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The Bold And The Beautiful: It Was Nice To Know You, Quinn! Eric Overhears EVERYTHING!

bye bye

Bye bye, Mistress of Forrester mansion! Quinn is in DEEP trouble with Eric after he overhears her explode at Shauna!

Ooh! Now, the drama is cooking with gas and we mean that literally! Quinn wave bye bye to her place in the Forrester family as its ‘matriarch’. Eric overheard her explode at Shauna for ruining their plan to get rid of Brooke. God, he erupted and the aftermath is not going to be pleasant for his wife. While we only see some of the fallout in today’s episode, there’s no doubt it will continue tomorrow.

We were just glad to see that Shauna found the strength to stand up to her supposed bestie. This shows she has a good heart but is always influenced by the people around her. She’s a follower, not a leader. Ms Fulton has said bye bye to her dream man but she did the right thing. Little does she realise, Katie overheard her and Quinn talking and she went straight to Ridge.

Will Eric Kick Quinn To The Curb Where She Belongs?

For years, Eric has defended Quinn’s actions, but destroying Ridge and Brooke’s relationship is another thing all together. This is something he will not tolerate. He has always been Team Bridge and that will never change.

For Quinn to wave bye bye to her wealth and privilege, it was a long time coming. The Forresters tolerated her for Eric’s sake and for no other reason. When they got married, the only person who attended the wedding was Ivy, Eric’s niece. The rest of the family boycotted the event.

This shows how much the family despised Quinn then and still do. Also, Ridge – despite his previous behaviour – knows Katie would never lie to him. He has known her long enough to know this. Thank god, he listened to her. Last time he refused to hear anyone out, Thomas got exposed for being obsessed with Hope – on his wedding day to Zoe. Though, he should’ve known that from the beginning.

With Eric, he considers all the ex-wives he is friendly with (ie Brooke and Donna) as family. Quinn has never liked this though she has ‘tolerated’ it. She thinks of herself in a higher regard. In her mind, they’re trash and sluts from the valley as Stephanie would say and that she is the Forrester Matriarch because of whom she is married to. If he discards of her, then she’ll say bye bye to her creature comforts and probably her job at Forrester Creations.

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