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The Bold And The Beautiful: Shauna Lays Into Quinn For Cheating On Eric!

Shauna is not happy that Quinn slept with Carter…

We have to give it to Shauna. She’s been away for a while, but she’s come back wise. Until she says she will always be on Quinn’s side. Okay, let’s pretend for a moment that she’s totally against Quinn’s hot one-night-stand with Carter. She was because she knows how much her BFF adores her husband.

Despite some of the crappy stuff she has gotten herself mixed up in, Shauna has come to know what’s right and wrong. This comes with the territory of being Quinn’s best friend. She knows her BFF too well and so it didn’t take her too long to work out about her friend’s affair. Except, she didn’t have a name and was able to get it out of her as being Carter.

We all know that Shauna is friendly with Eric and that he’s fond of her as a friend. But what’s going to happen now that he’s overheard his wife and their pal talking about her affair? From what was implied, he only heard part of the conversation and the episode ended on the usual cliffhanger.

Eric doesn’t like secrets but will Quinn admit she messed up? That’s for us to wait and see. Her marriage is already hanging by a thread due to her desire to put Shauna and Ridge together just to irk Brooke and to insert power where there doesn’t need to be.

Quinn had better start being honest with Eric because she’s already lost him more than once before. This one-night-stand with Carter could not only be the end of the marriage, Forresters’ connection to the COO. There is going to be a massive aftermath to all of this. Just you wait and see. It’s also going to ruin Zoe’s hopes for a reconciliation with her beau.

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