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The Bold and the Beautiful: Is Thomas Really Dead?


Bold and the Beautiful had Thomas Forrester fall into a vat of hydrofluoric acid. But is he really dead?

Hope’s obsession with Douglas might have cost the boy’s father, Thomas his life. But did it? The heir to Forrester Creations fell into a vat of hydrofluric acid and presumed dead given the nature of the chemical. Before Steffy fans up the ante on their hatred for Hope, let’s go over the fact that she DIDN’T push Thomas into the vat!

No Rest For The Wicked

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Thomas has been nothing but a menace since his declaration of obsessive love for Hope. He was never shy about wanting her to be Douglas’s new mother. Though, he underestimated that Brooke, his stepmother and his target’s mother would see through his plan from the beginning.

This comes on top of Thomas discovering that his niece Phoebe was actually Hope and Liam’s ‘stillborn’ daughter, Beth. He claims to have wanted Steffy to be happy with two little girls and Liam. However, if you think about, there was another part of his plan that hd nothing to do with Hope; he wants to be topdog at FC which means dethroning his sister.

He claims he loves his sister, he forgets that there’s no way Steffy will let him take her job. Thomas might think he’s the design king, but he’ll run the business into the group. So what if he’s Ridge’s son. RJ is too but he’s Brooke’s son with Ridge. That means his younger brother is half Logan.

While it would be nice of Thomas was dead, it’s unlikely he will die as several spoiler websites have said that he returns and continues to plot against the Logans. He’ll also hate Hope because of ‘her role’ in what happened to him. If Brooke could push him off a cliff by accident, then Hope can make him fall into an acid vat. Hope and Brooke didn’t even touch Thomas when he fell both times.

Plotting Against The Logans From ‘Beyond The Grave’

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In recent weeks, Thomas has been hellbent of taking out the Logans and having them kicked out of Forrester Creations and out of the lives of the Forresters altogether. This includes destroying his father’s marriage to Brooke. If the spoilers are correct and Thomas is alive, then how will he go about getting rid of the Logans?

This would not be the first time a Forrester has come back from the dead. Taylor has died twice and came back. Stephanie was a disembodied voice on Brooke’s umpteenth wedding day to Ridge as her way of returning from the dead for a scene.

There’s a million ways Thomas could plot against the Logans. They’ll show him not dead and than putting his plan in motion. For example, he might ring someone and than get them to say something that gets Hope in trouble which forces her to give up custody of Douglas. Please remember, this is just an example and not actual spoiler material.

Thomas is pretty resourceful. He’s got allies everywhere, but most of the time, they’re unsuspecting pawns that Ridge’s son disposes of when he’s done with them.What’s more is he’s even  played Zoe for a fool after she admitted having a crush on him and kissing him. She wanted him but all he could focus on was Hope and getting her back.

However, after falling into that acid vat will change how he sees his ideal woman.

How Will Thomas View Hope?

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Face it, Forrester fans! Thomas is unhinged, dangerous, and capable of anything. He’s even verbally hurt his little boy! Your precious Forresters are blind to what he’s doing! Only the Logans and the Spencers can see what Thomas is capable of. However, we have to look at how he’ll view Hope now. He’ll want her head for trying to ‘kill’ him. She isn’t capable of murder! Remember all those times Ally tried to kill her own cousin as revenge for Taylor killing Darla?

Hope already feels terrible for what happened. Ridge is going to scream at her because she ‘planned’ to murder his angel of a son. Honestly? Brooke deserves better than her ignorant and bias husband. Maybe Thomas was right about one thing. His father is better off with his equally bias mother or better yet, Shauna who hasn’t been shy in regards to her crush on the designer. If this was a sporting game, we’d want Shauna to win.

Is Bridge Over?

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Has much as we have a love-hate relationship with the Bridge ship, will they be over when this new drama blows up? We’d have to say yes. In the promo for next week, Ridge accuses Brooke of keeping stuff from him when he’s doing the same thing to her by keeping his fling with Shauna quiet.

He might argue that his situation is different to Brooke, but it’s the same thing! Sure, the event is different – Ridge’s fling versus Brooke covering up Hope killing Thomas – but it is still a secret.

As we’ve stated before, Brooke has done some questionable things in the past, but she knows when not to ignore something bad, like Thomas threatening Douglas. She adores that little boy and so does Hope. They want wants best for him and that means getting him away from Thomas. Yes, they’re not Douglas’s biological family, but they love him as if he was.

The Ultimate Payback

Creep; dead; Thomas
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Spoilers indicate that Thomas comes back and reveals himself to be alive to Hope. This will be payback for everything she has done to him, despite him deserving it. This will drive an even bigger nail in Thomas’s desire to rid his family of the Logans and secure his future as CEO of Forrester Creations. However, what he doesn’t count on is his father and sister – despite their unwillingness to accept his true motivations. They’ll learn that he tried to coax Hope into bed in exchange for rights to Douglas.

What makes this even more sickening is the fact that that old Tommy Boy is using everyone, including his own father and sister. He knows too well they’ll vouch for him, especially his deadbeat father who jumped between Taylor and Brooke so often that it’s no wonder he feels how he does.

Using Steffy

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No matter what way Thomas or the audience looks at it, regardless of what  side they’re on, it’s obvious the eldest Forrester sibling is using his sister to get what he wants. Let’s jump back to when he goes to tell his precious sister about Phoebe being Beth.

Seeing how happy Steffy was with Liam and the girls made him realise that he could snag Hope easily since her baby was being raised by his little sister and the infant’s actual father under the name of their dead sibling. He knew how devastated Steffy would be if the truth came out about Beth so he pressured the secret keepers to keep their mouths shut.

Now that the Beth secret is out and over and done with, Thomas moved onto his next plan; break up his father’s marriage to Brooke and dispose of the Logans and become CEO of Forrester Creations.

While he partially succeed in busting up his father and stepmother, he hasn’t gotten rid of the Logans, but he is on the path of becoming CEO. He’s been designing like crazy while giving his father no reason to doubt his abilities. Even Steffy thinks his designs are good. Thomas’s inspiration has shifted from his obsession Hope to Zoe Buckingham, the only person who didn’t stand against him when the Beth saga was going on.

Does Thomas Deserve Sympathy?

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Before we end this article, we need to ask ourselves if she should give Thomas sympathy. His current actions depict that we shouldn’t consider it. He’s schemed and ruined lives, including his own sister. So, we’ll have to say ‘no’. 

A Team Hope fan on Instagram going under HopeBethSpencer posted a video from years ago where Steffy orders Thomas to do whatever it takes to help her snag Liam. She promises him that in return, he’ll win Hope’s heart and be engaged to her. In this video, we’re reminded that Thomas wasn’t always the scheming bastard he is now. At the time, he would’ve been redeemable. Now, he’s gone too far.

Do you think Thomas is really dead and will appear as a ghost? Do you think he should be punished for everything he has done? Let us know below!

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