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The Bold And The Beautiful: Quinn Hates Everyone!


We love Rena Sofer as the evil Quinn Fuller, ahh, Forrester. Though, has it escaped anyone’s notice that the woman hates everyone?

Rena Sofer knows how to pick her roles. For us, she was Queen Eva, the mother of Snow White in Once Upon a Time. In The Bold and the Beautiful, she’s Quinn Fuller, the mother of Wyatt Spencer, the paternal half-brother of Liam and Will and the middle son of ‘Dollar’ Bill Spencer.

Since her debut, the mother of one has schemed and has married two men linked to the Forrester family. Her first husband was Deacon Sharpe, the biological father of Hope Logan who was once married to Wyatt. After almost killing him, she sunk her claws into Eric Forrester, the patriarch of the Forrester family.

The romance between Eric and Quinn caused grave concerns from his family. They, except for Ivy, boycotted their wedding. Before this, Quinn earned herself a massive slap across the face from Eric’s granddaughter, Steffy who didn’t want the woman near her grandfather. However, the family later warmed to her for Eric’s sake. Though, has anyone ever noticed that she hates almost everyone?

The Logans

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It’s no secret Quinn cannot stand the Logan women. However, does she forget that Hope was married to her son and was once carrying his child before she tripped down the stairs and miscarried?

She couldn’t stand Donna and she doesn’t have a great relationship with Katie either. And then there’s her relationship with the real Forrester matriarch, Brooke. The issues the pair have stem back a long way but it’s recently that things have boiled to the surface.

Quinn has told her best friend Shauna to go after Ridge because his marriage to Brooke is basically over. Not only is doing this, she declares herself as the Forrester Matriarch because she is married to Eric. This doesn’t mean anything. She also doesn’t have the same experiences with the Forrester family that Brooke does.

She doesn’t know who she’s messing with when it comes to Brooke. Not to mention, her desire for Flo and Wyatt to be together is overshadowed by Flo’s father being Stephen “Storm” Logan. Does this ring any bells, Quinn? Your favourite woman for your son is a Logan.

Oh, we almost forget, Quinn had a short-lived affair with Ridge in the early days of her marriage to Eric.

Pam and Charlie

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Another set of people Quinn cannot stand is Pam Douglas and her boyfriend Charlie. Fans know Pammy as Stephanie’s sister and Charlie is her man. Quinn has never gotten along with Pam and vice versa but they’re forced to tolerate each other.

Despite her sister’s death, Pam is still considered a member of the Forrester family as the aunt of Stephanie’s children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. She’s also friendly with her former frenemy Donna Logan.

Things came to a head between Pam and Quinn when Charlie proposes and Pam wants to get married in the Forrester mansion before the portrait of her late sister. Eric is more than okay with this as Pam is family and it’s what Stephanie would’ve wanted. However, Quinn threw a fit saying that Pam couldn’t get what she wanted and her portrait wasn’t going to be replaced with Stephanie’s. In the end, Pam and Charlie decided not to get married as they were happy the way they were.

Quinn Cannot Stand Bill

Bill Spencer; Flo; Quinn
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Just because you have a child with someone doesn’t mean you have to like them. This is the case with Quinn and her relationship with Wyatt’s father, Bill Spencer. Like Liam’s mother, Kelly Hopkins, Quinn chose not to have Bill be part of their son’s life as he was growing up.

This was probably the smartest decision she’s ever made. The reason for this is because Bill simply wasn’t ready to be a father and he wasn’t until Will was born. Despite everything, Quinn and Bill just don’t see eye-to-eye on anything with the other thinking the other is crazy. If we had to choose, we’d pick Bill in a heartbeat.


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Aly might’ve died at Steffy’s hand but it was no secret that Quinn and Aly despised each other. Quinn held Aly over the second story balcony and strangled her.

Quinn LOATHES Deacon

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Everyone knows how bitter Quinn is towards Deacon. Even now. She fell in love with the man and Hope video called her father telling him not to marry her. He ignored her and did so anyway before his later ex-wife pushed him off a cliff, but he survived before he tried to get revenge on her before he was arrested and tossed in prison.


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Quinn and Ivy had an on-off relationship when the younger Forrester was in LA. Quinn pushed Ivy off a bridge in Paris and was in constant competition with her over their respective jewellery lines.

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