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The Bold And The Beautiful: Shauna Shows Quinn Evidence Of Brooke’s ‘Unfaithfulness’

Who do Shauna and Quinn think they are?! They’re just as guilty of seducing men as Brooke and yet, she’s deemed as the evil one?

Where do Quinn and Shauna get off? In today’s episode, Flo’s mother shows Eric’s wife the video evidence she took of the Forrester Matriarch and Bill Spencer kissing down at Hope’s house the day before Thomas and Zoe’s botched wedding. It’s going to get really ugly and faster than it did with ol’ Tommy boy.

Was It A Total Coincidence?

While it was purely a coincidence that Shauna happened to see them through the window of Hope’s cabin, why was she even there to begin with? Also, she was the one daydreaming about being Ridge and having the not-so-subtle obsession with him. Quinn is also a bad influence on her. After all, she got with the designer too and it broke him and Brooke up while they were in Australia a few years back.

Sure, the tabloids don’t do Brooke and Ridge justice, but Quinn doesn’t know the first thing about the history between the Logan and Forrester families. Yes, she’s heard things over the years, but she doesn’t know the full story. We’re not fans of Quinn or Brooke, but it’s just a jealous feud where the wife of the patriarch wants power another woman has over the whole family.

As we’ve stated before, Quinn hates everyone! The only people she doesn’t hate is Shauna, Quinn, and Eric. She married into a rich family and she’s the gold digger, not Brooke. What makes her even more of a witch is she thinks she is better than anyone else.

The Brill Kiss Exposed!

While it hasn’t happened yet, there’s a series of episodes coming up where Quinn and Shauna expose Brooke’s kiss with Bill to the whole family. Apparently, there’s a party that Bridge throws to celebrate them getting back together and whatever and the exposure happens there. If you think about it, Ridge had it coming as he kissed Shauna and he wasn’t screamed at.

So, why is it okay for big ego Ridge to kiss another woman, but it’s not okay for Brooke to do the same to another man, especially if it’s Bill? Oh, right! Because Quinn is a bitter old hag who is a slut from Las Vegas. As much as we ADORE Rena Sofer, her character is still the scheming bitch she was all those years ago.

Ridge is going to be crushed by his beloved Logan’s so-called betrayal but the evidence doesn’t lie and video hasn’t been altered. There’s no way Brooke can wriggle out of this one, but will she be able to save her marriage after all?

Katie And Ridge: Betrayed!

Katie and Ridge will be the ones most affected by the Brill kiss. While the dressmaker deserves it, the youngest Logan sister does not. She’s been through a lot and Bill has been there with her through it all. It also doesn’t help when she’s only just had a kidney transplant that Flo gave her. Imagine what’s going to happen and the evidence comes out. Katie and Ridge are going to be so pissed that Brooke and Bill betrayed them. We can just see a punch up between the media magnate and fashion designer happening before our eyes!

Could this mean that Katie and Ridge get revenge and sleep together or something? Who knows, but whatever happens, we’re so down for it, we would prefer it if Eric kicks Quinn out! Though, she’ll probably accuse Brooke of corrupting her husband. That wouldn’t surprise us if it does happen that way.

Eric has known Brooke a very long time. He was married to her and is the father of two of her children. What will his reaction be if it gets out that Shauna’s evidence of Brooke’s unfaithfulness was part of Quinn’s plan to oust Brooke? He’ll be pissed, but he’ll forgive her as he has every other time she’s done something malicious.

Will The Brill Kiss Break Bridge Up For Good? Quinn Doesn’t Deserve To Be Matriarch

No, it won’t. Like Hope and Liam, Brooke and Ridge always find a way back to each other. As stupid as it is, Quinn will not get her wish for very long, if at all. She’s just jealous of Eric’s soft spot for the Logans and the fact, she does not have a child with him the way he has children with three other women. Just so you know, Marcus, Donna’s son was adopted by Eric when he was married to the middle Logan sister.

If there’s one thing Quinn doesn’t have when it comes to facing Brooke, it’s the decades of experience as a Forrester wife. Sure, Brooke and Stephanie hated each other, but they shared the same goal: protecting their family. The late matriarch told her successor before she died that she envied her for so long because she saw herself in her. In the end, she made Brooke promise to look out for their family before she had passed.

Quinn doesn’t know that. All she’s focused on is taking what she believes to be her rightful place as matriarch. What she doesn’t realise is that just because you’re the wife of Eric Forrester, doesn’t mean you’re automatically the matriarch. It’s a title that has to be earned. Mind you, Brooke and Stephanie’s relationship spanned years before Quinn even entered the picture.

Evidence Doesn’t Matter When You’ve Got Experience/Quinn’s Obsession

Quinn has done a load of crazy shit during her time in LA. She’s pushed Ivy off a bridge, obsessed over Hope marrying Wyatt, indirectly caused her then-daughter-in-law to miscarry her grandchild, kidnapped Liam for months, and had it out for all the Logans from the moment she met them. This is just a small amount of things she has done over the years.

She might claim to love Eric, but’s obvious she loves the perks of being his wife. One of which is him sticking up for her when she’s out of line. No wonder Steffy slapped her and told her to stay away from her grandfather. She claims Brooke is obsessed with the Forresters, but she’s really talking about herself, evidence be damned.

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