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The Bold And The Beautiful: Quinn Is Paranoid That Her BFF Has Stolen Her Husband


Quinn’s paranoia that Shauna is trying to steal Eric away from her has only made her more delusional.

Friends are supposed to support each other, right? Well, Quinn’s friendship with Shauna has been on the rocks since she schemed to have her BFF take Ridge away from his true love, Brooke. What takes the cake here is that the jewellery designer has become paranoid to the fact that her friend is trying to steal her husband.

Here we go… again. Quinn has a self-righteous attitude that speaks volumes about who she is. She believes she is the true Forrester matriarch because her husband is Eric. The family tolerates her for their beloved father, grandfather, and great-grandfather’s sake.

Let’s not forget that Steffy slapped Quinn pretty hard for trying to be with her grandfather.

Eric Is Not A Piece Of Meat!

He might be a kind-hearted soul but Eric Forrester is no fool. Quinn broke his trust and now she is paying the price for all the right reasons. She knew how much her husband adores Brooke but she had to go ahead ruin her rival’s marriage to Ridge all because she told her father-in-law [Eric] to get rid of her [Quinn].

Now, as she sits licking her wounds at Wyatt and Flo’s beach house, Quinn fumes that Shauna whom Eric invited to stay in the guest house is trying to steal her husband. First off, that is not true, and second, what reason would the ‘interloper’ have for taking the Forrester patriarch away from her supposed best friend?

Shauna is in love with Ridge and is trying to get over him. She sees Eric as a good friend who knew she messed up for following Quinn’s lead. if she wanted to steal the fashion designer away, she would’ve done it already. At least she shows remorse.

Quinn thinks she is entitled to her luxurious lifestyle because she slummed it out in Las Vegas for all those years. The entire Forrester family knew she was trouble but Eric defended his lady love. However, she goes against his wishes just to suit her need for control as the ‘matriarch’ of the family.

However, she and Shauna are having a tug-o-war with Eric like he’s a piece of meat.

Will Eric Take Quinn Back?

Shauna has defended her best friend to Eric time and time again. This is not a sign that she is trying to steal him. However, when she tries to tell Quinn this she just accuses her of being a bad BFF.

However, could Eric be considering taking his wife back? Looks like that’s the case and we want to VOMIT! He told her not to get involved with Bridge’s relationship and she did it anyway! How could he possibly consider it?

Eric’s heart has always lead him astray. Sure, he hates conflict and he despises the idea of his beloved wife (whoever it might be) defying him, but he forgives too easily. He has forgiven Quinn one too many times. She has committed crimes like trying to murder her ex-husband Deacon by pushing off a cliff. Not to mention she is the reason Hope miscarried Wyatt’s baby.

Forgiveness has always tended to lead Eric down a path where he ends up being forced to choose between several scenarios. This ends up being a massive pain after a while because no one ends up satisfied with the result for very long.

Eric should have kicked Quinn to the curb YEARS ago!

Shauna Gets Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place But Would Never Steal Her BFF’s Man

Shauna is no saint and she acknowledges that. After all, she convinced her own daughter to keep Beth a secret from Hope so she could remain a Logan. That’s as ambitious as it is dangerous. Wyatt broke up with Flo because of the role she played in keeping his niece from his brother. He eventually forgave her and they have their own ‘love shack’ at the beach house.

If we had to choose between Shauna and Quinn at the moment, we’d pick Fulton hands down. Why? Well, she doesn’t dive headfirst in schemes the way her bestie does. She knows that seeking trouble will always backfire. Look at what happened with the Beth situation.

She wanted to do the right thing but Thomas threatened Flo’s life if they didn’t do what he wanted. Also, her desire was to have her daughter get to know her father’s family. While this was perfectly fine, the way she went about securing this was not ideal.

Shauna likes Eric, but it is obvious she sees him as a friend only. She admires him for his kindness and she has come to recognise how much Quinn means to him. However, her self-righteous best friend sees her like she does Brooke; as competition.

Wyatt And Flo End Up In The Middle Of Quinn And Shauna’s Fight

While we question Wyatt and Flo a lot, we actually feel sorry for them in this instance. While they love each other a lot, their mothers are all but forcing them to choose, putting the couple right in the middle.

However, they have come to a mutual agreement on one thing; Shauna should not be staying on the Forrester estate. We’ve come to the conclusion that if things between her and Quinn get any worse, the loved up pair might not have a relationship and it will be all thanks to their mothers.

The Family Warned Eric Of Quinn’s Motives

Quinn and Eric’s romance is probably the marriage that bought the Forresters together as a united front. Just… not in the way either of them thought. The family could not stand the jewellery designer and they boycotted the wedding. The only person to attend ended up being Ivy, Eric’s niece, and Quinn’s jewellery designer protégé.

The family feared that Quinn was after Eric for the lifestyle and by default, his fortune. He defended her at every move and even removed his late on-off wife, Stephanie’s portrait from above the fireplace and replaced it with one of his new bride.

God, that portrait is horrible! Quinn will never replace Stephanie in the hearts of the family. Sure, she was stubborn and had a hatred for people who destroy relationships, but her alliance would always be to her family. She would’ve hated her successor.

For Quinn, she has the influence because her portrait hangs on the wall. Or so she likes everyone to think. Like the Forresters thought, she is a gold digger who married a rich man to live like a queen.

In conclusion, Rena Sofer has always done a fabulous job in playing Quinn. We love you, Rena!

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