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The Bold And The Beautiful: Quinn And Shauna Need To Keep Their Mouths Shut!

Shauna; bigger person; rebound

To say Shauna Fulton and Quinn Forrester are schemers would be the understatement of the century.

We’ve finally gotten a break from the whole Thomas-Liam-Hope storyline. However, they’re still mentioned. That’s fine but it’s Shauna and Quinn we need to be concerned about. The BFFs are up to no good and it wouldn’t be long before it explodes!

As the wife of Eric Forrester, Quinn should know by now when to keep her mouth shut. Though when it comes to her son, Wyatt’s love life, she doesn’t know when to quit! She is trying to get her beloved son to see that Sally is not the woman for him and that Flo is. Yawn! She should talk! She’s gone after Ridge, Deacon (and married, divorced and tried to kill him), Liam and now she’s the pseudo-mariarch of the Forrester family.

Shauna might be Quinn’s BFF but there’s nothing she wants more than Flo to be with her dream man: Wyatt. She’s also on the precipice of an all-out war with Brooke since she kissed Ridge and wants him for herself. Yeah, over Brooke’s dead body.

Wyatt Argues With His Mother

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Nothing says comedy more than seeing Wyatt constantly arguing with his meddling mother. She already screwed up his marriage with Hope by making her trip down a flight of stairs and miscarry their baby. It looks like she’s forgotten all about that!

Also, what ever happened to showing compassion? She didn’t like that Shauna and Flo kept the secret about Beth but then she forgave them. That was never a surprise since she and her bestie have always been similar.

Wyatt has never liked the way his mother talks about Sally. She sees her as trash, yet in her eyes Flo can do nothing wrong and she’s alway trying to get her son to see that his former flame is better than her. The middle Spencer son has been married twice before and really does care about the Spectra heiress. However, he keeps allowing his mother to get inside his head.

Is Flo Really The Woman For Wyatt?

Antagonising; Shauna

Since she ran into Wyatt almost a year ago, Flo thought she had the life she wanted, but it all came unraveled when the secret about Baby Beth came out. She lost the love of her life and she lost the respect of her family. Some of that respect returned when she donated a kidney to her Aunt Katie. Though, Brooke and Hope still have issues with her.

While we get that Flo got caught up in Reese’s issues, we don’t think she and Wyatt make a good match. We like her and understand that she was only trying to help a friend, she needs to think for herself and not listen to her mother about everything. Same applies to Wyatt. Yes, they both love their mothers and there might be a spark between them still, this whole situation is becoming another love triangle.

Will The Love Triangles Ever End?

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A lot of fans are upset over the excessive use of love triangles. We’re two weeks into the new years and we’ve already gotten:

  • Hope-Liam-Steffy (as always)
  • Zoe-Thomas-Hope (one-sided on Zoe’s part)
  • Brooke-Ridge-Shauna
  • Sally-Wyatt-Flo

All we need now is Rick-Maya-Carter to round it out. For years the main triangles consisted of:

  • Ridge-Brooke-Eric
  • Taylor-Ridge-Brooke
  • Stephanie-Eric-Brooke
  • Steffy-Liam-Hope

These triangles never occurred at the same time from our knowledge. However, four is too many! That’s like the whole cast excluding Eric, Bill, Katie, Donna, Charlie, and Pam. Also, the whole Zoe/Thomas/Hope tug-o-war is really just Zoe wanting Thomas but he’s using her to snag Hope. It’s not really a triangle, though it’s considered one as Douglas is part of the whole reason Hope has anything to do with Thomas.

People are already boycotting the show because of the ridiculous storyline and how how stupid it is to have so many waffling men. We’re just thankful Bill and Eric are the sane ones in all of this.

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