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The Bold And The Beautiful: Katie And Quinn Have A Screaming Match In The Forrester Office

Katie; screaming match

Katie is extremely hurt by everything that has happened with Bill, Brooke, Quinn, and Shauna. However, she won’t stand for is the false Forrester Matriarch getting involved in family business that has nothing to do with her.

Quinn has a lot of guts to walk into the office and not beat-around-the-bush when it comes to exposing Brooke as a ‘tramp’. While she achieved her ultimate end goal in breaking up the Bridge marriage. However, she did not expect to get into a screaming match with Katie.

She is berated for destroying Brooke and Ridge’s marriage, caused Bill and Katie’s relationship to fall apart and for pushing Shauna onto a married man. Quinn refuses to apologise for ‘exposing the slut from the valley’. She never once thought about how her two unintended targets would react. All she cared about was getting revenge.

Our favourite part is when Katie points out that she and Quinn are not friends.

Conversation Turns To Sally

favor; fake illness; screaming match
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After their screaming match comes to an end, the two Spencer baby mamas, talk about Sally. Now, we see Quinn have some sympathy towards the redhead whom she sees as filth. She has no idea that the Spectra designer is trying to ruin Flo’s relationship with Wyatt so she can win back her man.

They talk about Sally’s designs and how Ridge and Steffy are adding her creations to the Forrester Couture Line as a way of preserving her ‘legacy’. Katie says there were people who needed to know as there was no way she was going to allow Sally to lose her job and Wyatt needed to know.

Quinn says that even though Flo is her number one favourite and has never liked her son with Sally, she can see how much she means to Wyatt and how he wants to be there for her.

Flo Stumbles Across Sally’s Medical History

screaming match
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Flo continues to dig into Sally’s medical mystery and comes across something startling. After another chat that doesn’t go anywhere with Doctor Escobar, she decides to take matters into her own hands and searches the doc’s laptop. What she stumbles across is utterly alarming. Sally does not have a terminal illness.

While we as the audience knew this, the characters on the show do not and it’s about to become open season. We know from the promo that dropped last week that Flo confronts Sally and calls her a fraud. How the story is going to play out from here is anyone’s guess. We won’t get an answer until next week because there’s a rerun tomorrow.

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