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The Bold And The Beautiful Recasts Zende!


As we gear up for new Episodes of Bold and the Beautiful, we’ve gotten some news that we didn’t expect and that’s the return of Zende Forrester Dominguez.

We’re still a while off from getting to see what happens next in The Bold and the Beautiful, we do have more good news. They’ve announced that Zende Forrester Domingeuz will be returning, but he won’t be played by Rome Flynn. Instead, the character will be recast and played by Delon de Metz.

There’s one thing that concerns us. What about Nicole? The last time we saw Zende was when they were newlyweds and heading to Forrester International in Paris.

What Brings Zende Back To Los Angeles?

There could be a million reasons Zende comes back without Nicole. Perhaps he gets offered work in LA and she’s busy. Maybe they’re going through a rough patch. We won’t know until he actually shows up on screen. But it’s going to be so great to see him return.

We’ve already addressed a couple of reasons why Zende would return but there’s a whole list:

  • Someone needs to talk Ridge around since he’s having a midlife crisis and hooking up with Shauna.
  • Steffy calls Zende in as a designer on a new fashion line.
  • Maya returns to town with Lizzy and Zende surprises them.
  • There’s a family get together for something and Zende is the surprise guest.
  • Someone within the Forrester-Logan-Spencer family dies (like predicted) and Zende arrives home to pay his respects.

The list is basically endless with so many possibilities. Could he return for a good reason or a bad one? Again, we won’t know until the first episode goes to air.

First Episode

It is unclear when the first episode to include the new Zende will air as production has only just resumed. The process is about a week turnaround and they would’ve completed at least two-three episodes since going back to set.

If we had to guess, Zende’s first episode back might be November, maybe early next year. Though, it may be earlier depending what’s going on. If restrictions are lifted where they can shoot the normal amount they did before production was shut down, then it might sooner than we think.

Also, if they’re announcing the cast now, his return might be just around the corner.

First Character Interactions

Since Zende is a Forrester and a Dominguez, his first episode might be with certain members of his family. Examples include his grandfather Eric and uncle Ridge if he’s out of his ‘love bubble’ with Shauna by this time. For all we know he might even interact first with Donna and/or Pam first.

Brooke is still technically his aunt so perhaps his first scene is with or even Steffy or Katie. Only time will tell.

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