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The Bold And The Beautiful – Katie Asks Her Family To Forgive Flo


We love Katie but we love how forgiving she is and that’s exactly what happened with her niece, Flo.

Katie Logan is as strong as they come! She’s had a heart transplant courtesy to her brother Storm giving up his life for her. Now, his daughter Flo is receiving something she never thought she’d get: forgiveness in the aftermath of Katie’s kidney transplant. As fans will know, the newest Logan got banished after it was revealed she got caught up in the baby swap involving her infant cousin, Beth.

While her Aunt Brooke and her unintended target and cousin Hope aren’t as forgiving, Katie has come to the realisation that you only live once. Or in her case, three times. She feels that there’s been too much time hating Flo for what she did and not enough time thanking her.

Katie Calls A Family Meeting

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Katie hasn’t been seen in months due to how long it would take to recover from her transplant. During that time, she and Flo have been texting each other everyday so they can bond again. Deciding it’s time for other members of her family to forgive her niece, she summons Donna, Justin, Bill, Wyatt, and Will together.

When the receptionist enters Bill’s office, she tells them that Flo’s waiting outside. Bill tells her to tell Flo to go away. Katie ignores him and tells the receptionist to allow Flo into the office. Despite Bill being less than impressed, Flo enters to be warmly welcomed by Katie while the others aren’t sure what to do. Wyatt arrives which allows Katie to explain why she summoned everyone.

She explains that while she does not condone what Flo did in regards to Beth, she is willing to thank her for giving her another chance at life. One of the most amazing moments was when she says she was wrong to say that Storm would be disappointed in his daughter. She says he would be so proud of her for giving up part of herself to save her aunt.

Forgiveness In All Shapes And Sizes – Except From Bill

Bill Spencer; Flo
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Will is the first to speak up. He says that he doesn’t know everything that happened with Beth, most because his parents and the other adults won’t tell him. He adds that Flo gave him back his mother. This puts a smile on Flo’s face as she thanks him.

Wyatt also forgives her, despite having kinda done so before with the kiss they shared.

Donna also forgives her and the first to give her a hug. However, Bill isn’t as forgiving after what happened with his granddaughter. Justin talks to him and tells him Flo gave Katie a chance to live again. He also points out that Bill wouldn’t function without his missus. He says that while he isn’t forgiving Flo, he is thanking her forgiving him back the love of his life.

Our Thoughts

We’re glad that Katie forgives Flo for what happened, but we’re still peeved that she didn’t fight against Thomas and Zoe more. Though, we understand that she didn’t want to suffer the same fate as Emma. We’d also hate to see what Brooke and Hope have to say about this when it finally reaches them.

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