiful: The Trouble With Sheila

Did Sheila suddenly forget about parts of her life prior to her revealing she’s Finn’s biological mother?

Anyone who knows this blog and has read our The Bold and the Beautiful posts will know how we feel about how the way MOST of the storylines on the show play out. It annoys us to no end when things simply don’t play out logically. It’s a soap. Nothing is meant to make sense. Anyway, we’re here to talk about Sheila Carter and her new son, Finn.

Man, it’s weird to say that. Finn got his wish to meet his biological mother but little does he realise that Sheila and the Forresters have a long complicated history. Also, what is going on with Jack? He knows something that we don’t even think Li knows.

So, when we were watching the latest episode this morning, we noticed something odd. When Sheila mentions Hayes, she is in awe that she has a grandchild. While anyone who only watches The Bold and the Beautiful might not find this odd, anyone who knows the history of the character will recall she has a granddaughter from one of her daughters.

Now, Sheila started out on The Young and the Restless in 1990 before she eventually jumped over to Bold in 1992 and has been back and forth for many years. The reason for this is because the shows were both created by William J. Bell and are, therefore, set in the same universe. Many of the actors we see on Bold have also appeared in The Young and the Restless as well but as different characters. Sometimes there are characters that jump between shows. They’re currently using Sally Spectra II on YR and Summer Newman recently jumped over to Bold a few months back.

The Grandchild And Other Children Sheila Appears To Have Forgotten About

In the YR, Sheila had a granddaughter named Lucy from her daughter, Daisy. The way she talked in today’s episode of B&B makes it sound like Hayes was her first grandchild. We know the things are overlooked or retconned all the time, especially in soapland.

Also, did Sheila suddenly forget she has other children outside of Finn? Why did she give up him but not the others? While this is just the beginning of the storyline with her, we have a feeling we’re not going to get an answer to what we want to know.

Look Out, Finn Because There’s A Lot Of History You’re Going To Want To Hear

Finn is unaware of the history Sheila has with his new in-laws and it’s going to be hard for him to accept. In soon-to-go-to-air episodes, Steffy lays down the law with her new husband regarding her new bio mother-in-law. There is no way she will want Hayes (or Kelly) associating with Sheila. Not to mention, Ridge is going to have something to say about this too. It wouldn’t be surprising if he tells his ex-stepmother to bugger off.

There is going to be a load of struggles now that everyone now knows about Sheila being Finn’s biological mother. We’d love to see anyone who knows what she’s like to chip in with a piece of information. We want anyone to say she’s switched babies, killed people, attempted to kill Stephanie, and whatever else. It would be so worth it if the story went down this route.

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