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The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy and Sally have a Heart-to-Heart

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Steffy and Sally were never besties. Seeing them get along after the history their families have established is actually pretty… amazing…

We never thought we would see Steffy and Sally getting along. Stephanie Forrester and the OG Sally Spectra never got along, though their rivalry dimmed over the years. However, today’s episode was interesting as we see the the granddaughter and the great-niece having a civil conversation.

The unlikely allies talk about their excitement for the fashion showdown and the chat immediately turns to Thomas’s role in the Baby Swap dilemma. What made this fascinating to watch, Steffy and Sally had an understanding and weren’t trying to outdo each other.

Sally sympathises with Steffy when the mention of her finding out Phoebe was Beth comes up. The Forrester heiress tells her that it still hurts knowing that the infant wasn’t who she thought.

The annoying part of the conversation was when Steffy says, “Everyone says poor Hope. Everyone forgets Liam thought his daughter was gone forever.” Yes, Bill’s son struggled with his daughter’s ‘death’ but his pain was lifted slightly whenever he was around Kelly and ‘Phoebe’. Goes to show that Steffy’s attitude towards Hope taking Beth back still hasn’t changed.

Thomas’s Fixation

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It’s no secret that Thomas is still obsessed with Hope. Every time they’re in a room together, his eyes linger on her lips, neck and chest showing that he craves being with her physically. Not only is this insanely creepy it also shows the audience how much he is struggling to keep his lust to himself.

Also, making out with Zoe in front of Hope to show he has ‘moved on’ is just… ew! Does he really expect her to just jump into his arms again? He sees her as a swan who needs constant rescuing when he’s actually the one who wants to have sex with her and call her his. Does no one remember when he wanted to exchange custody of Douglas for sex with Hope?

Not to mention, Hope freaks out when Thomas touches her and she accuses him of trying to make a pass at her. He was and she knew it! While people will say she needs to a chill pill and calm down, she has every right to be concerned. He tried to drag her away on a helicopter who knows where.

Brooke’s Chat With Liam About His And Steffy’s Plan

While Steffy and Sally are talking at Forrester Creations, Brooke and Liam talk at Spencer Publications about the plan he and his ex-wife have in place. It’s understandable that the Forrester matriarch would have reservations about what’s happening. She has every right to hate Zoe for the role she played in keeping Beth from her parents, but as Steffy told her, she and Liam don’t really have a choice.

Sure, Liam believes in seeing the good in people, but what about Thomas? All he does is make others miserable just to achieve his own goals. In this case, we’ve seen eavesdrop on Steffy and Zoe’s conversation and he wants to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes while he secretly goes after Hope.

Brooke says Thomas is dangerous and while Liam agrees, he knows Zoe will pull through for him and Steffy. Why? Because Hope’s life is still in danger and he’s right as Thomas had that fantasy of him and Hope being married… again, her being madly in love with him and Douglas being a teenaged driver. Also, Liam was back with Steffy and Kelly. While there’s no reference to Beth, it’s possible she was with Liam and Steffy, her ‘true’ family.

Did we mention that Brooke was dead and the fantasy takes place after her funeral? Thomas truly is sick in the head. Quinn and Eric were probably dead and the Logans were gone too.

With that being said, Brooke also needs to watch her back. Thomas has it out for her because… well, he’s Thomas. He’ll do anything to bring down the ‘meddling’ Logans. In his tiny mind, his ideal life is being Hope’s husband and Liam is back where he ‘truly’ belongs; with his first family Steffy and Kelly. Also, he doesn’t give a damn about Beth. He was fine when she was Phoebe and his niece but when the truth came out, he just ‘forgot’ she existed.

This is going to get ugly really quickly if Zoe doesn’t follow through with the plan. Will her feelings for Steffy’s brother get the better of her?

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