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The Bold And The Beautiful: Liam And The Hidden Double Standards

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Ah, yes. Hidden double standards and Liam Spencer what a fascinating conversation to have. We have our own take on this…

We’ve spoken about visible double standards in The Bold and the Beautiful before. Remember when Ridge was kissing Shauna Fulton behind Brooke’s back and it was fine, but when she got exposed for doing the same with Bill, it wasn’t? Well, what if it was hidden? We came across a fascinating editorial on|SheKnows on this.

The article makes some valid points about how Hope should be calling her husband out on his double standards. He hooks up with Steffy but she can’t even be near Thomas who happens to be Douglas’ father. We hadn’t even thought about this until we read this.

Bold has made no attempt to point out this hidden double standard by ANYONE. Liam sees Thomas as the devil incarnate. Yes, the guy has done shady things, like keeping the truth about little Beth away from him and Hope. Then there’s the ploy to use Zoe to make Douglas believe he’ll lose his adoptive mother so his new ‘Mommy’ would marry his father.

Yes, Thomas has done terrible things, but calling him evil above anything else is harsh, even for Liam. No one is that heinous. He also needs to wake up to the idea that he cannot keep one woman waiting in the wings in case something goes wrong with the lady he’s currently fornicating with.

He doesn’t know the first thing about love. As the article states, if whatever wife Liam cheats on him, the relationship is doneso. However, if he cheats, he wants to make it work with the spouse he was unfaithful towards. How is that fair?

Look at what happened when Steffy slept with Bill prior to Kelly’s conception. She’d done the deed with Liam before this. When he found the paternity test results, he filed for divorce.

Liam: The Golden Boy

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Hidden behind all the facts that he is married to Hope, has two daughter to two different women, and is the son of “Dollar” Bill Spencer, Liam thinks he’s the saviour of women. From the beginning, he has to rescue his leading ladies when they don’t need to be rescued.

Since half-brother Wyatt once called him Bambi, Liam is like a deer staring into the headlights of an incoming car. The man just does not understand that his two baby mamas do not need him to be in their lives. He tries to protect Hope from Thomas which is his justification for doing the things he does.

Also, Liam does not think before he leaps. Before he goes running to Steffy, he spies Thomas kissing what looks like Hope. This is the whole reason Steam slept together to begin with. He doesn’t think to barge into the apartment and question it.

In his eyes, he cannot do anything wrong. Sure, he feels guilty for cheating on Hope with his ex-wife of all people but that doesn’t give him the right to do one thing and but say his spouse isn’t allowed to do the same.

One thing that really bugged us was when Steffy was pregnant with Kelly and Liam wanted to give their child the life he never had; a home with two present parents. We understand why his mother kept his father’s identity from him but that’s a story another time. However, at that time the paternity of the baby was up in the air as Bill could’ve been the daddy.

Hope Shouldn’t Be Calling Out Liam

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The one thing we don’t agree with from the article is how Hope should be calling Liam out on his hidden double standards. He was the one who screwed up.

Hope shouldn’t be the one to call out her husband. Sure, she could do it, but it would just in ear and out the other. The next time something major happens, Liam is going to run back to her and if she were smart, she would kick him to the curb. He has hurt her one too many times over the years. All she does and forgive him when she shouldn’t.

Liam has no right to ask for forgiveness after all the times he has broken Hope’s heart. If he really wanted to be with her, he would’ve stopped Steffy’s advances all those years ago. Also, he spends so much time with his ex-wife it’s as if she is with him romantically when she isn’t. Sure, Kelly is his daughter too but both parents don’t need to be there when something happens like they have a fever and need to go the doctor.

What might’ve happened if he and Steffy were living in different cities or countries and something happened? He couldn’t just jump on a plane and be there in ten minutes. The idea of being a single parent is raise the child with minimal to no support from the other parent.

Doesn’t matter if Steffy says “We love you and we love having you here”. She and Liam should have a co-parenting arrangement and that’s it. Sure, they can be friends. A lot of exes with kids are but can the writers just stop the Steam pairing already?

Actually, do us a massive favour and making Hope dump him and have her take the kids with her.

Let Liam Suffer So He Knows How Hope And Steffy Have Felt For Years

Beth's Father; hidden
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Liam really does need to suffer. We’ve seen this a lot online. All he does is hurt Hope and Steffy. He cannot choose he wants to be with and doesn’t know the first thing about loyalty to one person. He’s the less aggressive version of his father and Ridge.

Bill changes women like they’re going out of fashion. First he wants, Katie and then Brooke, then it’s over to Steffy and back and forth between the three of them.

Ridge has been between Brooke and Taylor most of their lives that it’s nauseating. No wonder Thomas developed mental problems. Same applies with Steffy. She just thinks that she can take whatever she wants. This is something learned from her mother.

There’s no way Hope is going to forgive Liam for his affair. It’s a road they have been done one too many times before. We all know where this is going to lead; he gets forgiven even if the baby turns out to be his.

If there’s one thing the writers should do, it’s allow Liam to be single for a while. If we’re honest, he has been solo since he first hooked up with Hope. He needs to feel what she and Steffy have felt for so long.

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