The Bold And The Beautiful

The Bold And The Beautiful: The Finnegan Calamity Better Known As Jack Had An Affair With Sheila


It’s The Finnegan Calamity.

The moment Jack Finnegan shows up on Steffy and Finn’s doorstep, he seemed laid-back. Loyal to his family. Since he and his wife Li’s arrival in Los Angeles, drama has pulled everyone into a hurricane of calamity.

We suspect things will only become worse when the truth surrounding Finn’s paternity comes out of the woodwork. Since Sheila has come back on the scene, blackmail is essential to her plot to worm into the Forresters’ lives again. She threatens Jack multiple times to expose their affair to Li if she doesn’t get access to her son and grandson.

We can just imagine Li’s face now. She’s already annoyed at Jack for not telling her that Sheila approached him years earlier. Little does she know, there’s more to the story of the great Finnegan calamity.

Steffy Worries About Hayes

Does maternity leave not exist in The Bold and the Beautiful? Steffy goes on a business trip despite having given birth not long ago. 

When the trip is cut short due to the weather, Steffy returns home to find her son in the arms of her worst nightmare. However, the idea to have Sheila hold Hayes is not Finn’s. Jack is insistent as he wants the she-beast gone.

Regardless of whether Steffy likes it, Sheila’s blood runs through her little boy. While she accepts she cannot change the outcome of who her husband’s birth mother is, she can protect her family. Though, it will not be too surprising when every character learns about Jack.

We’ve seen how upset Steffy is with how Sheila just showed up at her wedding. She is not happy to see that her husband and father-in-law broke their promises to her. How this calamity will play out with the truth is going to be worthwhile to watch. There hasn’t been this much tension since the Baby Beth situation.

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