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The Bold And The Beautiful: Sally’s Panic Attack And Bill Tells Steffy He Hit Her

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Sally’s lies are about to explode when Wyatt and Flo reveal all to Katie in next week’s episodes. She suffers a massive panic attack and passes out. Meanwhile, Bill tells Steffy he was the one who hit her.

How the mighty has fallen! Sally’s lies have resulted in her suffering a full blown panic attack and being rushed to the hospital at the prompting of Doctor Penny Escobar. Elsewhere in the same medical facility, Bill reveals to Steffy that he was the one who knocked her off her motorbike. Wow, both these situations just messier!

Let’s begin with Steffy and her accident before we get back into the Sally drama.

Steffy Learns About Her Accident

Steffy’s pain is tolerable and she’ll be feeling it for a while. She is stunned to learn that it was Bill to landed her in the hospital. He pleads with her to forgive her, and she says it was just a freak accident. It appears she might’ve also suffered a small panic attack during a conversation she has with Liam. We’re not medical professionals so we’re not sure.

She tells Liam that he must hate her for getting back on her motorbike after she lost their first baby. He is sympathetic towards her and explains he would never stop her getting back on the bike as it’s something she enjoys.

When she tries to reach for her phone to call Amelia, Liam explains he rang the babysitter and told her to take Kelly to the cabin if she had to leave. Steffy asks if Hope would be okay with that and he reassures her that it was his wife’s idea to have the little girl with them.

Steffy is somewhat relieved and asks Liam to thank Hope for her. If we’re honest, this is the side of the Forrester heiress we like seeing.

Sally’s Panic Attack And What Comes Next

Sally Spectra II is in for a world of hurt when Wyatt and Flo reveal the truth next week. This comes after she suffers a real medical emergency; a panic attack bought on by the stress she has caused herself. After passing out, she is rushed to the hospital much to the worry of her obsession, his girlfriend, and her doctor/lackey.

One of Penny’s colleagues tells them that she has suffered a massive panic attack and needs rest. Wyatt, the doctor, and Flo go in to see her and she tells them that she’s surprised they’d visit. Sally then requests to speak to her ex alone.

She begs Wyatt to forgive her for everything she has done and explains… again that the reason she created the great white lie was because she couldn’t stand the idea of losing him. Yeah, we get it. You hate losing to Flo.

Meanwhile, next week’s episodes will include Katie learning how she was roped into Sally’s deceit. We also suspect there’s going to be more going forward reactions going forward, especially where Ridge and Steffy are concerned.

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