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The Bold And The Beautiful: Steffy And Thomas Muse Over How Their Father Married Shauna… And Liam Is Mentioned

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It’s a shock to everyone that Ridge married Shauna in a totally drunk state. That’s what Steffy and Thomas muse over in today’s episode.

It’s no secret that Steffy was in shock when her dad told her that he’d married Shauna in Las Vegas. Now, she’s cluing in Thomas and together they muse over how the whole thing is possible when Ridge is still in love with Brooke.

The conversation becomes awkward when Thomas sees how his sister is struggling without Liam being at her side. Steffy says she is a realist and she is fine with her ex being married to Hope. This does not deter her brother though. He goes on to mention her dream of having the perfect family with her former husband and Kelly.

We get Thomas is worried about Steffy. As much as we love how protective he is, he needs to realise she knows what she wants. Yes, he wants her to have the life she wants, but at the end of the day, she has the final say.

Steffy has come a long way since Kelly was born and since Beth was returned to Hope. She’s learned that she cannot have what she wants and that Liam will always choose her on-off stepsister over her. As long as he puts Kelly as a priority she’s okay with it. She doesn’t need to muse over what her life could’ve been. There’s the portrait on the wall for what.

Hope Is Not A Threat To Steffy

Steffy and Hope have made peace for the time being. Finn is now a romantic option for the Forrester heiress. She doesn’t need to continue to muse over not having her daughter’s father in her bed. Liam is always going to be in Kelly’s life no matter what. He’s not Bill in any way, shape, or form.

Hope also welcomes the idea of having Kelly spend time with Beth and Douglas. She wants her daughter to spend time with her sister and have a positive relationship with her in a way she and Steffy never did when they were teenagers.

Also, Steffy has told Liam that she wants him to thank Hope for her for agreeing to watch Kelly while she was in the hospital. If she didn’t feel comfortable, she would’ve called Amelia to watch her or even someone els she trusted.

Steffy is an adult who can make her own decisions. She doesn’t need her brother breathing down her neck.

Steffy And Thomas Muse Over Shauna As Their New Stepmother

Despite the talk about Liam, the conversation between Ridge’s two remaining kids stems from their shock over their dad marrying Shauna. Neither of them can believe it. Honestly? We can’t fathom what would be going through their minds right now.

The pair muse over how its possible for their father to be married to one woman, divorce her, and then marry someone else just hours later. Even Thomas, who is a vocal critic of Brooke, cannot believe Ridge would divorce his ‘destiny’ and wed Shauna on a whim. What was surprising was seeing Steffy act surprised at her brother’s reaction to her telling him about their dad’s new wife.

Steffy has learned to live with Ridge going back and forth between women. However, Thomas always felt his dad was better off with Taylor and that was the reason why he tried to get Hope to be with him so they could a family with Douglas. Though, he failed to realise that he can’t force the woman of his dreams to love him. With time, we hope he’s realised that.

Shauna Is Still Hesitant to Accept What She And Quinn Did

We say this a lot but at least the new Mrs Forrester has a conscience. As much as she loves Ridge and wants to be with him, she knows his heart will always be with Brooke. She’s not one to deny that, despite Quinn saying that the true Forrester matriarch is a toxic bag of trash. *her thoughts, not ours*

Despite the lies and schemes, Quinn is full of hot air given her attitude towards Brooke. She wants to underestimate her so ‘bump her down’ a few pegs. She wants to rule the Forrester dynasty like a tyrannical monarch in the sixth century and she wants Shauna to reign with her.

The Bold and the Beautiful has always enabled its female characters to be powerful, but Quinn is next level. Stephanie might’ve been a schemer, but she had a good reason for it. Fuller (yes, we’re calling her that) does not. She just wants people to see her as the matriarch she believes herself to be given who she is married to.

Shauna on the other hand knows their plan to get Brooke out of Ridge’s life doesn’t go down with her own morals. She wants him, but the way she went about it isn’t right and she’s aware of that.

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